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Tuesday post... all hail Ameesha Patel!

If you're in Surrey, don't miss your chance to meet Prithviraj!



Sigh. Don't indulge him, Hollywood Reporter.

THR: Madras Cafe is co-produced by Viacom18 Motion Pictures. What do you make of the increasing presence of Hollywood studios producing Indian films?

Sircar: First, the biggest thing is that Indian audiences are rapidly evolving and want to see more than just formulaic fare. Last year, most films that worked had offbeat stories, which was not the case earlier. Even a recent arthouse film like Ship of Theseus has managed to generate audience interest. By tackling unconventional subjects that end up doing well, there is a new business sense dawning on producers and studios, which is very good for us filmmakers. And Viacom18 has been very adventurous in challenging convention.

I really dislike the use of words like "evolving" when talking about audiences because the speaker is generally implying "evolving towards Hollywood." One might also ask if audience's changing tastes are driving the increase of these "Hindie" films or if it's the tastes of the filmmakers (and media). Because I suspect even Veer did better business than Ship of Theseus on a pure rupee for rupee basis.


Rajeev Masand made the bold decision to pan Chennai Express and now he's on the defensive...

Q. Rajeev, is the term masala entertainer becoming an excuse to make lazy films with no creative inputs because If we look back 'Sholay' one of the greatest films ever made was a masala entertainer. Asked by: Arjun

A. Yes, thank you for echoing my sentiments exactly. It has become an excuse for lazy filmmaking. There's no reason why a masala film can't have an interesting plot, well etched characters, and decent acting.

Word! Thanks, Arjun! Rajeev directly addresses Chennai Express in other questions and if it doesn't collapse like Ra.1 did, it will be interesting to see how these guys--and gal (Anupama Chopra)--handle it.

Also, we all keep this in mind as box office numbers get tossed around:

Q. Is there an accountability on the numbers published? Can we not introduce a transparent system or nobody wants transparency in the process? Asked by: Pavan

A. Unfortunately there is no foolproof way of determining real box office numbers. With multiplexes there is more transparency because ticket booking systems in multiplexes are computerized. But in the heart of the country where single screens still form the bulk of the theatrical cinema experience, it is hard to calculate accurate figures because the system is not computerised.


Is Shekhar Kapur going to go too far in authenticity in starvation for Paani? If so, and IF it is going to star Hrithik, I'd keep some nurses on speed-dial just in case. Hrithik pushes himself to the max for everything. I can see him damaging his health with something like this.


Ameesha Patel does it right! What's sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander--why not cast yourself opposite a 20-something hunk in your own film?

And a couple pics from her twitter of her MAXIM MAGAZINE cover unveiling!

Lookin' good, girlfriend! ----

And a BIG Happy Birthday to our lady of Sridevi! Let's all hope that the rumor of her making a film with Prabudeva is true. Who says heroines have to retire? If all three Khans can still make films, why not their age contemporaries, hmmm?

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