Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Wednesday Post: Needs more Randeep Hooda as a badass police detective (or something.)

Let's get this out of the way:

Is there too much Ranbir Kapoor acting all coked up in this trailer for Besharam or is it me? I'm going to hope that the trailer has just been badly cut because I do want to like this film. I REALLY DO WANT TO!

ALSO, what is up with the peeing thing? So, it's crass for Salman to do it in Ready but when Ranbir does it, it's "edgy"?


Madhuri goes all badass in Gulab Gang! Link is to some images - a first look? I'm not sure what "first" means anymore but enjoy! I'm really curious about the film, especially if it has MADS DOING WIREWORK.


So... Anil Kapoor's son is getting launched by Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra in Mirza Sahiba.

We'll see how this goes. At least he's cuter than say, your Luv Sinhas.

Meanwhile Madam Sonam has auditioned for a Hollywood film - Pirates of the Caribbean 8,000,000.


Bebo opposite Hrithik for Shuddhi.

The film is said to be an intense love story with a reincarnation theme weaved in a dramatic form, while Karan Malhotra of Agneepath (2012) fame will helm the project. KJo believes that they are the right choice for the roles because he required actors who can bring the desired intensity among them.

OMG OMG OMG OMG! I cannot wait. This is going to be amazing. Bebo and Hrithik have come a long way since the days of plastic crocodiles. Although if we get a Yaadein and/or "Poo" shoutout...


Oh!! So that's what Maddy is doing in the US - Night of the Living Dead remake with Simon West, the guy who did Con Air, which I will always remember because the film came out during a summer I was working at a movie theater. I sold a lot of tickets to Con Air but I never saw it - I think the only films I went to that summer were... Good Burger and Operation Condor. What? "Classy taste" is my middle name!


Ridiculous interview with Imran Khan in which he says that a) Akshay is a charming human being (no duh) and b) "I have never considered myself as cute. So, I have never tried to cash in on my chocolate-boy image, which people talk about."

Um... excuse me? Did I read that right? Hasn't Imran's entire career been based on the fact that quite a lot of people find him to be very cute?


It's worth be reminded by Nandita Das:

"Whenever I have to play a middle class or upper middle class woman, I am told, 'I know you don't like being white or fair but can you make your skin a little lighter? The rural, lower class women are dark but now that you are playing an educated professional...' Do all educated people have to be fair-complexioned?"


Big budget Lollywood film coming down the pike - Sound track review for Main Hoon Shahid Afridi.

The trailer:


I don't remember if I posted this already:

Trailer for Chor Chor Super Chor!


And Nasser and Randeep Hooda for John Day. All creepy and Christian religiony... interesting!! I always forget how much I love Naseeruddin Shah until I see him on screen again.


Sunny Figueriedo said...

Wouldn't it be nice if Madhuri made her comeback reinventing herself a total badass hero!
She's actually quite good in fight scenes I think:
I'd love to see her fighting and dancing in a total masala movie!

odadune said...

Ditto-ing Sunny on Madhuri. She's said she wouldn't at all mind doing an action movie "or maybe a spy movie" with one particular 90s costar, but I don't know whether that was a hint or just her being nice.

re: Besharam: I don't feel that strongly about the trailer, but I do think there's a lot of Ranbir fans who are prepared to defend this just because it's him, and would slag it six ways from sundown if you plugged one of the middle-aged masala dudes (or even one of the more macho young guys, Ranveer or Arjun for instance) into THE EXACT SAME SITUATIONS.

Re: Imran: I like the kid, and his "first world problems" mock-complaining about having too much work is probably exactly what I would do if I were in his shoes, but he really needs to pipe down about it. He's getting better about tagging the "grateful to be working" bit onto the end though, so maybe Sona and Akki have had a chat with him. On the subject of Imran's camaderie with the latter, the reverse snob in me is just too amused at the image of this American educated guy from a seriously serious filmmaking family hanging out with the "riff-raff" and apparently enjoying every minute of it.

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I love Bollywood - and all the ridiculous things that happen in Bollywood - but it doesn't mean that I can't occasionally make fun of various celebrities and films.

If you don't like my sense of humor, please just move on by - Trolls are not appreciated and nasty comments will be deleted.

xoxo Filmi Girl
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