Monday, July 22, 2013

Monday Post! Let's just wait for Get Filmy to begin... HUG-FEST 2013!

Serious news first: Manoj Kumar has been hospitalized. My thoughts are with his family. I hope he recovers his health. Get well soon, sir!


And yes, there was NOTHING more important in the Bollywood media yesterday than the SALMAN-SHAHRUKH HUG. Not even Kate and Wills' royal baby could knock this story off the front page... or Kat and Ranbir's secret movie date.


The Wall Street Journal takes on the disappearance of the 'cut to Switzerland' trope.

Mr. Eberhard, the Swiss Tourism executive, says that Indian film crews are missing out if they skip Switzerland for Austria, which doesn't offer "the same majestic or impressive range of Alps." Still, he acknowledges Bollywood crews are willing to walk away if they don't get the star treatment.

Ashwin Merchant, an official with Swiss Business Hub India, a group that promotes trade between the countries, has advised filmmakers shooting in Switzerland. He says Bollywood film shoots tend to spend lavishly when they are in town. That makes it difficult for him to understand why Switzerland isn't wooing productions with financial help when so many other countries are. "Everyone's jumping in," he said.


RDB are back after Kuldeep's death in 2012.

"I was very excited when I was given the chance to work on this song and it’s an honour to be associated with EROS yet again! I have always wanted to work on music that reflects the choice of the youth merged with the sounds of hip hop along with our desi style. Fusion is the one thing that I loved producing with Kuly and this song has given me a chance to recreate a piece which I can dedicate to him" says Manj aka Manjeet (RDB).


Mira Nair joins the growing number who are boycotting Israel until they end Apartheid.


Priyanka Chopra gives a butthurt interview to the TOI about how she can't BELIEVE that people are talking trash about "Exotic."

"For me, it is a new thing to sing and perform in an international music video and I did it," she says and adds rather candidly, "I may not be the most path breaking artiste in the world but then, I have tried to do something different. I am trying to expose the world to Bollywood music without it being stereotypical."

You keep telling yourself that, honey.

It's also worth dipping into the comments for disputes on whether or not her accent is fake and kudos for her effort even though she doesn't come from a "singing background."


Should songwriters get royalties for film titles?


Drama, drama, drama!!! Our Ranvir Shorey apparently didn't get on with Tusshy on the sets of Bajatey Raho.

According to sources, since Ranvir arrived on the sets much before Tusshar, he was handed out some extra dialogues to be read out as aside. Apparently it didn’t go down well with Tusshar, who kept losing out on this opportunity because of not being punctual and the two ended up having a tiff.

DAYUM! You best be on time there, Tusshy. Your sister ain't producing this one.


Does the world need a remake of The Gods Must Be Crazy? I'd argue no.

Maybe the filmmakers would like to peruse the list of The 50 Most Racist Movies for another selection to remake.


And oh ho ho! Rajkumar Santoshi not satisfied with Nargis's item?

(I can only hope that the "reworking" involved Nargis standing around in the background pouting while SHAHID danced. Honestly, it's CRIMINAL to have him in your film and NOT have him doing the maximum possible amount of dancing.)


So sweet! Song promo from Tere Mere Beech Mein...


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