Monday, August 12, 2013

Monday Post: Let the the Shahid countdown begin! Shahid-down? Is Phata Poster Nikla Hero out yet? What about now?

The only Chennai Express related link today--The Vigil Idiot's take on it. I cannot wait until this film is OUT of theaters and I never have to hear about it again. It's not that I'm offended by "mindless entertainers" but the hype over this film is ridiculous. And Shahrukh reveling in all the fuss and attention really turns my stomach. To quote a commenter from Beth's review:

The question I ask is : If this had been a lesser star than SRK (say Sunil Shetty or Tushar Kapoor), would the reviews have been quite as charitable?

I think we all know the answer to that. Although, now that you mention it, I would be curious to see a Tusshy version of Chennai Express that is based on bits from all his past hits. Actually! If Tusshy was a more self-aware star, this would make for a great short film to go up on youtube or something.

Here's a nice rundown of the troubles that Thalaivaa is facing. I understand things a lot better today than I did yesterday, though the ins and outs of Tamil Nadu politics are still confusing to me.

The film itself is a lot of fun--a solid, well-crafted entertainer with some stellar performances. I'm not the biggest Vijay fan ever but he's cast well here and plays the "straight man" to most of what's happening around him. Except when he dances, then he's the star! Santhanam is on point, though. His lines got so many laughs from the audience I was with. I'm almost tempted to go again just to see the film with my new understanding of the politics... and now that the confusion over Vijay/Vijay has been cleared up.


India really is Hollywood's new obsession--after Million Dollar Arm it looks like there's another film getting shot about human trafficking. But Seema Biswas and music by Salim-Sulaiman.

Oh!! And Om Puri is romancing Helen Mirren in France... for a film.


This looks interesting!! Escape from Uganda!


A.R. Rahman opens music academy.


Oh, ew! Why does PC continue to stink up films I want to see.


Jackie Shroff to play the villain in Happy New Year.


Saif Ali Khan and Katrina Kaif for a film that Asim will surely be skipping.



I cannot wait for Phata Poster! *hits repeat on the song again*

(To quote the title) SPECTACULAR AND SPELLBINDING SRIDEVI performs with Prabhudeva and Shahid! Now, for the three of them to work together in a film? Yes/Yes? Boney, get on the financing ASAP!


odadune said...

Om Puri romancing Helen Mirren in France sounds like a winner to me.

Thanks for finding the videos-hope to look at them later today. BTW, it's probably not worthy of a share w/ the readership, but if you have time this evening to look it up on YouTube, the "Making of Chugliyaan" video for OUATIMD had one outtake, abt 50 seconds in, that made me LOL.

Archee ologist said...


Sridevi Sridevi Sridevi!!

A 50 year old woman in an overcoat and a braid, and even the stars in the audience become giddy. What star power this woman has!

Don't stop doing movies, Sridevi!

odadune said...

I was a little meh on the choreography for the Sridevi performance, but the star power made it all worthwhile and Shahid and Pradhudheva yanking each other's chains was pretty funny.

Best audience reaction was Vidya Balan all but levitating in ecstasy while watching the show.

odadune said...

And forgot to add: Hey Mr. DJ was awesome! I am not sure if I'll be able to get out to the movies that weekend, but man this looks like alot of fun.

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