Thursday, August 15, 2013

Thursday Post: Don't mess with Hot Papa Khanna

Oh no they didn't! I know Bollywood Life didn't just imply that Govinda and Vinod Khanna need Suraj Pancholi's hero launch to boost their careers. I know what they meant to say was: Vinod Khanna and Govinda Graciously Accept Large Paychecks In Exchange For Appearing In Star Son Launch or Vinod Khanna and Govinda Do Suniel Shetty A Solid By Appearing In Film Launching His Daughter.

Related: Vinod Khanna is on twitter.


Here's a good post on Shahrukh's recent career that draws parallels with Amitabh. From Madhavankutty Pillai over at Open Magazine.

What is a superstar but an irrational image etched in the hearts of a billion people. An image embellished day in and day out. Pilgrimages done to get a glimpse of them. Men and women falling in love, nurturing an imaginary relationship through decades as if it was flesh and blood. When unwell, nations rising in unison in prayer. An image crafted in hysteria and obsession. When everything is madness targeted at you, how do you survive it? And how do you survive it when it is slipping away, as inevitably it must as they grow old and flesh withers?


Bala's Paradesi has been nominated at the London International Film Festival! Very cool! It's a fantastic film so I hope it does well.


Adah Sharma joins the ranks of talented actresses who are only rated down South. And the director who shares my taste in actresses? Puri Jagannadh!


Sunny Leone showed up in my dream last night. No, not like that! She let me borrow a dress. Perhaps I should have asked for her for her boxing gloves?


Linking to Rajeev Masand's latest tidbits purely for the comedy of Hamlets! Forget adapting Shakespeare, somebody should make a comedy about THREE COMPETING PRODUCTIONS OF HAMLET! I haven't seen Onir's work but given the choice I'd take Bhardwaj over Dhulia any day. Dhulia is such a boring director. Him and Milan Luthria both make films like they're making American made-for-TV movies. Even if I haven't been overly impressed with Bhardwaj recently, I'd still trust him with Hamlet--especially if it starred Shahid. Just don't ruin it with some overly made-up starry actress as Ophelia, hmmm? May I suggest the lovely young Kanika Tiwari from Agneepath instead of whoever it is you've got on speed dial?


Lastly, not Bollywood related but relevant to MY interests: Archie comics hit India in a special issue! (Actually don't bother clicking because the interview is really stupid. Just know that it's happening in a special 650th issue.)

I suppose it's not a huge surprise that I love Archie comics but like many things I love, the brand has been run into the ground in recent years but people who don't understand what made the original Archie comics so delightful and have veered towards making it a big "everybody's a winner" love fest with no conflict. (I mean, Reggie is supposed to be a big dick and Veronica is a bitch and Betty is a dip and Archie is kind of dumb. That's the WHOLE point!) Still, there are glimmers of hope--like the amazingly entertaining Life with Archie series.

But let's play along with TOI's article--who would you cast in a Bollywood Archie movie? Definitely Alia Bhatt as Veronica. Saqib Saleem as Reggie. Prabal Panjabi as Jughead. Ragini Nandwani as Betty. And... Archie... who is guileless enough to play Archie... thoughts?

(That, my friends, is the velvet voice of Mr. Ron Dante! If American "playback singers" were as famous as in India, you would DEFINITELY know his name. At one point in the 1960s he had three number songs in the Top Ten... under THREE DIFFERENT NAMES!)


Tobi said...

I think part of the trouble for SRK (and others, altho I'm less familiar with their fanbases) is whether the fans will allow them to age gracefully. Will audiences accept it if they segue into father/uncle roles, or any roles that require them to act their real-life age? I hope so, cos I really don't wanna go see "Chennai Express: Pensioner Discount" where a geriatric Rahul wrestles with his zimmerframe and romances Deepika's granddaughter. (Altho I'm already pretty confident that I would go see it!)

Yunus Perveez said...

I'm kinda lolling at the thought of Vinod Khanna and Govinda demanding big pay checks from anyone...They probably work for peanuts and a can of Thumbs up

odadune said...

Considering the likes of Yash Raj Films have been knocking on Govinda's door lately (Kill Dil), I have to assume his career prospects are looking up.

Vinod I think is banking favors that he can cash in when he finally launches his third son (the one by the newer wife.)

Re: Shahid, Prince of Denmark: yes, please. Don't really care who the director is.

Re: aging stars: I think they can buy themselves a few more years as lead roles just by playing characters who are explicitly forty-mumble but come off as cool and "experienced"-Farah supposedly is trying to point SRK in this direction for Happy New Year (perhaps minus explicit age markers) and OUATIMD is another, darker experiment along those lines. Failing that there are a couple of tropes from the South Indian films are perhaps worth borrowing for original Bollywood films: the prodigal hero who's more focused on reuniting his family than romancing anyone (favored by Mammootty), and the in-universe stalker fangirl eyecandy whom the hero studiously ignores in between dishooming the unrighteous (favored by Chiranjeevi and other Telugu stars).

Note from Filmi Girl:

I love Bollywood - and all the ridiculous things that happen in Bollywood - but it doesn't mean that I can't occasionally make fun of various celebrities and films.

If you don't like my sense of humor, please just move on by - Trolls are not appreciated and nasty comments will be deleted.

xoxo Filmi Girl
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