Thursday, August 22, 2013

Thursday Post: Q! Tasher Desh! Both much more interesting than that Madras Cafe mess.

Tamil films are number 1!!!

Yup, there were more Tamil films produced than in any other industry in India in 2012.

The figures by the Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) reveal that with 262 films, Tamil film industry has nudged out Bollywood from the number one position. Telugu film industry stood second with 256 films while Bollywood was relegated to the third slot with 221 films. Though Telugu had to be content with the second position, its record of 268 films in 2005 is still to be broken.


I can't feel too sorry for Ekta Kapoor, as much as I was not cheering on other films that released this month. All is not fair in business and somebody played the game better...


A couple of celebrations for 25 years of SALMAN KHAN!


Amitabh Bachchan is angry about an allegedly fake video that shows him giving his support to Narendra Modi.


John Abraham talks Madras Cafe and it seems like the film IS based on the assassination of Rajiv Ghandi.

Do youngsters want to watch a thriller with a sense of history attached to it?

As the film's producer, it's very important for me to connect the events that happened to the young audiences of today. At the same time I didn't want to try and educate them. Madras Cafe had to work as a spy thriller, and not just as a true-life political drama. I want audiences to be impacted by Madras Cafe the same way that I was by Steven Spielberg's Schindler List and Oliver Stone's JFK.

OH HO HO! Now here is an analogy that makes sense to me. If there is one thing I'm extremely well qualified to talk about, it's American politics and history and, John, sweetie, if you're aiming to be as historically accurate as Oliver Stone's ridiculous, conspiracy theory fever dream, then I can completely understand why people might find your film offensive.

Commenter Divya had this to say yesterday, which I think is worth repeating:

I have mixed feelings about Madras Cafe. On one hand I am all for freedom of expression and the recent trend of political outfits blackmailing film makers into removing all politically charged content from any movie should absolutely not be encouraged. On the other hand, Madras cafe may indeed be a seriously offensive film. The film takes a conflict that is still a very sensitive issue for a lot of people and makes a thriller out of it. Also Shoojit Sircar's comment about how he just wanted any conflict to set his story against rubs me the wrong way. One of my pet peeves with Hollywood, is how it takes a sensitive localized issue and inserts a white person (usually an American) into it. This person either becomes a savior or a sole survivor and the audience is supposed to empathize only with this character that they indentify with. The actual locals who live through the conflict are so much set dressing. Madras Cafe to me, just seems to be a North Indian version of the same.


I know I've said this before but while special effects are great and all, but there are more important things in making a good film. In my opinion, anyways. But then as somebody who grew up watching those old wobbly set Doctor Who and original Star Trek episodes, the best special effect is often just good writing combined with the performer's talent combined with the audience's own imagination. It's cheap, too! And never looks dated.

Anyways, SRK says special effects are holding back the film I'm assuming nobody actually wants in this article.

"We have the latest technology and the equipment, but we lack trained technicians. For `Ra.One`, we had hired 50 foreign-trained technicians. I would love to work in `Ra.One 2`, but it`s not easy. For a film with a different genre like `Ra.One`, I`ll need at least two to three years for preparation," Shah Rukh said in an interview.


Wait, what? EW! Please don't tell me Asin is playing his love interest?! EWWW! She's like literally half his age.


See, here's (one of) the problem(s) with Madhur Bhandarkar--people call his films "realistic" when, actually, they are extremely contrived but just don't feature songs. Shahrukh Khan and a leading lady transported off to Switzerland for a song is just as realistic a depiction of a human relationship if not more so than anything that's come out of the Bandar Car's filmography.

And now he's attempting a love story? REALLY? Do people just have money to waste on producing films like this? I guess so, if Kunal "Megaflop" Kohli is still getting to direct, too.


Speaking of Megaflop Kohli, it seems a repeat of his superflop jodi from Tere Meri Kahaani has not been confirmed for Milan Talkies. Priyanka tells Bollywood Hungama things haven't been 100% confirmed.

"No I haven't been approached for Milan Talkies," stated Priyanka Chopra in a video interview with Bollywood Hungama. "We had spoken about Milan Talkies a long time back and I was supposed to do the film but now the dates have changed. I don't know if Shahid is doing the film or not," Priyanka said.


I guess I didn't realize that Imran Khan is playing a South Indian boy in Gori Tere Pyaar Mein. Ai yo.


Ungli has hit a few snags--Salim Suliaman walk out and will probably be pushed back to 2014.


FINALLY! We've got a change in the narrative on Sid's cease and desist to the so-called fanclub.


