Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Tuesday Post: Make it so.

Where was I on Sunday? WHY AT A STAR TREK CONVENTION WITH MY MUM! (Who is also a librarian btw.)

We met Hollywood's BRENT SPINER!

And got right up in there, too. The both of us. LOL!

I love meeting these Star Trek actors; there is such a great aura of old fashioned SHOW BUSINESS around them. Getting up on stage to do a Q&A with an audience of Star Trek fans is like a improv game and watching these men and women work a crowd using an act honed over 20+ years of Trek conventions is really something else! I highly recommend going to one of these conventions if you're at all a fan.

BUT speaking of old fashioned SHOW BUSINESS vs. "art," a topic quite close to my heart, supporter of mass entertainment that I am, I was listening to an NPR show on jazz and its future. I like jazz okay--mostly the older stuff and weirder stuff, Alice Coltrane, Sun Ra, Anita O'Day, etc--but this show really infuriated me because of the way they were talking about jazz like some sort of sacred object. It's not. It's an art form like any other and it's one that has become increasingly specialized and rarified, much like opera. Opera and jazz were both pop culture at one point but now they are the kind of music that people who say, "Oh, I like live music" in the way that they say, "Oh, I like foreign films." Because if one aspires to a certain intellectual cachet, one simply must like both "live music" (whatever that means) and "foreign films." And probably all those depressing, poorly serialized, Somebody Ring Steven Colbert's A White Guy Is Being Oppressed Bell television shows like Mad Men, too.

Yeah, whatever.

I'll just be over here with entertainment I actually like and is entertaining.

(AND PS while I'm on a roll, fuck JJ Abrams and his "I don't actually like Star Trek" Star Trek movie. Roddenberry would be rolling in his grave if he saw that sexist, racist, social content-free shit pile with the Star Trek logo on it.)


Chennai Express Media Explosion 2013 continues unabated. Commenter Moimeme linked me to the Times of London interview with Shahrukh Khan which has been getting a lot of discussion, with some Shahrukh fans even calling journalist Catherine Nixey racist! But the way it read to me was more that Ms. Nixey was merely the rare journalist to interview Shahrukh who was un-dazzled by his famous personal charm. The portrait she paints is of a man isolated and insulated by his own celebrity; a man who very much buys into his own hype.

The entire thing is worth reading, if just for a glimpse of SRK minus the flattery filter of 99.9% of the Indian--and American--press. My favorite moment comes when she catches him name-dropping Harvey Weinstein. Who is a friend.

Does Khan ever get tired of being the most famous actor you've never heard of? "No, not at all," says Khan. "I've never even thought of this. I live a very simple life. I don't have an issue where I get tired of not being recognised." Though there does seem to be something about the "most famous star you've never ..." that doesn't sit wholly happily. Because later he will add that, "This was actually said by Harvey Weinstein. Who is a friend. He called me the biggest star in the world."

Meanwhile, this has been simmering for a while but has been picking up a little traction--Vishal and Shekhar are mad about the inclusion of Honey Singh on the soundtrack. And, to be honest, it is interesting how nobody other than Ms. Nixey over at the Times has asked Shahrukh about his pledge to END MISOGYNY after the horrific Delhi assault and meanwhile here he is with controversial, alleged misogynist Honey Singh on the soundtrack to his big film?

Rohit Shetty seems like such a chill guy, though. He talks about publicity:

"Film publicity has become a monster. I keep joking with my team that a film should have two directors like directed by and promoted by. It almost takes two months to promote a film and then you have to deal with so many speculations. You have to live with that and fight that. You are losing sleep even before the Friday," Shetty told PTI.

And, again, I really don't understand why THIS film is getting a huge release in places like Morocco and Germany when the entire premise of the film is based on humorous (intended to be, anyways) Northern stereotypes of South Indian films. What is your average German curious about Indian film going to get out of that?


I've been trying to ignore this story but it's not dying. Kajol to lose weight... and return to films. The return to films part is wonderful but why does it have to be framed as a weight loss story? It's not like Kajol is obese or anything; she's a 39-year old woman who gave birth not too long ago. So, no, she doesn't look like a 19-year old long distance runner.


Abhinav Kashyap is only one film old and we have yet to see how Besharam will turn out but he's doing a mass entertainer" for T-series.


Varun and Alia together again for a Dharma film! EEEE! I'm looking forward to this! There is nothing so magical as pure Karan Johar fluff!


Nikhil Advani gets further downgraded and is forced to direct Suraj Pancholi's debut.


Social activist Teena Sharma filed a complaint against the Censor Board saying they were too lax on sex scenes and sexual talk, especially for films given a U/A rating. There's nothing shameful about sex but I do agree that if a film is supposed to be for the entire family, the last thing anybody wants to see is simulated sex scenes. Save it for the A-certificate films.


And with the lack of razzle-dazzle and Jackie Fernandez and Prabhudeva giving out jadoo ki jhappi's, have some Korean girl group for your morning!


anishok said...

*puts the SRK lawyer hat on*
1st - that interview in The Times was obviously conducted by an ignorant person, with no knowledge of not only SRK, but also Indian cinema. Even one of SRK's hugest detractors - Aseem Chhabra was up in arms about it & you should read his short piece on why that interview was unprofessional and poorly researched. http://www.mumbaimirror.com/columns/columnists/aseem-chhabra/A-small-piece-on-SRK/articleshow/21585561.cms

2nd - Vishal and Shekhar AND SRK tweeted that all the articles about the so-called "rift" are bullshit. And SRK name-drops them every 5 seconds in all the promotions for CE, so no problem there.

3rd - CE is getting released in Germany and Morocco...cause the "man who buys into his own hype" has HUGE fanbases there. SIMPLE.

Unknown said...

I am also gobsmacked as to how a person of Shahrukh's stature is collaborating with a guy like Honey Singh, especially after the Delhi rape controversy.
Okay, so he will work with Honey Singh, but at the same time as a symbol of his deep respect for women , allow the heroine's name to come before his on the title cards.
Just goes to show that he has no moral compass &there is no journalist in the country who is interested in questioning him further on this issue.

odadune said...

Brent Spiner and your mother are awesome, FG. :)

Nikhil Advani having to run with those twits is just :( for me-watching Patiala House on youtube last fall was a big part of what got me re-interested in Akshay, and D-Day sounded like it was a pretty good film of its kind.

Note from Filmi Girl:

I love Bollywood - and all the ridiculous things that happen in Bollywood - but it doesn't mean that I can't occasionally make fun of various celebrities and films.

If you don't like my sense of humor, please just move on by - Trolls are not appreciated and nasty comments will be deleted.

xoxo Filmi Girl
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