Thursday, July 18, 2013

Thursday Post: Dancing Around Trees...

Amitabh talks about music in film on his blog. (Thanks to FirstPost for the tip.)

Expressing in terms of music is not a poison which many make it out to be. Music and art and dance forms have survived so long in any condition, will prove to all that the strength has been so potent that it is not something that can be wishes away that soon … ! In fact it never will!

Please allow me to stand and begin the well-deserved slow clap. YOU TELL 'EM, BIG B!!!!!


Meanwhile, Rishi Kapoor has also been in the news talking about D-Day and I kind of love that HE is basically the USP of the film. Here is is on his role.

“Nikhil first wanted me to do the role of a RAW chief that has been played by Naseer-ji in the film. It is a very submissive role, so I said no. He then came up with Goldman’s role, but I did not want to do a negative role again. We did a look test and it convinced me,” Kapoor said.


What lame controversy. Here's what I think happened.

Aamir invites Salman to a screening of Ship of Theseus.

Bollywood's Bhai watches the trailer on his bodyguard's phone and is like "WTF is this?" but the bodyguard doesn't know either.

Salman then checks with Sohail, who is like, "Oh cool! That's 1970s movie with the giants and the boats and shit?"

They check with Arbaaz who says, "No, that was The Golden Voyage of Sinbad."

So then Salman then calls Aamir and is all like, "Sorry, dude, but I'm in Hyderabad shooting for Mental Jai Ho and can't come." And Aamir's all, "That's cool. I know this movie isn't for everybody. But I wanted to extend and invitation anyways." And Salman's like, "Thanks for thinking of me, dude."


Much more juicy is the Arjun getting all angry when asked about SRK tidbit.


Mumbai is REALLY pushing this Walk of the Stars thing. There is going to be a statue of Rajesh Khanna erected.


TOI is reporting that Prabhu Deva likes horror movies - something that's been floating around a while. With all the projects that the media has Prabhu Deva lined up to do, I wonder when he has time to sleep and eat!


As much as I have really enjoyed John Abraham in certain roles, the man is not an actor. I can't help but feel that Shootjit Sircar might be asking too much from him in Madras Cafe.

"I wanted to say that as an actor, I couldn’t be seen jumping around or showing my six-pack abs since RAW agents are meant to be real. In fact, since there are shots of me walking in the crowd, my director Shootjit (Sircar) was very clear that I had to walk ‘unlike John’. I had to deconstruct myself and completely change my style,” he says.


NOOOOOO! Ayushmann has caught the Priyanka Chopra syndrome and is releasing... a single. Punjabi soft rock. WHY?! WHY?!!!!


Javed Akhtar finds himself without work due to his fight for copyright control. ----

Grand Masti aka Sex Starved Boys at University: This Is For You To Jack Off To. ----

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Moimeme said...

What have you got against a delayed flight as a reason for missing a party? It was reported in several places, and with more detail, too.

While your version is certainly more entertaining, I just thought I'd alert you that your blog is quoted as gospel by many people, who can't always distinguish when you're joking. :)

Note from Filmi Girl:

I love Bollywood - and all the ridiculous things that happen in Bollywood - but it doesn't mean that I can't occasionally make fun of various celebrities and films.

If you don't like my sense of humor, please just move on by - Trolls are not appreciated and nasty comments will be deleted.

xoxo Filmi Girl
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