Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Tuesday Post: Dream Girl!

A big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Katrina Kaif who is either 29 or 30 or no year given depending on which news outlet you read... the best headline has to be from Boom to Dhoom.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY KAT! Good luck with whatever you want to do - whether it's become a Kapoor and retire a la Neetu or run your own film empire. Just ditch whoever it is that's telling you that you need botox. They're wrong.


You can tell I didn't write this tirade on PC's music career because of the line praising her acting skills... but otherwise it's quite fun to read!

The same audience that talks down to Rakhi Sawant for being a self-promoting pompous bombast, merrily drank the Kool-Aid owing to PC’s cultural capital. What did we get? A song about how everyone was welcome to her city where no one has any worries. Predictably, one did not see many Biharis in Mumbai humming that tune.

Cheers, G Khamba!

And I literally JUST had the brainwave that the "exotic" part must be referring to exotic America!!! Please excuse my west-centric blinders... she's exotic for going Western! IT MAKES SENSE NOW! (Unless that's not what she meant? Possibly I've more thought into this than the lyricist.)


An odd little story about some Uighurs crossing the border into India... and giving Bollywood as the reason. Though apparently authorities think they are jihadis headed to Kashmir.


Take a big sigh of relief, everybody! Salman Khan was not injured on the sets of Mental. He just pulled a hamstring.


The Hollywood Reporter talks to Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra about Bhag Milkha Bhag.

Mehra says he feels “confined by the fact that Indian films open day and date all over the world, in India and in the Indian Diaspora, and then go away. You want more people to see your films. So we are planning to make a 'world cut' of the film over the next three to six months to distribute in other ways. I will take it door to door to festivals and distributers and hope that it will find acceptance. And if it doesn't, I will try again, because you learn from everything."

Judging from the handful of reviews I read, I bet with some of the slo-mo running scenes cut down, it might actually play well on the "Exotic Marigold Hotel" circuit.

More interesting to me is the directors intentions to make a heroine-focused film with Sonam Kapoor. Hmm... I do like Sonam on screen, though she's not what one would call a versatile actress. A period romance sounds like a good match for Sonam.

(And PS Farhan's alleged explosion over being asked about the kiss in the film is really ridiculous.

Apparently, a disgruntled Farhan shot back, "I have worked so hard to get the right body and prepare for the role, then why fuss over a simple kiss?"

See, here's the thing - you can't have your sexy-times-with-white-lady kiss all over the promos as a USP and then get mad when people ask about it. I know I've said this before but it's rarely necessary for a film to show actors actually kissing, etc. for the purposes of the story. Kisses make more of an impact when they aren't seen everywhere and in every film. And, to be frank, Ranveer and Sonakshi's not-kiss that fades into black in Lootera was far sexier than any simulated humping and groaning would have been and you could watch it with your parents without getting embarrassed.

I haven't seen Bhag Milkha Bhag and it doesn't particularly interest me but Farhan needs to take a chill pill. You can't have it both ways, dude. Either play the Bollywood promotions game with the kiss and the six pack or don't.)

I don't mind this kind of promotion, though, it's sweet to read that Carl Lewis called the real Milkha Singh after seeing the film. AH! That reminds me!! I just read a piece about sprinting... where did it go... yes, here on doping and track.

Ooo! And a post on how Milkha the athlete is missing from the film.

So it is with some disappointment that his astonishing successes on the track between 1958 and 1960 are quickly brushed over in the movie. There is a montage of Milkha breaking the finish line at meets all over the world, but little context is provided for these triumphs. Milkha wins, yes, but there is no sense of what it meant to him to succeed after failing to make it through the qualifiers at the 1956 Olympics. There’s also no sense of whether he was getting close to the world record or not. His winning times are never shown.


Emraan Hashmi is working on his dancing skills for an item in Karan Johar’s upcoming Unglee.


And because I'm missing some razzle-dazzle today, have a live SHINee performance of "Dream Girl," which is a killer pop song. If PC was doing stuff like this, I'd be more impressed.


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Sorry, I happened to glance back at this post and concluded that my comment on the Dream Girl performance sounded more sarcastic than it was meant, so I deleted it. The guys did good though!

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