Thursday, September 19, 2013

Thursday Post: BUT I WANT TO SEE SHAHID NOW! *cry*

Good morning, Thursday! What is it about fall that makes everything better? I love the switch to cooler weather. AND guess what we're getting this weekend?! PHATA POSTER NIKHLA HERO! EEEE! Shahid Kapoor on the big screen! And it feels like he's really taking his career seriously... (Most of these Shahid interviews cover the same talking points.)

“I am not 45. I am not at that stage where people have seen 20 years of my work. So I feel it is important to keep presenting yourself to the audience. There will be times they will like you; there will be times they will not like the film. I have learned over 10 years that films will come and go, but people must like you. And therefore your performances must be consistent,” said Kapoor.

Good luck, Shahid! I like you even when I don't like your films--but usually I like your films, too. Even the ones everybody else hated. I stand by both Mausam and Chance Pe Dance, damn it!

The other film playing is... Ya Ya! I saw the trailer for this a while ago in the theater and it looks good!

But definitely one I would need subtitles for. I love Santhanam's comedy! ♥


Pakistan is sending a film to the Oscars for the first time in...50 years? Interesting little piece from Foreign Policy, though why it needs to rope in Bollywood...


Bollyspice talks to Nakul Dev Mahajan, who choreographed Nina Davuluir's "Dhoom Taana."

Another thing was, she was lip-synching the song when she came to rehearsal and I said you might not want to lip synch. She asked, Why? I said because I don’t know, but I think you kind of disconnect with them when you lip synch it. If they don’t quite understand what is going on and then their attention goes to the mouth and they are trying to figure what is she singing and they are not paying attention to the movement – the movement ends up being the supporting role and the face becomes the main role. People who are trying, that don’t speak Hindi, are going, ‘I wonder what she is singing and what does it mean?’. I said don’t sing it. She said, ‘I never thought about it that way. Okay I won’t sing it.’ I think because in America their exposure on TV to Bollywood mainly, if I can say this humbly, has been SYTYCD so they are used to the contestants not lip-synching the song so I wouldn’t throw them off by doing that. I am glad that she didn’t.

^^ This was interesting! I never thought about it but he's probably right.


Filmmaker Janaki Vishwanathan talks about her film Bakrapur...

"'Bakrapur' does not have any item number or any masala associated with commercial films. It is tough to get distributors. Not very easy but the trend, I believe, has been changing over the past one year. The climate is changing. I am keeping my fingers crossed," she said.

It's also tough to get media coverage, which is almost certainly why the only reason why this was published was a goat in the film named "Shahrukh."


The tone of this piece is SUPER annoying. Blah, blah, indie films. And in what world is something like The Lunchbox considered "experimental"?! It's not "experimental," it's JUST LIKE THE MIDDLEBROW FILM FESTIVAL FILMS FROM EVERY OTHER COUNTRY ON EARTH just, you know, made in India. Ugh. You know we're going to be hearing about this from now until February.

And way to lump together actual indie films with the corporately-funded "multiplex" films as all part of some big trend.

But mostly, I just loathe these pieces that bash good films made using the traditional style of filmmaking as "brainless" while even the crappiest "indie" is praised for being "experimental" just because it's similar in style to Hollywood. (See also: Madras Cafe, etc.)


Bullett Raja on November 29th!

And a snap of Saif in the film.


Fukrey's Pulkit Samrat is already acting pricy.


Ooo!!! New book on Amar Akbar Anthony! I still need to read the Disco Dancer book but it wasn't released here in the US. I should see if it's on Amazon now.

YES! Disco Dancer book and... Amar Akbar Anthony, which "ships in one to two months." REALLY? *sigh* Well, you guys know what to get me for my birthday now. (Pssst... next month, yo!)


Another headache-inducing promo from Besharam. I'm so tired of Bollywood "camp" and Bollywood "nostalgia." WHY SO NOSTALGIC, HUH?! What about making some good masala films now, instead of just referencing old ones all the time? It's not a dead art form, you know, people.


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