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AH!!!! OMG! OMG! OMG! KRRISH 3 TRAILER LOOKS AMAZING! Everything else is irrelevant. HRITHIK ROSHAN IS BACK, BABY! And Kangana in that body suit? Yes, please.

Of course, now I'm hoping that the subplot of the film will feature Hrithik rescuing Kangs from her life of crime and the two of them teaming up to defeat EVIL VIVEK OBEROI but I'll just have to trust that Rakesh Roshan knows what's good for me. (AND WE ALL KNOW I TRUST RAKESH TO DELIVER THE GOODS.)

I just have to watch this again real quick.

(OMG THE MELODRAMA! THE ACTION! THE LACK OF PIGGY! Rakesh-sir, please never stop making movies.)


ARE YOU READY FOR A FULL WEEK OF MEDIA FRENZY? Because that's what is in store for us thanks to the release of Chennai Express! The bullshit has already been flying fast and furious but that ain't nothing to what we'll be seeing as the days tick closer to Friday.

Let's get our the two non-scandal scandals from last week out of the way first.

a) IF Kat leaked information of her Spain jaunt with Ganglu to the media, then it's hypocritical to complain when they take the info and run with it. However, if she did not, then it's crossing a line for them to publish private vacation pictures. And whichever way you're inclined to believe most likely comes down to how much you like--or dislike--Katrina Kaif. For the commenter who said it was suspicious that she was only getting mad now because the photos "shattered her image," I'll just say that it's perfectly reasonable to think that she had been angry about this type of thing before but these photos were just the straw that broke the Kat's back, so to speak. Again, how you see it depends on how much you like Katrina and it's really not worth discussing this particular incident further.

A discussion on how much of any celebrity's life we "deserve" to know would be worthwhile, though, in the future.

b) SHIP OF DUMBASS SCANDAL! This was much more entertaining for me, if only because it was fun to see yet another guy full of self-imporant hot air deflate like an old bicycle tire as the Authenticity Gestapo turned on him. Moimeme tipped me off to a great response from an "insider" up in FirstPost:

Before I get to the plagiarism bit, I’ve got to say how amazed I am that someone is so desperate to belong in Versova. If I knew Gandhi, I’d send him a message saying, “Chill, broseph. You made a wank-fest of a film, yes, but we’ll still play with you.” Or at least we’ll consider playing with you once you learn to play with others. Because here’s the thing – no one accused Gandhi of plagiarism. He’s the one who brought it up and then went on to point fingers at his own cheerleaders.

I don't often recommend reading comments but the ones on this article are pretty hilarious.


Let Chennai Express Media Wankfest 2013 begin!

The TOI brethlessly reports that (I'm not even joking with this) THE WEST CALLS SRK THE TOM CRUISE OF INDIA.

The Badshah of Bollywood is currently busy promoting his upcoming Chennai Express and the film has become one of the most anticipated movies of the year.


TOI also has the scoop on how Chennai has LITERALLY fallen in love with SRK. Literally. The entire city. LITERALLY fallen in love with SRK.

Apparently, nothing turns Chennai on more than stereotypes of themselves and desperate pandering using the name of one of their heroes in a marketing campaign for a film he had nothing to do with!

Reason number 8 on OneIndia's list of reasons to see Chennai Express? The hype.

The movie Chennai Express is releasing amidst a lot of hype. The movie is much-talked about, especially because of the brand 'SHAHRUKH KHAN.'

My films need to be promoted, says Shahrukh, while promoting his film.

“My films are for the masses, similarly ‘Chennai Express‘ is for the masses and needed to be promoted extensively,” SRk said Sunday while promoting his film.

(And which masses are those, boss? No offense but your main audience seems to be in UK, US, etc. maybe you should try making a good film for them, huh? They've supported you for so many years... how about a nice romance for your fans? One that doesn't involve banging in a London loft?)

Livemint has one of the few sensible articles on the film and it's well worth a read.

The actual headache and heartburn will be felt in overseas territories, where the non-resident Indian population audience gets further divided on the basis of language preferences. “Overseas will be a bigger challenge than India,” Reddy said. “In places where all three languages are equally popular, they will have to split the space between all three.”

Well, we all know what I'll be seeing if given the option:


You guys, we had it all wrong! Priyanka doing a voice in Disney's Planes wasn't just a nice paycheck and it wasn't her scrambling for the West's approval as Hollywood studios desperately try to crack the Indian market - it was an "expansion of her creativity."

Well then.

Q: What drew you to make the transition from Bollywood to Hollywood?

A: "For me, it's really not a transition ... it's an expansion of my creativity, I mean that's all you want to do is to grow in life and for me I'm doing music, which is something I've never done before and if I do a movie, which I'm doing with 'Planes', it's something I've never done before, I'm just challenging myself more than ever, so I don't really see this as a transition."

