Sunday, August 11, 2013

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday...

Thank you, everybody, for your kind words! I was feeling very frustrated yesterday and I'm honestly really touched by the support. I do just write for fun, so the fact that people enjoy reading is wonderful. And please do continue to disagree with me and correct my mistakes--just do it politely is all I ask. There are plenty of other forums for name calling and bickering about SRK's box office versus Salman's and while I enjoy reading those discussions for lulz, I could do without having to moderate comments here. Especially since I can't access my blog during the day while I'm at work doing the things I actually get paid to do.

Now!! Let's switch tracks (pun!) and I'll try my best to ignore the 8 billion stories about how excited SRK is that his movie is became a blockbuster success by beating Ek Tha Tiger in some contest that nobody except soooooooper fans care about and get to the SRK story that really matters:


Yes, it's true. Click through and you can see the pictures of them looking less than thrilled at the starry Eid party that has taken over their home.

India TV News gives us the deets:

Both the kids were in no mood to celebrate. Aryan looked extremely dejected and glum while Suhana, who is otherwise up-to-date with her appearance, choose to repeat her eid dress. Obviously, Shah Rukh's princess was hardly interested in the party! She even didn’t bother to wear new clothes.

Wait, I have to grab one pic:

Look at this kid! He's so cute and 100% pure surly teenager. King Khan has his work cut out for him if he wants his son to think he's cool. Those crossed arms say, "Yeah, okay, you did a song with Yo Yo Honey Singh but not a cool one."

Here are my guesses for why the kids weren't excited to have a family holiday turned into a marketing opportunity for papa's latest film.

a) They are tired of hearing about how AbRam is Shahrukh's best production ever. I mean, what about his other kids? They don't disappear because there's a new baby. (Empathized Filmi Girl, herself an oldest child.)

b) They want to be playing video games and hanging out with their friends instead of posing for dumb photographers at some dumb party with their dad's dumb friends. ("Jeez, dad! Why do we have to spend Eid with movie stars!! Why can't I hang out with Anju from my class at school instead?! Her family is coming over and nobody is watching their weight there. Aunties will pet us and feed us sweets and nobody will take my picture or bitch that I'm wearing last year's outfit.")

c) Suhana read this article about her dad saying she should find a boyfriend like him and was grossed out.

d) They saw Chennai Express. *BOOM* Okay, that was a low blow but considering the amount of hype I've had to wade through over what even people who liked it are calling a "one time watch," I'll treat myself to one last dig.

Unless something massive happens--Rahul escapes from the film, terrorizes the populace with self-referential puns, and finally gets into a fist fight with Saif over smacking Bebo's butt--let's call it a day with Chennai Express.


I wish the media wouldn't print stories like this one. I'm sure the poor man had many other difficulties in his life besides not being able to get a ticket for Thalaiva. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family.


Yahoo News put together a slide show of South Indian stereotypes in Bollywood.


I can always count on Naseeruddin Shah to out curmudgeon me:

"I don't understand this remake business. Films that are being remade shouldn't be made in the first place. Bollywood is just betraying its complete mental lethargy by doing this! Earlier it was done differently, but unless you have some different angle to it, one should not do it," Naseeruddin said in an interview.


Whoa! WHAT? You can't make this stuff up! Suniel Shetty and pals turn detective to try and hunt for the guy who killed filmmaker Vishal Shah? (TOI link but worth checking out.)

After waiting for a week after the accident, hoping the cops will be able to find out who killed their friend, Suniel, Iqbal, Nasir, and Mohan decided to launch their own investigation. In the absence of any other clue, they collected the shattered glass that the cops had gathered from the spot and began visiting car dealerships across the city to find out to which make of car the glass belonged to.

Wow. If all this is true, best of luck, Suniel-sir!


Rajesh Khanna's statue is unveiled. Dimple is looking gorgeous, as always. She's aged so gracefully.


Lolo is looking gorgeous, too, but somebody please tell me why Madhur Bandar-car is walking the ramps.


Is Sridevi doing a film with Prabhudeva? I CAN ONLY HOPE THE ANSWER IS YES.


The sync sound is a little off in this video but OMG MADHURI!!!! Not to spoil things for you but her "Fevicol Se" is pretty fantastic. More Mads, plz!

Did Shahid not dance? I didn't see anything up on youtube... but if he did, I want to know about it.


odadune said...

Heh, glad we helped you feel better. :)

SRK's kids look pretty much as annoyed as any kids that age made to participate in a party for the parents' friends would. His comment about Suhana...well I think I know what he was going for (parents having to be role models of appropriate spousal behavior for their children) but whoa, somewhere in the process of being filtered through his mouth and the keyboards of the mouth-breathing journalists, the thought REALLY came out wrong.

Not really a fan of Rajesh Khanna the star or Rajesh Khanna the man (although anybody who was that nice to his staff and made a movie with three scene-stealing elephants couldn't be all bad). But whoa, what a photogenic family of quirky Bollywood misfits, starting with him. It's worth noting that Dimple's only about fifty-three IIRC: 3 years older than Sridevi, 6 years older than SRK, and 8 years older than her own son-in-law.

Prabhudheva's been hinting that he wants to do a horror story with a female ghost, and being very coy about what prominent actress he wants for the ghost. Wonder if that's the Sridevi project.

Archee ologist said...

Apparently Shahid Kapoor did dance with Sridevi and Prabhudeva. Have not yet seen the videos...

Filmi Girl said...

@odadune You all really did! I was starting to feel under siege... #paranoid.

SRK's relationship with his kids is weird. Armchair psychoanalysis is worth nothing but I wonder if part of the motivation for a new baby was having a young kid to look up to him again. Surly teenagers are not afraid to tell you when you're being a dork. ;P

Isn't that a great looking family? I'm not a big fan of Rajesh Khanna, either, but Dimple on the other hand... <3 And we can all thank Akshay for marrying Twinkle and getting her out of the acting business for good. Hee!

Prabhudeva x Sridevi x Ghost = GOLD! And if we get in Shahid Kapoor? PERFECTION!

@Archee Awesome!! I'll keep my eyes peeled! So much charisma on stage!

Melanie said...

Damn Madhuri is really wonderfull.....

odadune said...

Re: SRK and family, the film industry's such a messed up environment to raise kids in, that I'm glad of any show of parental interest more developed than Rishi Kapoor's "I have spawned the next great Kapoor talent and he is awesome and together we will rule the industry as FATHER AND SON!" (insert Darth Vader gestures here.)

Note from Filmi Girl:

I love Bollywood - and all the ridiculous things that happen in Bollywood - but it doesn't mean that I can't occasionally make fun of various celebrities and films.

If you don't like my sense of humor, please just move on by - Trolls are not appreciated and nasty comments will be deleted.

xoxo Filmi Girl
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