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Thursday Post: YES! I get another chance to catch Singam 2 and Lootera!

Hrithik Roshan has been discharged from the hospital but Bang Bang has been postponed. My favorite article, though was this one in which Dharam calls from America like a worried mother hen and Karan Johar gifts him a DVD of Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani. For some reason Hrithik watching a film about a young guy who doesn't know what love is and is suffering from a quarterlife crisis just REALLY made me smile. Hrithik is just... from the old school. I can't see him really connecting with one of these new wave wangsty man-child heroes.

Let us know what you think, Duggu!! And I'm glad you're doing better! Get well soon, huh? We're all waiting for your next film because WE LOVE YOU!

And let's all send our thoughts and prayers to Pran, who is not doing well at all. You are much loved by film fans, Pran-sir, and I hope your final days are not painful.


Here is something wonderful and heartbreaking at the same time - a documentary about labour camps in the UAE spotlights how Bollywood provides solace to the workers.

As they sing their hearts out, Kaabour goes deeper into the lives of UAE labourers, who are described in his film trailer as “unsung heroes.” He soon realises that for many, the greatest toll on them is the “emotional toll, rather than the physical one.”

“Most of the songs they choose to sing are about families, love, weddings, in addition to ultra-cheesy Bollywood songs,” Kaabour says noting that the film offers an array of sub-continental languages and they allow contestants to express their feelings in their own language.

Champ of the Camp looks like an amazing documentary and I hope I get to see it!


Aanand L Rai is sticking to romance-themed films and thank god somebody has decided to do it. With all the rom-"com" type films out there starring quarterlife crisis wangsty boys, it's nice to see somebody making romance films that are more complex and risky.


John, John, John... you can't claim the "credible content" tag and cast Nargis Fakhri in a film. It's just not going to fly. Unless she's playing an American model who belongs to the Priyanka Chopra 30-Going-On-13 camp?


Bollywood Life, why are you being stupid? You just wrote that Varun Dhawan got advice to be like Salman by making a hero character his own - excellent advice from Daddy David - and then you go all, "Well, nobody can ape Salman." Um... Dudes. You JUST said he was told to make the character his own. Does anybody even read what they type at ANY of these Bolly-PR Spinning Outlets before hitting "post"?


Speaking of Bollywood Life and PR Spinning, Priyanka Chopra is number one on the iTunes India charts with "Exotic." There is not a big enough SMH available for this.

PC is #94 on the US iTunes singles charts, right under Brad Paisley's "Beat This Summer," which is on it's way down.

All things considered, it's pretty respectable for an unknown singer building purely on the desi audience and perhaps some diehard Pitbull fans. But her relentless PR drive is really tiresome and essentially meaningless. Who cares if she's number one on iTunes India. What does that even mean in the grand scheme of things? Isn't the whole point of this "singing" charade to cross-over to an international audience? Or is that all smoke and mirrors designed to appeal to that part of the Indian audience who REALLY WANTS one of their stars to make it in the Hollywood machine.

I mean, what percentage of the Indian public actually uses the iTunes store? That's all I'm saying.

(Personally, I think young rapper Deane Sequeira is much more interesting. Look how cute she is! She's definitely not developed as an artist yet but kudos to her for standing up on stage and just rapping her heart out. See, girls can be in the public eye without wearing a bikini.)


And a final entry in the Bollywood Life trilogy, SRK's son is named... AbRam. Because it's not just Hollywood celebs who name their children ridiculously spelled and capitalized names.

Unless I'm missing something and there is a tradition of capitalization in the middle of a proper name? Like is it ab'Ram or something from the Arabic alphabet?

Please to advise.

(Also, is there anything creepier than fan pages devoted to star's babies? THAT'S JUST GROSS! Please don't one of the creepers "liking" AbRam on Facebook.)


Ayushmann Khuranna gets six pack abs... but ONLY because the CHARACTER he's playing would have them. Right. You keep telling yourself that, buddy. And if you really believe you're some sort of special "character-driven" snowflake, then I have a bridge in Mumbai that you might be interested in purchasing...

And, yes, yes, I know your little brother is getting launched as an actor. I have to admit that I hate seeing these kids all like, "Well I never wanted to debut but here I am..." *insert verbal shrug* when there are thousands of talented, struggling actors who would give SO MUCH for the chance.




Dia Mirza is either delusional or just extremely sheltered from any opinion that doesn't issue from her publicist's mouth. (TOI Link but the interview is Lolarious so it might be worth it.)

"Cinema is my passion, but I will not destroy my self-esteem by being a part of films which I am not a part of," she added.

I mean... what?

"I've never been crushed by the industry's perception. I've always been motivated by the audience's perception. People love me, and no one can change that."

Wait... what audience is this?


And another TOI interview, this time with my man Prabhudeva.

Your films, which are generally formulaic, almost never get any critical acclaim. Does that bother you?

So what? Everybody from actors to producers to technicians who work on my films are extremely happy with me, and that's what matters the most. It is their hard work and faith, which gets rewarded at the box-office. Critics are entitled to their opinion, but they rarely affect the way I approach my work.

"So what?" "SO WHAT?" BOOM! Prabhudeva is the man, y'all.


Eeep! One more Bollywood Life link - an interview with Sonu Nigam that is worth checking out for his extreme bitterness, some of it justified and some not.

You tried your hand at acting, but it did not work out….

Since I am not a star kid, there was nobody around to tell me that my debut film Love In Nepal was ridiculous. Nobody guided me and told me how to go about it. Wahan par hum logon ko kaccha khana pada. During my struggle as a singer I met many people, good and bad. Some guided me and some were really badtameez.


Bipasha is doing an India's Next Top Model thing, which could be a good fit for her.


Who would buy Bebo-designed denim? ME!!!!! Although I rarely wear trousers or jeans. Maybe she'll include a cute denim mini in her collection.


EEE! Jackie Fernandez and Ranbir Kapoor! And he plays a thief! Please tell me this is some kind of romance-masala film... PLEASE?


Music copyright in India is just as weird and exploitative and mixed up as it is in the USA. Is this worth investigating? Does anybody care? I'm happy to do a little digging.


Lastly, I had somebody contact me via Facebook with a complaint about an article on Indiewire. I just want to make it clear that I did not write this, although the author did contact me for my opinions in the planning stages. I didn't write it and I had no input in the editing, so please leave your comments on the piece itself.


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