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Let's just say that it looks like Anthony D'Souza has learned a few things since the disaster of Blue. (e.g. Cast guys like Danny Denzongpa and Mithun Chakraborthy in your film and not Zayed Khan.)


And speaking of: Let's take a minute to appreciate how awesome Danny Denzongpa is.

I remember in 80’s I was so fed up of the films I was doing. Those days every villain was a dacoit and I remember going on the sets where an actor called Tiwari was my henchmen and my den was a cave with lanterns. Next day I went on another set and I saw Tiwari again as my henchman, and the same lanterns. I asked myself what was I doing? I left Mumbai. I did lot of trekking and did not do films for a couple of years.


Bollywood Hungama has gone negative in it's coverage of Chennai Express. This is such a strange turn of events. I never thought I'd see first a) the critics turn on SRK and b) a press outlet to hype down the numbers of his film. I wonder if Chennai Express ended the media love-in for good or if this is just Hungama being on Team Balaji?

Meanwhile Firstpost has gone full retard on Chennai Express to the point of not having anything about Poorly Spelled Gangster Film 2, choosing to billboard Dhoom 3 coverage instead.

To be fair:

I CANNOT WAIT! Although considering my expectations are Dhoom 2 X Tashan X 1,000,000... OH YOU KNOW I'LL LOVE IT!


You may want to sit down and have a glass of cold water ready before clicking on these photos of Sonakshi.

(She is SO SASSY! I love her!!)


Oh, Akshay! I wonder--especially with Dimple in his life--how he really handles working with strong women.

You have also teamed up with Ekta Kapoor for the first time ever. To have a female for a producer was there any difference in the approach that you saw towards the film being made?

She is a specimen of a woman like I have never seen before. She swallows pressure like most people swallow their coffee - hot & instantly. She has done her family proud. Her decisions, her fighting spirit and her ability to stand strong amongst the shoulders of great men with such humility is endearing indeed. Her films are her babies and we all know; only a woman knows how to really nurture her babies!

I kind of like his traditional male brain twisting itself a narrative that makes sense to him. Ekta Kapoor is a badass producer; Ekta Kapoor is a woman. How do these things compute for men used to things being a certain way? Like this!

But, hey, a first step in changing old habits is a first step. Let's get these men used to working for women, no?

(And Vidya's doing a cameo in Poorly Spelled Gangster Movie Title 2?)


Why is Bollywood suddenly obsessed with Tamil Nadu? Madras Cafe is about the conflict in Sri Lanka, apparently.

"There are a lot of events that will come to life and we have presented it in a commercial way. Our youngsters don't know about what happened in the late 1980s and the early 1990s," added the actor, who is not only playing the lead role in the political thriller, but has also produced it.

The interest is something not everybody is happy about. I have to admit I got a kick out of the dig at Aamir... hey, alls's fair over Filmi Girl's, right?


Hmmm... Anushka Sharma to play a jazz singer in Bombay Velvet!


Wow! I feel patriotic and I'm not even Indian! HAPPY (EARLY) INDEPENDENCE DAY! From one former British colony to another!


odadune said...

I do like the Boss teaser. The one thing I will say for D'Souza's Blue (aside from the awesomeness of Akki as Lando Calrissian) is that D'Souza's really good at the absurdist, cartoon testosterone poisoning thing you see in certain 80s Ahnult movies (and 90s Akki movies). So far it's looking like he's channeling that successfully here. And Sonakshi looks adorable.

Bear with me while I ramble a bit on the evolution of Akki's attitudes on gender related attitudes. I remember stumbling across a scan of an interview with Akshay and his family from the mid-90s, where it was clear that between his innate charm and status as only son, he'd been pretty comprehensively indulged in every whim by father, mother and sister. The difference was that the women, even if they gave him what he wanted, still called him out on stuff. In that interview, he bragged of being the kind of old-fashioned guy who nagged his sister not to wear jeans, and expected to marry a traditional wife who would wait on him hand and foot.

By the early 00s, he had done some eyebrow-raising film scenes with a woman significantly senior to him (in Khiadiyon ka Khiladi), worked with a female director for the first time (Sangharsh), and had a mother-in-law who'd walked away from an unhappy marriage to go back to her career and a wife who called him out on stuff, had an interior decorating business on the side and knew less about cooking than he did.

In the past year or so, he's started a production company with a woman (Aswini Yardi of Grazing Goat Pix), worked for a female producer*, advocated for women's self-defense training, and when a reporter bugged him about his wife's baby fat, said "Look, she'll lose the weight when she's ready; she knows what's best for her own health just as she does for the rest of the family."

Nobody's ever gonna mistake him for Mr. Feminist, he's never going to say "I'm so ashamed of being a man" in any context where he expects people to take him seriously, and if a woman gets billed over him in a movie it will most likely be when he's given up on being a leading man and gone the Pran-style character actor route.** But in some ways that makes his evolution all the more fascinating and hopeful. People can change, even people who don't have the benefit of a college education or the social pressures that encourage, say, Farhan Akhtar to try and put his best foot forward on these matter.