Piggy brought her PR machine to Los Angeles where she promoted her singles. Apparently "In my City" sold 130,000 copies... about as much as indie label "air band" Golden Bomber sold in Japan of their latest single.


Shoojit Sircar chose the Sri Lankan civil war as the backdrop for Madras Cafe not because he has something to say about it but because it was exotic.

"I did not want the usual India-Pakistan backdrop," he said. "I had been following this civilian crisis for a long time and integrated it into the main story."

If the main story isn't the war, what is it? Oh, please tell me it's about some middle aged young man trying to "find" himself and he meets a spunky globe-trotting model-actress "journalist."

And, John, darling, I don't appreciate you being so dismissive of mass entertainers. Just because you were lucky enough to answer the phone when Sajid Khan called for Housefull 2 does not mean that the genre is either easy or worthless. When you dismiss "mass entertainers" you are dismissing the people that pay to see them. Don't take that bond between actor and mass audience so lightly, my friend, or you'll find people won't show up.

"I am an actor and can make 10 other mass entertainers, but this film is to reach out to a specific audience and I don't have a problem with that. I don't have a problem if I find my audience on Monday. I will be very happy if I find my audience on Monday," he said.


Bhaag joins the 100 Crore Club? This list also has Singham on it, though...


Imran Khan to play a "superhero" with powers like Batman, but not cliched. You know. So, that would be NO powers then because even I know that Batman has no powers, just gadgets. And he's kind of a Randian Superdick. Unlike Superman, who is a Fascist Superdick or Spiderman, who is a Wangsty Limpdick.

Give me some Krrish, baby!


Images from Glasgow of Kick's shooting.



Moimeme said...

Do you know what's the real insidious danger of publications like the Times of India, with their less than stellar commitment to truth and accuracy in their reporting? Its that, due to the fact that it's published in English, it's an easy pick for foreign media to copy and paste, sorry, I mean use as a source.

All this is by way of saying that the Glasgow paper you linked to repeats the TOI lie (that they and others have been peddling nonstop for over a week now), that Salman's visa to the UK was "rejected" -- it wasn't -- because of the upped charges on Salman's accident case. What is really disgraceful is that a staff member of the TOI group already reported a statement from Salman's father Salim Khan, that the visa hadn't been "rejected", but "delayed", as they had been asked to submit some supporting documents which they didn't include initially. Salim Khan said that these additional documents had been submitted, so that the visa should be approved in a few days. Anyway, now, according to the TOI again, Salman's visa has been granted, and he's supposed to get to Scotland in a week.

Re Chennai Express promotions, have you seen this interview in the Times of London which has riled up a lot of SRK fans?

odadune said...

I found KMG and Krissh kinda boring, and aside from Kangna it doesn't look like Krissh 3 is going to show me anything I haven't seen before, either in its own franchise or Amazing Spiderman or Iron Man or the Transformers movies. At this point though, I'm just happy with the idea of Hrithik making ANYTHING that's not a navel contemplation fest. Plus kudos to Rakesh for coming up with more interesting fight scenes than Ra.One, and to SRK's FX company for some really first-class work.

Moimeme: thanks for explaining the situation on Salman's visa-it's good to know that it's mostly straightened out. On the SRK interview, I think the people calling racism on the journalist's part are probably mistaken, and the same journalist would probably have written just as negative a piece on say, Tom Cruise under similar circumstances. It seemed to me like the Times just kind of disdainfully tossed a journalist at the press mess/interview op, one who had little knowledge or interest to apply, with predictable results.

Moimeme said...

@Odadune: You're welcome re the Salman visa story.

On the SRK article, I don't know the writer, so your take on her might be right. OTOH, plenty of Indian journalists have also attached the "arrogant" tag to SRK, so it can't all be put down to lack of familiarity with the industry. I think myself that the clash, if any, was more cultural than racial. The British are known to be addicted to understatement, and are wary and suspicious of anyone who proclaims his accomplishments from the rooftops. An American reporter may not have minded so much. :)

bollywoodtop10 said...

You were spot on with the Chennai Express overload, I wrote two posts in #dontsaybollywood dedicated just to how annoyed I am already.


OG said...

Hey FG,

DId you get a chance to check the trailer of the new Arya film? the trailer released yesterday.

Note from Filmi Girl:

I love Bollywood - and all the ridiculous things that happen in Bollywood - but it doesn't mean that I can't occasionally make fun of various celebrities and films.

If you don't like my sense of humor, please just move on by - Trolls are not appreciated and nasty comments will be deleted.

xoxo Filmi Girl
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