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Friday Post: The Lionheart arises...

It seems like Micky Virus is getting okay reviews but I can't stand the look of the hero. His face annoys me for some reason. I guess it's a good thing I had no interest in the film to begin with. Something about these movies with a bunch of guys chasing after some Hot Girl... I'll be avoiding, yaar.


Egyptians didn't go for Chennai Express, despite the teams best efforts.

While the film was a big success, garnering $15 million in returns around the globe, it did not make the top 10 hit list in Egypt, reaping a meager $8,430.

Egyptian movie Ish al-Bulbul (The Nightingale’s Nest) earned $156,591 in returns, another movie called al-Qashash earned $89,406, and Hollywood’s Gravity earned $66,271.

“The movie has created such a buzz because of Sharukh Khan, but because of the events unfolding in Egypt and the absence of good promotions for the film in the country, it didn’t fare well,” Duaa Abu Dhiya, head of the Arabic content department at, the biggest database website for films in Egypt, said.

There is an interesting bit on the decline of Bollywood in Egypt but Bollywood will have to offer something popular Egyptian movies can't if they want to get butts back into the cinema seats. The ball is your court, Mumbai.

(According to Google translate, here is the trailer for Lionheart starring Mohammed Ramadan and wow do I need to pull out my Arabic books again to refresh my memory on how to read the script because almost NOTHING is transliterated into English letters. You know, I went through a phase where I really wanted to watch some Egyptian popular cinema but when I asked a classmate for recommendations he gave me like this list of boring "world cinema" films from Egypt and I was really disappointed. But this was YEARS ago. I should try again. I wonder if anything has been subtitled--even just by fans--into English. I like the cut of this Mohammed Ramadan's fellow's jib. I mean WHAT WAS HE DOING WITH THAT LION AT 00:47?!)

ETA: I found this article on the film. Apparently Mohammad plays a zoo keeper who helps solve a murder mystery?! SIGN ME UP! As long as no real lions were harmed because I stand with a shirtless Sonu Sood on animal rights.


A look at all the Bollywood detectives.

Then there is Anurag Basu's Jagga Jasoos, top lining Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina Kaif. Incidentally, Ranbir Kapoor turns producer with this film — he and Anurag Basu have launched a production house called Picture Shuru Productions. 'Jagga Jasoos' is being touted as a children detective film on the lines of Indiana Jones meets Tintin.

Ranbir Kapoor plays a 17-year-old, Class XII schoolboy in the film, while Govinda plays his father. In Rajshri Productions' Samrat & Co, Rajeev Khandelwal plays a realistic private investigator. All these films go on the floor this year end.

Um......... 17?! The actual discussion of past detectives is pretty poor but if you want more info on what's coming out.


And catch up on Ranbir's schedule and how his superhero film is not going to be anything like Krrish. So... I won't like it, then? Is that what you're saying?


Hrithik Roshan speaks to Anupama Chopra.

Anupama: George Clooney said in an interview that when you’re famous and successful, there are very few people to tell you that you are an idiot. Do you have people around you who can tell you that?

Mr. Roshan: I want to say yes. But now that I think of it, nobody has told me that I have been an idiot. Maybe I have just never been an idiot [smiles.] I want to believe that I have people around me in my life who will tell me the truth of how things are and I will always look for that because I believe those are the only ways through which you can grow, through positive feedback, through criticism which you have to understand is just a point of view and it doesn’t hurt. Find out for yourself whether it works for you or doesn’t.

Oh, Hrithik! He's such a genuine guy. I've said this before but I used to think his answers like this were all bullshit but after meeting him, I really do think he's being honest when he says stuff like this. I do wonder that Susanne hasn't called him an idiot recently, though. That stunt that landed him in the hospital was pretty idiotic--I do love you Hrithik, so take care of your health, okay?!


Say it isn't so, Malaika!! No more items just because you turned 40?! Do you know how long Helen kept at it?! I believe she was 40 when she did Don.


Interview with scriptwriter Shagufta Rafique.

In many ways, her life is similar to a quintessential Bollywood story. Her elder sister, the breadwinner of the family, was what Rafique calls a “jinxed star”, unable to find success. She was eventually killed by her husband as part of a drunken shooting spree, which culminated with him shooting himself.

Rafique’s mother was the “invisible wife” or unacknowledged partner of a Kolkata-based businessman, who left his second family unsupported after his death. The sudden poverty, recalls Rafique, was harder to take since they were used to a good life. Rafique was an adopted child, and decided to provide for the woman who had taken her in. “The whole thing made me see very early how vulnerable women are, and how money decides what is respectable and what is not.”


And since I was watching this anyways... I leave it here for you. RIP Manna Dey. And Kishore Kumar. And Sunil Dutt.


odadune said...

You can get away with a certain amount of age-ambiguousness in a children's movie, especially one where the main character is a Tintin-like "young adult". But yeah, I don't think I would buy a Ranbir character explicitly said to be seventeen.

I did like his comment in the other article, about the most important part (or one of them) of being an action hero is the eyes...HOWEVER...Ranbir, dude, quit worrying about trying to look like Salman or Hrithik before you can take on an action role. It's more important to be agile, graceful and have good stamina and hand-eye coordination, and you're a solid enough dancer to have all that.

Re: Malaika: the article sounds more like wishful thinking on the part of some younger b*tchier rival. The only actual quote from Malaika is on the lines of "Not doing any dances at the moment...nothing interesting has come up." Which doesn't rule out her taking on something interesting if offered to her.

Tobi said...

If Ranbir is playing a 17yo, I just hope Katrina's role isn't as his mother.

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I love Bollywood - and all the ridiculous things that happen in Bollywood - but it doesn't mean that I can't occasionally make fun of various celebrities and films.

If you don't like my sense of humor, please just move on by - Trolls are not appreciated and nasty comments will be deleted.

xoxo Filmi Girl
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