Monday, August 19, 2013

Because the world (and Internet) could ALWAYS use more Hrithik-Deva...

Asim from uPodcast mentioned this particular "extra" from Lakhsya on Twitter this morning and I knew immediately that I would have to track it down.

The making of "Main Aisa Kyun Hoon" from Lakhsya featuring Prabhudeva and Hrithik Roshan! And while I found Lakhsya a fairly dull film overall, I kept this song close to my heart and still consider it one of my all time favorite picturizations. Big kudos to Farhan Akhtar to getting Prabhudeva to choreograph this for no other reason than: let's see what happens when you create Team Hrithik-Deva.

I know I just said this recently but it seems like a waste to spend millions of dollars on computer generated special effects when we could be spending our time watching Prabhudeva (or Hrithik) dancing.

Start about 10:15 into this video to see Prabhudeva dancing Hrithik's part. It's pretty fantastic.

Part 2 under the cut.

Prabhudeva's dancing starts about 9:30 in this part.


odadune said...

Dang. I don't know whether it's just the training/talent/commitment gap, or whether the difference in build has something to do with it. But man...PD makes Hrithik look like an amateur.

jennyketcham said...

Love this "Making Of" video. Only reason I bought the Lakshya DVD (sorry, Farhan)...but watch the whole of the second part here, because you get to see them actually dancing together (albeit in little snippets). Very cool.

It's particularly hard trying to copy someone's style when Prabhu Deva is choreographing it for his own natural talents. The only real fault I could find, if there is any, was that Hrithik seemed more consciously to think about his moves, while Prabhu "threw them off" casually, as if they were an afterthought, happening spontaneously (not!). HR was "actively cool" and PD was "passively cool" if you get my meaning. And I agree, that Hrithik's upper body bulk may have gotten in the way of some of the moves a bit, but the chest contractions with the gun may actually look more amazing on HR because of it.

I swore I wouldn't gush too much, but with these two I couldn't help it.

Jenny K

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