Friday, September 20, 2013

Friday Post: Kuuu-ku-kuuu!

As much as I found Grand Masti really distasteful, I am happy for Riteish that he has a hit! But I do hope that he gets a film more worthy of his charms and talents.

Speaking of actors who often select dicey projects, I'm kind of amused at the handful of reviews I skimmed for Phata Poster Nikla Hero which say that Shahid and Ileana don't have Ranbir and Kat's chemistry from Ajab Prem because I remember all the same critics trashing that one when it came out, too. (Something Google confirms if you feel like trolling through old reviews.) I liked Ajab Prem a lot; I like Shahid a lot; ergo if Phata Poster is like Ajab Prem but starring Shahid instead of Ranbir, I'll probably enjoy it.

Ah~ I remember when I really liked ol' Ganglu...


Vivek Oberoi joins the list of stars with tax troubles.


I've been waiting for somebody to pick up this angle--since almost every other angle on this film has been explored--IS NAWAZUDDIN JEALOUS OF IRRFAN HOGGING THE SPOTLIGHT?


Ayan Mukerjee's superhero is... Ranbir Kapoor. Oh, boy... this will be interesting.


Yay! Radhika Apte has work! As does Bips, who has joined Bang Bang.


Sridevi to do a project with Meryl Streep? Because Meryl saw English Vinglish? It certainly could be true...

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odadune said...

I'd read something to the effect that Riteish wants to move away from these raunchy comedies, I guess we'll see if it's true.

Yay for Bips! I'd figured her involvement in Humshakals as Saif having a soft spot for her, but another film project featuring nobody she's worked with before is awesome.

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