Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Tuesday Post: Style Style Daan~!

What up, Michigan!! Raj and DK are filming in Ann Arbor!


Whaaaaaaaaaat? Harman Baweja and Bipasha Basu are dating? Get it, girl! And by "it," I mean "entrance into a filmy family."


Deepika and Shahrukh again for Happy New Year.


Dhanush's new film sounds exactly like something I want to see.

1. Co-starring Amala Paul

2. Music by Anirudh Ravichander

3. Produced by Dhanush

Seriously, point 2 is not to be underestimated. I loved the soundtrack for 3 - it's absolutely gorgeous.


Diganth is dropping out of Vikram Bhatt's film and being replaced by... Sharman Joshi. Talk about a downgrade, yeesh. (TOI link so you don't have to bother clicking.)


I'm not sure diet advice from Bebo is worth listening to but she certainly sounds healthier than in the past.

"I eat only simple Indian home food - sabzi, roti, dal, chawal, ghee. There are so many benefits of having ghee. My grandmother is 84 and she is still fit and looks beautiful," Kareena told reporters.


Jackie has probably been enjoying some ghee as she puts on her Salman Khan approved weight for Kick. It's so nice that Salman and I share the same taste in ladies' figures.


The rumors of the Vettai remake just won't die.


John Abraham to remake Prabhas' Mirchi?

I really hope this isn't true because Prabhas and John have nothing in common as heroes, except possibly their height.


And, yes, the "Lungi Dance" video has been posted on youtube but I can't in good conscience post it... you guys!! I know I've been Debbie Downer about Chennai Express and, yes, certainly part of it is the fact that my tolerance of Shahrukh basically bottomed out after (let's be honest) My Name is Khan but there is something so gross about the fetishization of "Tamil masala" in the trailers and song picturizations and the "Lungi Dance" one is the worst by far. I think what irks me the most is that it just seems so... joyless. Or, rather, the joy seems manufactured by corporate committee like teens freaking out about Doritos in a commercial. Nothing in Shahrukh's career over the past few years has spoke to this newfound appreciation of masala films except that he seems to enjoy making money and South Indian masala is what's raking in cash at the box office. Shahrukh doing a tribute to George Lucas's special effects or to Steven Spielberg's direction is something I can believe comes from a place of genuine appreciation but since when Shahrukh love Rajini's style so much that he has to dance about it?

I think that last point is the REAL sticking point in my increasing distaste for Chennai Express. Akshay, I think, genuinely enjoys hip hop and his fascination with black people - though leading to some misguided scenes - appears to be rooted in a genuine interest and appreciation and, on top of that, is a thread running through films for a while now. Salman, if Veer is anything to go by, REALLY likes old fashioned masala, the kind that the South still makes, so his remakes are a good fit. I can buy Akshay with Snoop and Salman with Prabhudeva but Shahrukh... his focus has been 100% on the West and Hollywood. So his use of stereotyping and everything just leaves a sour taste because it doesn't seem rooted in anything other than a desire to be part of what's popular right now.

I'm just so done with SRK. What is he even doing? Does he even LIKE movies anymore?

Well, my opinion doesn't matter anyways, right? So, SRK fans please don't feel the need to comment because believe me, I already know. I know you love him but for the life of me I don't get it anymore - and I loved Dil Se and Chak De and certainly remember enjoying films like Veer Zaara but the last few years have just been a big turn off for me.

Anyways, have some of the REAL RAJINI instead.


Moimeme said...

You know what *really* bugs me about that Lungi dance video? It's that they keep flashing Rajni's photo anc the word "Thalaiva" on the screen throughout, but they're so dense that they never even bothered to learn the word correctly. His title is "Thalaivar." Why they dropped the ending "r" in this song I have no idea.

In this article, the author also uses the shout "Thalaivaa!" but that again is a different word. So what were the makers of CE thinking? Or, I guess, they weren't.


odadune said...

