Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Wednesday Post: The Oops! Ranveer Singh's shirt fell off edition.

Moimeme had the best comment on The Lunchbox Oscar fuss on yesterday's post:

Since last night I've been convinced that the real reason Kashyap & Johar and their cohorts have been kicking up such a fuss is to raise the box office collections for The Lunchbox. Consider -- the film opened to lackluster collections on Friday, but since the announcement about The Good Road selection and all the "protests", its collections nearly doubled the next day. Great publicity to get the film into the public's consciousness. :)

Oh ho ho! Good point!


The Hollywood Reporter reveals 2014 lineup, which we already know: P.K., Jagga Jagoos, ABCD 2...


Huh. Prakash Raj snags a role in Six Suspects--another Hollywood adaptation of a Vikas Swarup book. Is the world ready for the awesomeness of Prakash Raj?!


It's Shradda Kapoor opposite Shahid for Hamlet adaptation Haider. Tabu has also been signed but dear lord, please do NOT have her playing Shahid's mother. I will seriously fly over and stage a one-woman protest because she's only ten years older than Shahid. That would be some SERIOUS teen mom business.


Why is ANYBODY inviting Bandar-car anywhere to talk about cinema? One can only assume that the organizers of the festival have not seen his films.


Neil Nitin Mukesh has been downgraded. Some disgruntled crew member on Ishqeria leaked details of the poor conditions on set.





Mariola said...
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Mariola said...

Prakash denied accepting that offer:

And I'm tired of Ranveer's show off.

Raye S. said...

Why does that happen with women in movies? In Patialia House, which for most counts is a really good movie, but Dimple is only 10 years older than Akshay...again, really????

odadune said...

The day Ranveer figures out the wink-nudge, tongue in cheek aspect of his hero Salman's machismo will be a happy, happy day for me. He seems just a little too pleased with himself here, and the music is very mediocre. Then again, I really disliked Chin Ta Ta the first time I saw the video, so maybe this Ramleela video will grow on me too.

Neeraj Angal said...

You KNOW Tabu is there to play Gertrude and add some acting credence to the project. Plus she's already done a bit of Shakespeare with Maqbool.

I have no idea who Shraddha Kapoor is or if she's any good, but Ophelia doesn't have much of a role in Hamlet, so if the adaptation is faithful she probably doesn't have too much to do.

Outside of Gertrude, Hamlet is almost exclusively male-centric, so it'll be very interesting to see who gets cast in the meaty roles of Claudius, Laertes, and Polonius. If left to me, I'd cast Paresh Rawal as Polonius, KK Menon as Laertes, and Naseeruddin Shah as Claudius. But that's just me.

Mo Pitz said...

To be fair, Anupam Kher is only 10 years older than SRK and he pretty much plays everyone's father.

Raye S. said...

"To be fair, Anupam Kher is only 10 years older than SRK and he pretty much plays everyone's father." LOL! Excellent point!

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I love Bollywood - and all the ridiculous things that happen in Bollywood - but it doesn't mean that I can't occasionally make fun of various celebrities and films.

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xoxo Filmi Girl
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