Friday, September 6, 2013

Friday Post: Happy birthday to my sis!!

Bad reviews can convince me to see a movie, especially if the reviewers are complaining about things that I enjoy--see also: my viewing of Himmatwala after Ajay bashed it.

That does not seem to be the case for Zanjeer, however, where reviews seem united on two points:

1. It's kind of boring.

2. Piggy is annoying as fuck.

From the first linked review: Priyanka Chopra as Mala seems to be trying too hard to be bubbly and be the comic relief in the movie.

If there were words that could keep me away from a movie theater besides "starring Shahrukh Khan" those are them.

(Speaking of: oops.)

SO... Riddick this weekend? Yes/Yes? Hands up who loves Vin Diesel! Two hands up who loves Katee Sackhoff! (ME!) Dear lord, if there were an article designed to get me into the theater...


This is really awful--though only a tenuous Bollywood connection--the author who inspired Escape from Taliban was killed by the Taliban.

“I still remember the day I stepped on Indian soil for the first time after I had left,” she said. “It was raining outside. People were scurrying for shelter. But I didn’t run. I just stood there and let the rain wash off my pain. I felt if I could bear so much in Afghanistan, I can surely bear my motherland’s rain. I don’t know how long I stood there, but I won’t forget that day.”


DNA has a list of films that deal with rising prices and stagnant salaries.


Karan Johar joins the ranks of producers receiving death threats.

KJo also gets threats from RGV. On Twitter. And then smacks that asshat back. *Boom*


I actually really like what Shahid has to say here.

Films are not mathematics, that’s the first thing you need to understand. At least that’s how I feel. They are not words on paper. Films are made with people, with teams and with individual bundles of creativity coming together to fulfil the vision of an individual who is the director of the film. Everybody needs to believe in that vision and it needs to become everybody’s vision. I think the dynamics of the relationships are actually what make great films. That’s what I have learned. I am not saying that scripts are not important, scripts are extremely important, but if somebody was to ask me what is more important, I would say the person I am working with and I will start with the director of the film.

Like, for a start, don't work with Kunal Kohli because that's where the flop starts.


I may as well link to this since I've been seeing it all over the place as rumor--Welcome Back to unite Big B and Rekha?! (I doubt it.)


This makes me sad. Shirish Kunder loses an editing job because of disagreements with Karan? Shirish is the best in the business; it's a loss for him but for the film, too.





Mo Pitz said...

Wow. The "still" photo that First Post uses to illustrate the review for Zanjeer... just... wow.

Raghunath Gb said...

Please watch kannada film lucia by pawan kumar.Its a very nice movie to watch.

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