*(And whatever reasons Milan had for casting him, Ekta's made it very clear that *her* reason for casting Akki was the very old-fashioned one of finding him attractive.)

**His detractors had better hope he doesn't decide to do that any time soon, because with that work ethic, the moment he decides to go character actor he will stop being in 3-5 films a year and start being in EVERYTHING, every year.

odadune said...

I meant that Sonakshi looked adorable in the photoshoot of course, in case that wasn't clear.

Filmi Girl said...

@odadune EXCELLENT analysis of Akki! I hope it didn't sound like I was picking on him because I wasn't. It is great to see him praising Ekta as a boss! Boss praises Boss? I just thought the framing was a funny one for Ekta since she is not particularly maternal seeming... at least her public image. ;)

So, yes, kudos to Akki especially since he doesn't have the social pressures that a Farhan Akhtar would to do so. A real strong man doesn't need to put down women to feel good about himself.

And doesn't Sona look great?!

odadune said...

No, no-definitely didn't think you were picking on him, just your comment kind of jarred loose some thoughts on this subject that had been accumulating. thanks for "listening". ;)

Shalini Singh said...

I have qualm with Akshay on how he treats women on screen, he really comes across as big MCP. Recently I saw him on TV when he came on Comedy Nights with Kapil on Colors channel, where he was enacting parody with 2 girls (male cross dresser) . He was slapping them, pulling their hairs and kicking with legs. It was really off outing to see the whole act.
Same act is done with any guest who comes on show which I have seen previously with SRK, Ranveer etc they were very gracious.
I dont care how Akshay treats women in his life personally but the image he portrays via the characters he plays are not good role model.

@ksana said...

Hi! Since it feels like you've been involuntarily monitoring CE's promotions more closely than I was I'm directing this question to you... when did SRK take a personal credit for the story of CH, or his character, or dialog? 'Cause it does seem like everybody targeting SRK personally on their criticism of "Tamil component" of his recent films...
I mean, granted, he took his stardom power to promote a movie and shove it down everybody's throat... but does it imply that he used the same power to put his OWN view on what his characters are supposed to be like? Did HE personally wrote in some incorrect traditions for Tamil's culture or chose he's hairdo for Ra.One? If he did - then yep, he's a self-confident, arrogant and all (but I kinda need some sort of proof, like an interview where he said that it was all his doings) but if he didn't claim the "Tamil part" as his own... shouldn't this open letter and the rest of such notes be addressed to Rohit Shetty of screenwriters or dialog writers or the rest of the team who where supposed to be in charge of such stuff?
I'am honestly not the biggest SRK's fan to defend him or anything... but the same way I got bored with the part of CE's promotions I've witnessed in the media... the same way I'm a bit irritated with how everybody seems to be accusing SRK with everything that went wrong in this movie...

Filmi Girl said...

@Ksana, Since I don't think you intended your question to come off as passive-aggressively as it did, I'll answer fairly.

The reason he's getting credit for the film is because a) he's a big enough hero to demand whatever changes he wants, b) large parts of the film were clearly written with him in mind c) his production company and wife were involved in creating the film and d) this isn't the first time he has drawn on Tamil stereotypes for comedy.

Basically, in a film like this that was clearly written and designed to be a star vehicle for a specific hero--and produced, in part, by the hero's company--I don't think it's unfair to hold him accountable for the content. After all, if he didn't like it or felt it was bad, he could have easily asked for it to be re-written.

Does that make sense?

@ksana said...

Oh no, I haven't meant it to be passive-agressive, especially not towards you! Sorry if I came off like this =)
I get you point about him being involved from all sides and that he may have enough starpower to be credited (and responsible) for the content...
I guess... I just come from the different perpective where I believe actors (not metter how "starry" they are) not to be responsible for their characters to that extreme extent... Otherwise I would have a talk with a lot of actors about their portrayal of Russian/Slavic people =) Including but not limited to Saif Ali Khan in Go Goa Gone... because his take was just plain... flat. And don't get me started on his accent! The same way that girl from the "open letter" complained about not understanding Tamil in SRK's pronunciation - I was also lost to understand the "russian" in that movie =) But then again - most of the Hollywood movies screw up my language as well... so I'm kinda used to it by now =)
Sorry for getting sidetracked... my mind just drew these weird parallels...

Shalini Singh said...

If you think star can influence the characters they play then why Akshay keeps on repeating dialog or action which are harmful to women in general. There is always something in film every time which gets picked as being derogatory to women. Latest one being this -
"5 minute mein izzat utaar sakta hoon, Akshay tells Sonakshi, woman he ostensibly loves. Hall erupts with catcalls & whistles. I feel small" (From @Namrata_Joshi 's tweet)

Raye S. said...
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Note from Filmi Girl:

I love Bollywood - and all the ridiculous things that happen in Bollywood - but it doesn't mean that I can't occasionally make fun of various celebrities and films.

If you don't like my sense of humor, please just move on by - Trolls are not appreciated and nasty comments will be deleted.

xoxo Filmi Girl
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