It's been far too long since we've heard from Q! He talks Tasher Desh:

There’s a lot of kabuki influence, a lot of graphic art influence from Japan. Another huge thing was that design played such a crucial role in the structuring. For instance, when you see the tash soldiers for the first time, there are these strange camera movements. We shot on low fi 7D and 5D cameras. We were like slum kids who don’t know grammar. But we know also, like every slum kid knows, that what we have is flawed and we had to make the best of it. These series of cameras have a rolling shutter issue. So when you move the camera quickly the image gets destabilised. It’s a problem with the camera. We cranked up shutter speed so it would happen and really moved fast and whatever happened because of that created chaos. And we used that as an effect. So we’re doing a magical, fairy fantasy thing without any CGI.

^^ Q and I are on the same page about a lot of things, it seems. I realized yesterday that the media kit for this film ended up in my spam filter. SORRY ABOUT THAT, Q!


Look, Yash Raj, if you're going to billboard a song as ROMANTIC featuring Naseer and Randeep Hooda then you had better provide me with Naseer romancing Randeep Hooda and/or Randeep seducing the older man with his male model looks and not whatever this is:


Yup. Yup. Yup. I am officially SO OVER Ranbir. This annoys, rather than delights, me. And doesn't it seem like way too mid-2000s? The piles of whorey goris, the "retro" disco suit, the "comedy" dance moves, the club setting... *yawn*

Give me something to get excited about, Besharam.


odadune said...
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Moimeme said...

Re Number of films produced by the various industries in India: It's a myth that the Hindi industry is the "leading" industry, or ever was. Basically, the number one spot was always bouncing around among three industries -- Telugu, Tamil, and Hindi. Though there were a few years when Hindi did indeed have the most number of films, it was by no means a foregone conclusion, nor was it consistent. It was much more consistently in second spot, after either Telugu or Tamil. What I'm saying is, 2012 isn't the first time that Tamil films were the most in the country, or the first time that Hindi films weren't in first spot.

Re Asin opposite Kamal: She's done it before in Dasavataram, as the article you linked to notes. You can always look forward to Rajni opposite Deepika in his next release. :)

Mariola said...

I completely agree with a Divya. Yes,freedom is important thing (and latest Kamal or Vijay problems with premiers of theirs movies is really sth ot only wrong but alarming) but I'm also afraid of 'northern vision' of southern problems (or history) It's not the first time when I have a kind of feeling that I, as a person from other part of the world, just interested in Southern India, have better knowledge and more understanding (compassion)of the things connected with the south than many people (or filmmakers)from north of the India. Strange but true.

Divya said...

Yay .. Filmigirl quoted my comment... My day is made :)

Thanks Mariola, There is a good chance that you do probably understand more about the conflict and southern sensibilities than many north Indians do.

FG to give you some context, earlier this year some photographs were released depicting horrible human rights violations, against Tamils by the Sri Lankan army. The Sri Lankan Government refused to acknowledge the pictures or answer for them. This entire incident has stirred up very deep feelings of anger and outrage in even the most politically apathetic Tamils(case in point me). I have little to say in support of many politicians that draw this conflict out to score political points, but this time, after those pictures I was sick to my stomach. Under the circumstances I am worried that Madras Cafe is going to be simple black and White, Us vs Them movie, while in this particular case the Them is Us.

For a non political take on the conflict and its human cost please check out Mani Rathnam's Kannathil Muthamittal. Its a great movie regardless and has some excellent music by A.R. Rahman.

Divya said...

On a lighter note.. Imran Khan as a South Indian, this has to be a joke right.

Also someone else is over Ranbir .. I am so glad. I was feeling lonely in my little corner. I really don't get all the hype over him. He plays exactly one character in all his movies ManChild who needs to find himself and grow up...blech.

odadune said...

Divya: you and FG are not alone-what had been a mild dislike when I watched Saawariya and tried to watch Raajneeti suddenly got a lot more intense when I tried to watch Barfi. I used to have some level of respect for him as a human being, because he's hardworking and talented in his way, and it's impressive that he's even remotely functional after growing up in that family, but the way he keeps using his dad to manage his romantic breakups for him has rubbed me the wrong way.

I am tolerating him a bit better in the Barfi promos than in the YHJD promos, perhaps because the former is open about the fact that his character is kind of a jerk and the latter wanted us to believe that this was A Good Kid and Good Love Interest who just needs to grow a little emotionally.

odadune said...

Excuse me, meant "a bit better in the Besharam promos than in the YHJD promos..." Brain was definitely fried when I posted last.

Note from Filmi Girl:

I love Bollywood - and all the ridiculous things that happen in Bollywood - but it doesn't mean that I can't occasionally make fun of various celebrities and films.

If you don't like my sense of humor, please just move on by - Trolls are not appreciated and nasty comments will be deleted.

xoxo Filmi Girl
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