Wednesday, August 7, 2013

The Wednesday Post is pulling into Metaphor Station!

Alright! Are we on board the metaphor express?! Let's see what the Shahrukh press team has splooged all over the Internet for us today!

Hungama has 7 reasons Chennai Express is going to break box office records.

Though we should have started off with this massive point, we decided to consider it further down the list, knowing that it's a given when evaluating any film. Chennai Express boasts of not one but three major names that include Shah Rukh Khan, Deepika Padukone and of course director Rohit Shetty. With the three combined fan bases, the film is certain to see an unprecedented turn out of followers flocking screens.

Because fans are mindless and will turn out for anything, right?! Which is why Joker was such a big hit and Veer and Paheli.

Bollywood Life's numerologist predicts that critical reaction will be mixed but it should still take a good collection, so that's settled then.

The Mumbai Mirror runs down the Vishal-Shekhar vs Honey Singh-Shahrukh controversy:

When contacted, Honey sounded unfazed and opened up about the episode and also the film producer's request to keep mum about the same. "I am a man who believes in my work. I am popular and I was asked by SRK to compose a song for Chennai Express. I met him in his bungalow Mannat and I was told that his son Aryan is a big fan of mine," said the rapper. "The next thing I heard was that Vishal Shekhar were furious over my inclusion. Why should one artiste speak against another? I was told to not speak about this episode," said Honey.

So, basically, the inclusion of Honey Singh is another attempt at SRK trying to look cool for his kids. Because everybody knows there is NOTHING cooler as a teenager than having your dad pander to your every desire.

And things are still undecided at the multiplexes on how to handle upcoming Once Upon a Horribly Spelled 2.

My good friends at Firstpost, who always enjoy stirring the pot (of curd), have a refreshing post up by Sandip Roy titled SRK says no to Hollywood stereotypes: But ‘Madrasis’ are A-OK.

It’s pointless to get too worked up about stereotypes. They are stock-in-trade for movies, whether it’s Bollywood or Hollywood. Sometimes they are even funny. But it’s a little rich for our superstars to get holier-than-thou about Hollywood and stereotypes and for Shah Rukh Khan to wring his hands about the kind of roles Hollywood can offer a 47-year-old brown man without looking in the rear view mirror at his own career.

Okay, last is an uncomfortable ego-kissing fest between Shahrukh and an audience of fans which mostly reads like this:

Audience: Sir, you're so great that I can't stand it.

SRK: I'm very humble but go on.

Host: Oh, he's just being modest about his humility. Actually, Shahrukh-sir, isn't it true that you're SO HUMBLE that you don't even show up for awards ceremonies unless you get paid? Otherwise, how would you know you earned it?

In Pakistan, the hotly anticipated Main Hoon Shahid Afridi has been pushed back for fears of clashing with the Bollywood Behemoth.


Now let's talk Farah Khan's Happy New Year.

Vidyut Jamwal. Does Shahrukh dare appear on screen with this fine specimen of human masculinity? Will appearing in the same frame as the luscious male beauty of Vidyut--beauty that made JOHN ABRAHAM look like a bloated old hag--finally break the SRK spell?

(And thank god Kat got herself out of this project.)


Aamir Khan is excited about Dhoom 3 AND SO AM I! Dhoom 3 is going to be the bomb in the college for SURE!


Gulshan Grover talks playing bad guys:

I believe it's better to be a baddie because baddies have a longer shelf life and don't have to depend on looks. It was a long shot for me because neither am I big nor do I have bulging muscles. I had to make many sacrifices - I even refused films that offered me the part of the hero. And once, I ran away from set.


Lolo is writing one of those celebrity mum books, in which the best advice seems to be: HIRE A LOT OF HELP and you, too, can be thin and well rested.


Ranbir Kapoor's new price tag is 15 crores.

And it's been clarified that he's doing a parallel lead not a cameo in Roy, the casting of which sounds like a mess--Jackie Fernandez in a double role?--but could be worthwhile viewing. I do have a soft spot for Arjun Rampal.


It's been too long! NEIL, brother! You're back! With a new media-bait girlfriend! Is Richa Chaddha the new Sonal Chauhan?


Piggy turns Pinky for Zanjeer. Meh. Nothing Malaika Arora Khan couldn't do 100 times better.


I was more charmed by this So You Think You Can Dance performance! Surprisingly fun!


Tady said...

This song is missing sooooo much liquor and Salu! ... Still cute to watch :D

odadune said...

A movie w/ Farah is probably exactly what Vidyut needs right now-a chance to raise his visibility, learn how to dance, and learn for himself that there is a market for his skills beyond action films. And to his credit, SRK doesn't seem to have a problem about working with taller, "prettier" men (see Arjun Rampal).

I would like to know why Prithviraj was dropped, because I'm pretty sure "blabbed too soon" isn't it.

Lisa Waugh said...

I was wondering if you had seen that clip of SYTYCD too. I had a lot of texts and emails from my friends asking me if I'd seen it. Totally adorbs!

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