Monday, September 2, 2013

Monday Post: HAPPY LABOR DAY (In America!)

Happy Labor Day!! In America, anyways.

Here are two work place songs that came to mind immediately:

Construction site qawwali from the great Roti Kapada aur Makaan...

And a food cart song from Vastaav: The Rising.

I've always been fond of these kinds of "real life" songs--maybe it's just me but sometimes I like to imagine a song starting up in my own life. Of course, being a librarian, it would probably be something more like this:

But recently I keep imagining that my new favorite group A.B.C-Z is going to burst around a corner with one of their brilliant one camera-no cut performances:

It's the magic of show business!!! Taking our mundane surroundings--library, food cart, construction site, office hallway--and adding a bit of razzle dazzle. I carry the memory with me into the day. What's wrong with adding some sparkle to mundane surroundings? Who says "realism" is always best? (And what's "real," anyways?)


Om Puri is on bail and off to the UK for a film shooting.


Vishal Bhardwaj is directing an opera in Paris? This could be interesting...

And his Hamlet to be set in Kashmir.

There's something rotten in the state of...Kashmir. It could work.


Falling value of the rupee suddenly makes shooting overseas and hiring foreign talent very expensive.


TOI is reporting Anil Kapoor's son either got ill or had some sort of hissy fit and quit Anurag Kashyap's film.


Cherry has been dubbed in the Hindi version of Zanjeer.


Anil Kapoor doing Rajkumar Santoshi's Partition film?


Kiran Rao to make a film on a dancer's life?


Which means Kiran's film will not be about our Manic Pixie Bollywood Girl, who is (if possible) a worse item girl than Sunny Leone. This picturization is Shahid desperately trying to inject some life in to a catalog photo shoot. To paraphrase from Mean Girls: STOP TRYING TO MAKE NARGIS HAPPEN.


And Akshay and his fully clothed backing dancers in the Boss title track! Yes, please! Let's all hope Anthony D'Souza figured out WHY Blue bombed.

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odadune said...

Have fun this Labor Day! :) I kind of liked Dhating Naach, but then again I'm a fool for glittery sets and clothes, and Shahid is definitely having fun there.

That article about Anil's son is like the second most incoherent Bollywood news item I've seen in the past week.

Boss video: Definitely nice to see an Akki picturization that says "I am a swaggeringly macho bada$$ chick magnet with a keen sense of the absurd" in a G-rated/PG-rated way. Like you, I'm still nervous about D'Souza directing, but so far the stuff from Boss seems to play to the strengths he showed in Blue (see, "swaggeringly macho..." etc, above) rather than his weaknesses.

Note from Filmi Girl:

I love Bollywood - and all the ridiculous things that happen in Bollywood - but it doesn't mean that I can't occasionally make fun of various celebrities and films.

If you don't like my sense of humor, please just move on by - Trolls are not appreciated and nasty comments will be deleted.

xoxo Filmi Girl
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