Thursday, August 8, 2013

Chennai Express chugs into CONSPIRACY THEORY STATION! (That's just me then, huh?)

Forget Ch-Ch-Ch-Chennai Express and turn to Chennai itself. If the filmi media wasn't just copy-pasting press releases about how great Shahrukh is, they may be more on Thalaivaa facing some political troubles! And potentially not getting released because of rowdies threatening violence? (AND ARE THESE ROWDIES BEING PAID BY RED CHILIES!? How's that for a conspiracy theory!)

This article has bomb threats from a students group, which says:

The letter alleged that Vaendhar Movies, one of the producers of the film, had cheated students of Tamil Nadu and other states of money and was pumping it into the movie business. It warned against screening the film Thalaivaa as it too had been made with such money.


When contacted, the Mylapore police confirmed that cinema houses in the city had received threats and the matter was under investigation. But pointing out that there was no such group as the Oppressed Students Revolutionary Union , some police officers felt the letters could be a hoax.

Sure, a hoax or a devious marketing scheme by UTV-Disney. Don't mess with MICKEY MOUSE, brothers and sisters. Big Mick will stop at nothing to ensure maximum profits--whether it's extending copyright law in the USA to last as many hundreds of years as Zombie Walt Disney himself will live or exploiting child stars and then pretending you had no hand in their sudden fame when they turn to drugs and acting out.

It seems the film is releasing? But with police protection? We'll see, I guess.

I plan on going myself this weekend but probably won't be able to make it until Sunday, as I'll be off camping in the wilderness on Friday-Saturday. (And by "camping in the wilderness," I mean drinking beer at this.)


While we wait for glowing reviews from the usual suspects--I expect a lot of "Rohit Shetty's Best Work Ever" from people who usually dismiss his work as brainless, even though Chennai Express appears to be a typical Rohit Shetty film--let's dip a toe in the swill being served up to us.

The horse race of box office receipts really epitomizes how un-seriously the media and Bollywood establishment take mainstream films. To act like the only comparison between 3 Idiots, which had real social message (whether or not you agree with it), to Chennai Express, which is a midlevel Rohit Shetty film, is how much money both make is outrageous.

10 "innovative" promotional strategies from Team Chennai Express:

Promotion on TV: These days, Shah Rukh Khan is visible on the small screen in serials and shows with high TRP. He is continuously giving interviews and talking to the participants but he never loses his charm and trademark smile.

Gosh, and here I thought that promotion on TV has existed since... THE BEGINNING OF TV!

Can this movie be over already? I can't deal with the fawning press coverage! It's just TOO MUCH!

Sigh. I'll just amuse myself with the ONE WORTHWHILE THING to emerge from the Chennai Express Media Splooge--the comments sections on any article about it! There is NOTHING more entertaining than watching rabid SRK fans and haters face off on Rediff.

>> Blockbuster - CE will break all records!

by Sanjay Kumar on Aug 06, 2013 05:25 PM

This movie is going to break all records becoz both SRK and Deepika are top actors and it is directed by Rohit shetty, so it is going to be very entertaining movie. It will easily cross 200 crores mark.

>>Re: Blockbuster - CE will break all records!

by Kamal B on Aug 06, 2013 11:27 PM

not only 200 crores, i am saying it will cross 5000 crores. no doubt dude!

(Though fighting rapid fans with sarcasm isn't always the best strategy; it IS hilarious.)


Insulting lawyers may earn you a lawsuit.

And sending insults over twitter may get you a lawsuit, too. This is an issue we're dealing with in the West right now, too. Balancing "free speech" with the policing of potentially dangerous hate speech.


Zareen Khan may be doing Punjabi cinema! That seems like a good fit for her, actually! Punjabi actresses don't have to be size zero. I do like Zareen. She's charming!


Really? We're remaking DDLJ now? Oh for FUCK'S SAKE! Just leave well enough alone! I'm with Team Waheeda Rehman on this one--create something new and stop trying to remake classics--or at the least stop tacking your marketing strategy onto old classics, because these "remakes" very rarely have anything to do with the original besides some minor plot simularities and character names.


I haven't had a chance to read through this yet but profile of Kamaal Rashid Khan.


And a teaser for AKB48's rainbow flag-waving new single "Koi Suru Fortune Cookie"! Because Bollywood really isn't giving me enough REAL razzle-dazzle lately. Enough with the montages and "cool" posturing club songs! More happy dancing and rainbows!

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Ah, Bismillah. Proof that a). balaji has completely lost its fricking mind and b). Akki being a big dork is cute even when it is totally, verifiably 100% narratively inappropriate.

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I love Bollywood - and all the ridiculous things that happen in Bollywood - but it doesn't mean that I can't occasionally make fun of various celebrities and films.

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