Sunday, July 14, 2013

Sunday Post: Mera Pyar Meri Amy is the new Wino Forever?

I keep thinking about Lootera and how it could be that the music was allowed to suck so much life out of the film. Imagine my surprise when not one other review even mentioned it, even the ones that bitched about how boring it was, except for Sanjukta Sharma over at Livemint, who says, "The background music, although brilliantly used, becomes punctuative in the second half. Almost every scene has background music." Punctuative is putting it mildly. VERY mildly. Although perhaps the fact that the Hollywood-style synthesized-orchestra "punctuative" music was the only thing my nemesis liked about the film is enough of a condemnation.

Do other people just not notice the score? Am I weird for placing so much emphasis on music? But music is what drew me to Indian films in the first place and, in the past at least, its emotional power was respected. Now only Sanjay Leela Bhansali seems to remember how a song can elevate and transcend. Song sequences have become jokes or items or excuses to make music videos for MTV. Of the films I've seen this year, the use of music in Raanjhanaa and Chashme Baddoor stand out. Aanand L Rai showed a deft hand with music in Tanu Weds Manu, too, so that's not a fluke and David Dhawan is from the old school. He knows how things are done. But nothing was as superb as Bala's Paradesi. Now he understands the power of music. That one sequence with the missionaries...


This reminds me, actually, that I still need to see Avan Ivan. For the longest time, it didn't have English subtitles but now it looks like the DVD has come out with them! Time for an order to Bhavani DVD?

*add to cart*


On the lighter side of things, Prateik Babbar is pretending he never dated Amy Jackson. (Of she of the recent mysterious car crash.)

On being questioned about his recent split with Amy Jackson, who was also his co-star in the film Ekk Deewana Tha, he shot back, “Which Amy?” Well, he may claim amnesia at the mention of his ex-girlfriend’s name but it’s still there for all to see.

What does he plan to do about the tattoo that reads ‘Mera Pyar Meri Amy’? “I will rework it into something more spiritual. I’m working on some designs to modify it,” he says.

I think I said this the last time I went to the theater and saw the Issaq trailer but the film looks horrendous. The climatic scene in the trailer has Prateik and his dippy co-star making FISH FACES at each other. What?!

I'm not even joking. I mean, WHAT is this supposed to be? Are we supposed to find it cute? Whimsical? It just makes Prateik look like more of a dolt than he comes across in normal life. It annoys me every time I have to sit through this trailer. THOSE STUPID FISH FACES! IT'S NOT WHIMSICAL IF YOU ARE 26!!! FISH FACES MAKE YOU LOOK LIKE YOU HAVE BRAIN DAMAGE!

I'll also say that seeing the Chennai Express trailer on the big screen with an audience was a different experience than watching on my computer in my living room. I had thought it looked like a dud but with the crowd or maybe just BIG, it looks like another solid box office burner for SRK. Chennai Express looks like the kind of film that if it starred anybody else would be one of those "semi-hits" but with SRK it will probably be a hit. A film that goes in one ear and out the other.

But what is up with Deepika's accent?! Ew. Ear-melting. The "Hey! Tamil Nadu is different" aspects are still rather troubling to me and I'll be curious if there is any backlash - real or manufactured - in Tamil Nadu when the film releases. Perhaps it will depend on which Kollywood hero is releasing a film that weekend.


And for lulz - Top Ten Star Kids Who Flopped. (TOI Link but worth it.)

A famous father never really matters in the end.

In the end, no. But the famous father will get you a chance, a second chance, a third chance, and if he's also a wealthy producer, a Bhagnanian number of chances.


Um... no comment on this other than s.m.h.



odadune said...

In my experience, the "background music" is often the weakest thing about a desi film. For every case like Old Don/New Don where the instrumental music sells the goings-on better than anyone in the cast does, there's a Vishwasghaat, using Thus Spake Zarathustra as a way of telling us that Sanjeev Kumar has finally found a jacket with lapels as wide as his shoulders.

In terms of use of "background music" this year, I thought Special 26 did a good job of using its instrumental score to build suspense where there wasn't much going on, and after a couple viewings I think I recognize what Neeraj Pandey was going for with the abruptly cut off (background) use of Kaun Mera (female version) and Tujh Sang Lagee, although I'm not convinced that it works as intended.

dk said...

I thought Kai Po Che used its music very well...

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