Saturday, September 21, 2013

Saturday Post: Of lunchboxes and more important things.

Goooood morning, MUMBAI! And the rest of the world!

I woke up this morning and--at least on my Twitter timeline--you'd have thought the Film Federation of India had personally taken a dump in every former PFC-er's tiffin because the butthurt was flying fast and furious over Gujarati film The Good Road being selected as India's entry to the Oscars instead of... The Lunch Box.

Now, you know me, I had zero interest in this film before all the hype and even less interest now that the hype has reached hysterical levels. Negative interest. While there is nothing inherently wrong with making a small, self-contained, film about a romance between a housewife and an office worker, I do think it's ridiculous to slather on the praise so thick--unless I'm seriously missing something and the housewife ends up going all Second Wave on the menfolks and starting her own lunchcart business? Or going all Fire and running off with her daughter-in-law to have a torrid love affair in Goa or something?

Because otherwise, my interest in The Lunchbox extends about as far as this Faking News article: Housewives Request Dabbawalas to Commit More Mistakes.

Frustrated and angered by their illogical demands, Ghule Bhau is reported to have told the women to ask their husbands to shave off mustaches and buy sunglasses, and they will have Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi right at their doorsteps.

Come on, PFC-ers, The Good Road has Sonali Kulkarni in it and she's awesome. So deal with it.


The BBC talks to some Pakistani film makers!

"It is crucial that people in Pakistan support their local cinema. We need to encourage tastes beyond Hollywood and Bollywood," [director Iram Parveen Bilal] says.


Al Jazeera points us to Kalki Koechlin and my girl VJ Juhi Pandey in a satirical PR campaign about rape: IT'S YOUR FAULT.

And PS If you don't know Juhi Pandey, she's freaking delightful, and this is like my most favorite thing ever:


India Today needed an excuse to post pictures of "foreign beauties" trying to make it in Bollywood.


Ranbir Kapoor has internalized the concept of love based on Nora Ephron movies.

"Personally, love is very important for me. There are lots of ordinary things in life, so love should be extraordinary. I hope I achieve that,” he added.

That is a LOT Of pressure to put on another person, dude. And what happens when the romance fades, as it always does? Move on to the next "extraordinary" young model who passes your way?

Heh. Ileana politely tries to compare Shahid and Ranbir in the TOI.


Subhash Ghai will not go quietly--Kaanchi is going to feature an item with all his previous heroines.


Eega is... GOING TO TOKYO!!! In October! 東京民は『エーガ』が好きになると思いますね。Enjoy karo, Tokyo!


Trailer for The Good Road--which looks infinitely better than last year's Barfi at any rate.




odadune said...

No opinion on The Good Road, but like you, I'm amused by all the whining about The Lunchbox being passed over. I kind of understand the argument that the Lunchbox makers would be better equipped to do all the schmoozing and promoting necessary to get their movie on the Academy's radar, but that attaches more importance to the Oscars than I personally can bre myself to grant them. (I mean, it's fun when something popular and spectacular picks up a bunch of awards-thinking Ben Hur and Return of the King here-because it annoys the right people, but in the cosmic scheme of things, it's not a prerequisite to enjoy films like that).

Re: Hum Na Tode: there's a couple of spots where Akshay's trying a bit too hard for my tastes (thinking of the lead up to Prabhudheva's cameo), but overall I was charmed. The shiny colors and movement in the dance sequence, the pure JOY in the intercut action scenes (did he just blow a kiss to Chandni Chowk? Awwwww) warmed the cockles of my heart. :) And one of the funnier uses of Johnny Lever that I've seen in a while.

Filmi Girl said...

The whinging cracked me up so much! It really does put a crazy amount of prestige on the Oscar--an award no better than any other except it can give a film a big cash boost but The Lunchbox already got US distribution so... ?? If people want to see it, they can see it.

It just seems that there is just a ridiculous amount of sucking up to Hollywood going on.

Moimeme said...

KJo is an ex-PFC member?

Isn't The Good Road *exactly* the type of "small, independent" film that the PFC types wanted to be supported by the government? It was funded by the NFDC (which I thought had become extinct, so I'm glad to see it's still around), which would naturally put it a step ahead in the Oscar selection process.

And The Lunchbox is co-produced by KJo, I believe, and Irrfan is now very much of a mainstream star.

Note from Filmi Girl:

I love Bollywood - and all the ridiculous things that happen in Bollywood - but it doesn't mean that I can't occasionally make fun of various celebrities and films.

If you don't like my sense of humor, please just move on by - Trolls are not appreciated and nasty comments will be deleted.

xoxo Filmi Girl
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