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Not even my loathing for Piggy and her dumb bimbo heroine act can keep me away from KRRISH 3! LOOK AT HIM MOVE! *whistle whistle*


Oh, it has been enjoyable reading these terrible reviews of Zanjeer/Toofan. The question now is whether Salim-Javed still want the credit or whether the distributors wish that it had been held up by the High Court...

Also, I feel like this is worth point out:

For starters, Zanjeer is not a bilingual film as claimed by its makers. Barring scenes involving Sri Hari, the rest of the film is so badly dubbed in Telugu for 140 minutes, that I felt like I was watching a Hindi dubbed version of a Telugu film on television.

So, really, buyer beware on any version of this film but really Koimoi? Just because Zanjeer sucked doesn't mean DEATH OF MASALA AT THE BOX OFFICE. Does your attention span really last no longer than five seconds or is that how long you think ours are? What a waste of time. It's the quality of the film that matters--not the genre.


Hideous looking film Grand Masti has been banned from showing the name of the bank ICICI.


Interesting op-ed on teaching students to navigate popular culture.

Even if the realities of working in the media may seem far from the idealism students are encouraged to cultivate, the fact remains many people in India today are aware of what it means to academically engage with media and popular culture. While this is a good beginning, a more important and vital task is to translate the insights and practices of critical media studies into a curriculum that could prove meaningful to students at a much younger age. For that, nothing is more necessary than putting Bollywood in the classroom while students are still in school.

I actually just read something along those lines in the New York Times Book Review in a review of Jean Drèze and Amartya Sen's An Uncertain Glory.

According to Drèze and Sen, even though the poor constitute a vast majority of Indian voters, they have been shut out of public discourse. “What a democratic system achieves depends largely on what issues are brought into political engagement,” they write. That’s why “An Uncertain Glory” directs so much of its criticism toward the “celebratory media,” the proliferation of satellite channels and newspapers dominated by breathless gossip about cricketers, billionaires and Bollywood stars and point-scoring among the political elite. The Indian media are not unique in their love of froth and scandal, but the stakes are higher when these news outlets set the agenda for a country with “the largest population of seriously undernourished people in the world.”

Obviously I'm not in India and am not Indian so I won't comment on that part specifically but one could certainly say many similar points about the public's engagement with the media here in America. There are very few outlets that provide anything close to factual coverage that helps people make sense of the issues but we're overflowing in junk information and pop culture detritus that many people don't even realize is junk information and pop culture detritus. This book should be required reading in high school.


We all know who the real star is here: Bebo's gorgeous hair.


And very off-topic but I've been fascinated by this youtube channel of Nollywood trailers... Here's one for The Voice that looks pretty gripping.

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odadune said...

A leaked longer version of Raghu Raghupati was up online for a while, but has been taken down. Lousy song, mediocre choreography, Priyanka's no more than serviceable, but dang is Hrithik good. Too bad he so rarely makes movies that I actually want to see.

re: GTPM: I did like the implication that the girl was the socially aware one and that the plot was trying to beat some awareness of how the other half lives into the hero.

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