Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Going to New York... to dance to awful covers of Roy Orbison songs!

Yup, I'm escaping the Star Spangled tourists here in Washington for... slightly less Star Spangled tourists in New York City. If you're around, feel free to drop me a line!


Just a few stories today because I have to pack -

Khiladi 786 director Ashish R Mohan continues to understand me completely.

"I am making an action-comedy with a strong social content. It is not a mindless caper," Ashish told PTI, without divulging more details.


Deepanjana Pal in praise of Sonakshi's "regular" figure.

The jokes about Sinha’s appearance have been aplenty since Dabangg. She has a forehead that could fit an eight-lane highway. When she dances, she and her tummy get jiggy with it. The reason why there are so many solo shots of Sinha in her movies is because if she’s in the frame, no one else can fit. In an attempt to be polite, it was opined that her looks appealed to, as one drinker of skinny lattes informed me, “the rustic sort”.


And Ranbir Kapoor: Superhero?

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