Thursday, July 25, 2013

Thursday Post: Where is "exotic" located?

This weekend... my theater is keeping Maryan and getting Bajatey Raho! Good bye D-Day and Girish's First Launch: Yes, First Because Let's Not Kid Ourselves, We'll Be Seeing Him Again.

I'll try to make it out for Bajatey Raho, since it looks quite fun!


Priyanka Chopra's "Exotic," which sounded like it was made by a corporate committee, is going to be the corporate approved theme song for the Guiness International Champions Cup. I still don't understand what's so "exotic" about any of this. Seems like business as usual.

BUT the Bollywood Life write-up had a zing in the it:

Priyanka Chopra’s latest single Exotic may have not have got great reviews in India, but seems like other countries have really liked her sound.

Whoa! I it was in India that people were supposed to have liked it!! It seems like the general public everywhere has been underwhelmed.


I've been trying to keep this as much out of mind as possible but I couldn't resist poking a bit at this. Says Shahrukh:

“I have always maintained silence on my personal relationships, and I chose not to speak this time too. Everything that has been said, written is all out there in the front.”

I have always maintained silence, says Shahrukh, while REFUSING TO SHUT UP ABOUT IT. The man is a lot of things but "silent" on any topic is not one of them.


Rajyasree Sen over at Firstpost asks, what's the deal with the horrific promotions for Grand Masti?

There’s nothing wrong with ribald comedy, but why is it so hard for Bollywood to make one that a woman can watch without cringing?

THANK YOU! And I would add "Hollywood" is not much better.

Rajyasree also says:

If you’re going to have three ‘Smoking Is Injurious To Your Health’ notices at the start of a film in which a cigarette is seen for a minute at best, perhaps the Censor Board should put up a public service announcements before films like Race and Grand Masti 2 that says Placing Hands On or Ogling at Women’s Breasts Against Her Will Is Injurious to Dignity and Reputation (And Health, If She Is Inclined to Beat The Crap Out Of You As This Author Would Be). Maybe even have a 4-minute public awareness film like the tobacco one: “This is Vinod, he made unsolicited sexual advances towards women and he is now brain dead, and so might you be if you paw women you meet.”


A gang of thieves pretending to be Bollywood producers were busted in Delhi. They would "hold auditions" and then rob the actors who showed up.


Remember when Tiger Shroff was a good boy, unlike that Suraj Pancholi?! Well, the TOI has spotted them together at the gym. *gasp*


Linking to this JUST for the the headline: Prayers of fans paid off, Manoj Kumar's surgery successful.

YES! I knew prayer worked!


Tanu Weds Manu sequel?

"There is a sequel, its in the system...the plan is still on. I don't know when it will go on floors. If its happening it will happen with same star cast -- Madhavan and Kangana will go ahead with the franchise. The film is incomplete without them," [director Aanand L.] Rai told said.


John Abraham signs a film with Siddique. And his Madras Cafe might have trouble in Tamil Nadu.


Just because I've been curious about it: the trailer for 47 Ronin... and it looks painful. PAINFUL. Nice to see that Hollywood is keeping the "white guy saves Asian country" trope alive and well, not to mention the "Asia is a strange place filled with monsters" trope.

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odadune said...

I only know the basic outline of the legend of the 47 Ronin, but I'm pretty sure there weren't any random gaijin who looked like Keanu Reeves running around in it.

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