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Monday Post: Prabhudeva knows what sells tickets... (i.e. HIM.)

You know, I saw the trailer for Issaq before Raanjhanaa and the first thing I thought was: Man, Prateik Babbar is really NOT hero material. That heroine was pretty wishy-washy, too. The rest of the film looked pretty boss, with Ravi Kishan and Makrand Deshpande? YES, PLEASE! The soggy romance starring Squinty "Rejected Already By Audiences A Bunch Of Times" McAir-Muscles and some dippy debutant? No, thank you.

I have a feeling director Manish Tiwary agrees with me.

"To make it novel, you have to start from the basics - how you treat the meaning of love and the treatment of the surrounding cast. We realised that the film needed more antagonists to oppose the love, which the lovers have," he said.

There should be an All Antagonist Film at some point - like a reverse Expendables - where Makrand Deshpande, Sonu Sood, Prakash Raaj, Ravi Kishan, Rahul Dev, Pradeep Rawat, Paresh Rawal, Vidyut Jamwal, Jaideep Ahlawat, and Pratima Kazmi all gang up together to pull off some scheme or other. Maybe to break Pran or Prem Chopra or Ranjeet out of jail and get him to his granddaughter's wedding? It could be like a heist-road trip-wedding film... but with a million villains.


Deepika, run as fast as you can. Do NOT sign a film with Madhur Bhandarkar. Do not. Seriously, just don't.


RANVEEEEEEER! This guy just kills me.

I remember me and Vikram scratching our heads thinking how to do and what to do, spending nights going over what was written, dialogues, etc. And Sonakshi would come next day all casual, asking what she has to do, get her directions and then she would just deliver! And here I and Vikram are scratching our heads thinking whether she has any attachment with the character or what? But that’s the kind of actor she is. She understands that films are about capturing life’s moments. And life’s moments are not planned and not rehearsed and they are completely spontaneous and organic!

Poorly formatted interview but fun!


Jiah aur Jiah seems more like a gimmick or acting exercise than a film.

The filmmaker added, “I needed two actresses with very specific cultural backgrounds. It had to be Richa and Kalki. And I was sure I wanted them to swap their cultural identities. I wanted Richa to play the Tamilian and Kalki in the Punjaban. They are such deviously accomplished actresses. This is their chance to take another unexpected route."

I'm sure it will be an interesting experience for the two actresses but will the result be worth watching?


After his Thuppaki remake with Akki, AR Murugadoss has signed on with Fox Star for another Hindi film.


John Abraham buys the rights for Korean film The Man From Nowhere.

And remake rights to two old Amitabh films have also been purchased by producer Jayantilal Gada, whose only credit so far appears to be a Nagesh Kukunoor film, as part of PEN India, whose website has this great tidbit under "Recent Successful Releases:"

CHATUR SINGH 2 STARS starring Sanjay Dutt, Amisha Patel and others in August 2011

So, we'll be looking forward to those then.


Sona is probably not going to be a part of Dabangg 3: The Prequel.

Also, how much do I love the many, many promos of Ranveer and Sonakshi where "Sonakshi Sinha, meanwhile, looked bemused while he uttered this" could be applied.


Do we really have to "rediscover" Aditya Roy Kapur? Can't we leave him buried?

Says Vipul [Shah], "I always believed in Aditya's talent. That's why I gave him the central part in Action Replayy. And let me remind you, he played a rockstar in my film London Dreams long before Aashiqui 2. Unfortunately, these films didn't do well. But he got noticed. Now he has a huge fan-following. And that makes me very proud. Yes, we will be working together soon."

This is embarrassing for everybody on so many levels...


Bombay Talkies is going to London... keep an eye out, London-ites.


A look at the many "strugglers" trying to break into Bollywood.

The industry is judgmental and prone to objectifying aspiring actors. “Oh, we’re objectified all the time,” said Suwalka. “You’re too chubby for some ad, your face is not ‘young’ enough, you don’t look adequately urbane or your face is not rural enough – you’re never without some flaw or the other.” You’d expect someone like Suwalka to be shaken by stories like these, but her sympathies are with the clients and the directors. “What to do? Who’ll pay to watch not-so-nice looking people,” she said with a smile.


The TOI has a piece up on film crews needing to shell out payola to shoot in Goa. I'm not sure about the facts here. My instinct is to be on the side of the neighborhoods the film crews are rolling into - people should be compensated - but who knows if the cash is actually reaching the people whose lives are inconvenienced and whose neighborhoods are being used.


In the depressingly active Bollywood Crime Corner, Suraj Pancholi has finally been granted bail.

And a gruesome twist to the story of Jatin-Lalit's murdered sister.


And here we go! The ONE worthwhile part of Ramaiya Vastaviya. That Girish has ZERO star quality. Zero. But I love that Prabhudeva was like, "Fuck, well, we gotta have at least one selling point to the film... HOW ABOUT ME DANCING?!" (Yes.)


CoffeeQueen said...

LOVE Korean Movies! I just rewatched The Man From Nowhere the other night. Looking forward to an "interpretation" and seeing major cuteness factor in the kid they choose, Kim Sae-ron was wonderful. I wonder how much of the plot they'll throw into the food processor LOL I actually enjoyed Zinda, even though significant plots aspects were axed for obvious reasons... and I dislike John Abraham ... unless he's a plot device like in Aiyyaa.

odadune said...

Don't really care what happens to Aditya so long as he doesn't show up in movies I care about, pulling screentime from people I care about. Vipul Shah in grovel mode is absolutely cringe inducing, the more so because I've liked some movies he was involved with. Please act like a grow up dude.

All the fawning over Sona and Ranveer saying how effortless her performance seemed, blah blah blah, would look so phoney if the Lootera promos didn't support the idea. On an unrelated note, can we have a super-meta My Fair Lady adaptation starring Salman as Prof. Higgins and Sona or Kat as Eliza?

Prabhudeva is always the best thing about any movie he directs, but I think Shruti's gonna be pretty good as well.

Thanks for the article on the strugglers, that was interesting.

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