Moimeme: isn't "Thalaivaa" the title of that Vijay movie that's opening on the same weekend as Chennai Express? I found that part kind of funny.

"Does he even LIKE movies anymore?" That was exactly my reaction to Lungi Dance (and some of the other CE promos) as well. Deepika seems to be enjoying herself and looks pretty, but SRK just...doesn't seem to care. I look across at the Satyagraha promos, and the movie doesn't interest me at all, but I see a man thirty years SRK's senior and a married woman who "ought" to be retired by Bollywood logic giving 300% in their performances. 2010s Bollywood is just a weird, weird place sometimes.

Moimeme said...

@Odadune: I knew Vijay's movie was releasing on the same day, but not its title. In any case, I believe Vijay is called "Litte Thalaivar" in Tamil Nadu (I can't remember which Tamil word for "little" they use).

On SRK's performance in the trailers, I had the opposite reaction. I felt he was really putting in a lot of effort, but the role doesn't suit him any more. He says he's 40, but in all the trailers, he's acting like the 20 something Rahul that made him famous. So there's really no effect of the age on the character.

But if you and FG feel he looks like he doesn't care, is it possible that's because he was physically under much more strain than in the past, and really pushing to do things that his body can't do any more? I think that's a possibility to keep in mind.

yours truly. said...

I actually got a picture with Saif Ali Khan when he was filming in Ann Arbor two weeks ago! He was really quite nice. Also, Kalki Koechlin was around to film a scene with him as well.

Sunny Figueriedo said...

It's really nice to see Salman associated with an actress putting on weight for a film and not only with comments like "he helped her lose weight and become fit!" Finally someone who understands that "fit" should mean "healthy" and not "size 0" :)

About SRK, I agree that I've been underwhelmed by all his last movies (though I AM a fan)... I don't know if he was just tired of romances and he's trying to do "new" stuff/ renew his image with things like Don 2, my name is Khan, CE or RA.one, but it doesn't suit him and he really doesn't seem to be enjoying... so I don't get it. I feel his fetishization of Rajnikanth might be a PR attempt to fix his image, like "I totally love and respect south, look I love Rajini!!!"
Well, the only film I liked lately was JTHJ, but maybe he was just enjoying to work with Yash Chopra again, or because he was back to his romantic avatar... Or it was just Kat filling my eyes with awesomeness <3

Shamini Manickavasagam said...

During an interview in London, UK for Chennai Express, Shah Rukh Khan indicated that the song "Lungi Dance" was made with the approval of South Indian superstar Rajnikanth's daughter. SRK said that he talked to Rajnikanth's daughter about the song and she gave him her word that he is called "Thalaivar" in the south. "Lungi Dance" is a song by Yo Yo Honey Singh that is made as a tribute to Rajnikanth's fans and features SRK and Deepika Padukone in the video. SRK said that Honey Singh had made a song for Rajnikanth and asked him if he would be a part of it. He said since both Deepika and him are big fans of Rajnikanth, they agreed to be part of it. Deepika said that shooting for "Lungi Dance" was fun, she felt liberated dancing like that in a sari, and they had a blast on the sets. She also said that she likes Honey Singh because he gave her one of her best songs in Cocktail. Check out the video below for their interview.


The above was by SRK, I think

Man can someone pls stop him!!!

odadune said...

Moimeme: I think the Rahul-ness is part of why he seems to be on auto-pilot to me. He seems more engaged with some of the more physical stuff (thinking of the 1-2-3-4 picturization) than with others (eg Lungi Dance). You are also right to bring up his shoulder injury; I should probably cut him more slack than I currently do, if only for that.

Also glad I'm not the only one who had the impression that he was playing "younger" than the character's stated age of forty. It didn't bother me too much, because I think he still looks presentable enough for me to let it slide, particularly with an actress who is clearly comfortable around him. The CE premise would actually make for a really comical midlife crisis storyline if they decided to play it up, but IMO it's not a huge loss if they don't.

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