Sunday, September 22, 2013

Going up the country... for brunch!

Hey, friends! I hate to do this to you but Phata Poster review will come later tonight. It's only about half written at the moment but I'm meeting some out-of-town friends for brunch and can't be late. Although I've drifted (more or less) over to Desi Standard Time the last few years, my friends are pretty punctual, so off I go! ♥

I said this on Twitter last night but if you're wavering between seeing and not seeing Phata Poster I would definitely recommend going if any of the following apply to you:

1. You even mildly enjoy Shahid Kapoor.

2. You enjoy clean but funny comedies.

3. You like maa-centered family drama.

Because--don't get me wrong--Ileana does a fine job here but the real love story is between mother and son. A very refreshing change from the usual Romantic Love Is The Purpose Of Life sop we're fed. ♥

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