Saturday, July 20, 2013

Saturday Post: Like Charlie Chapin on steroids.

Judging by reviews, there has been a mixed response to Ramaiya Vastavaiya, with the mix depending on a) how much money TIPS gave to the outlet and b) how snooty the reviewer is, leading to an odd mix of reviews that either praise Girish and backhandedly say the film is "for the masses" or say the film is entertaining enough but Girish acts like Charlie Chaplin on steroids or could use some acting lessons.

I'm assuming that those outlets who praised Girish were getting paid or else they have an insulting low bar for acting ability in "mass" films. To quote a tweet yesterday from my buddy Danny, whose review has not been posted yet (?): Now for the difficult balance of panning an actor who seems like a really good kid but who really sucks at acting.


Singers are finally going to get royalties for broadcast!

"In our country singers have to think of promoting themselves which is not the case abroad. When our song becomes hit everyone earns money - from producer to music company. Why can't a singer earn money? This is the first step but there is a long way to go," he said. "ISRA will keep a tab on the money generated through a song at various platforms. We all need to come together and ensure this thing happens," he added.

Things aren't great for singers (and musicians, I might add) in the US either, necessarily. The publisher and songwriter get compensated but not necessarily the singers and musicians, thanks to a copyright system that emerged in the heyday of SHEET MUSIC. But can't nobody tell me that James Jamerson's bass isn't as important to how a Motown song sounded as Holland–Dozier–Holland.


An excellent editorial on "Exotic" from Sunaina Kumar over at Tehelka.

First, she has to stop thanking everyone on Twitter and not read fandom in the instant buzz. If Internet buzz were an indicator of importance, cats would rule the world.

Not only was she duped by Pitbull, who must have walked away with a hefty fee for the two inane stanzas he raps (Priyanka step on gas, From Morocco to Mumbai, Bollywood Hollywood is all about the money, Hey!), she also proved to be a victim to that very Indian syndrome — seeking validation from the West, posting on her Twitter timeline the trite observations of notorious celebrity blogger Perez Hilton, who made note of Pitbull’s “curvy collaborator” and “gorgeous Indian goddess”, and the Daily Mail, which mentioned her “sexy dance moves” and “drop dead good looks”. The fact that she became the most derided celebrity back home was blithely ignored.


And another piece from Tehelka on crowd-funding films!!

However, cracking crowdfunding is no cakewalk. A depressing number of promising campaigns fall by the wayside. Filmmaker Abhay Kumar’s campaign for his undercover, experimental documentary Placebo, backed by Anurag Kashyap, “failed spectacularly” on Wishberry. This failure could be symptomatic of the strained relationship some campaigners share with such platforms. Though Wishberry, launched in 2009, provides much logistic support, it also charges 10 percent of the money earned from the campaign. “If your campaign fails, they take 20 percent,” says Abhay.


Surprise! Shahrukh super fans want Chennai Express to go to the Oscars!


Akshay-Sonakshi-Prabhudeva are back together for a song in Boss.


Ooo!! Gangs of Ghost sounds interesting!! Well, Mahie Gill sounds interesting. We'll see what Satish Kaushik can do.

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odadune said...

RV seems to be doing okay at the box office so far, and hopefully what people will take away from it is that Sonu Sood is awesome and Prabhudheva can direct romances just as well as he can masalas, instead of "Prabhudheva can make any leading man look good" which was already the main thing most of Bollywood (wrong-headedly) took from his last Hindi film.

Latest word is, alas, that the Boss song will be directed by Sumit Dutt, who mostly works with Salman, and "choregraphed" by Raju Khan:

Sumit seems pretty good, from what I've seen of his work, but on the strength of his work on RGV's Rangeela, I'm gonna go out on a limb and say that Raju Khan is definitely not the man to get any "hardcore dancing" out of the Khiladi.

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