Friday, July 19, 2013

Friday Post: No, I'm TOTALLY an actress-model NOT a model-actress.

Here's a look at Ship of Thesus's distribution model and on distributing indie cinema in general. Really indie cinema, not the Mirax-ish stuff.

“I thought Theseus would try a different distribution strategy, like (American filmmaker) Shane Carruth self-distributed his Upstream Colour,” [director Karan] Gour said. “What Anand is doing is good, but I don’t know how it will help indie cinema. People on Twitter will make you feel your film is the best to have ever come out, but it kills it in the long run. Some people liked Kshay because they were expecting nothing from a five-lakh movie.”

Here's the trailer for Kshay:

The trailer is up with English subtitles on their Facebook page and it looks like the film can be legally streamed? I'm not sure. Has anybody seen this?


Shootjit Sircar tries reassure us about Nargis's acting ability.

Showing confidence in the actress's acting skills, he further said: "I can assure you, she will surprise everybody with the film. This is the reason I am telling you Nargis is debuting with Madras Cafe."

TOI link but when I went looking to see if it was anywhere else, it appears that the TOI is the only outlet really on top of this "Hey, everybody! Look! It's Nargis!" thing.

Here's another TOI promo on Nargis in which she pretends that she's a successful and well-loved actress - or maybe she actually thinks it. Who knows.

How has life changed after the super response to Rockstar?

Life has changed in leaps and bounds. My entire life has flipped upside down with the release and response to Rockstar. Never in my life did I imagine it would be like this. It's taken a lot of time to adjust to all of it, but I can finally say I am getting a hang of things.

Unfortunately, her lack of talent will be stinking up the otherwise EXCELLENT looking Phata Poster Nikla Hero with an "item" song... I mean, seriously? You have SHAHID KAPOOR in your movie and you're going to make us suffer through a couple minutes of Nargis standing around awkwardly pouching her lips? She really is the kind of actress who makes you think, "Damn. Some producers sure must have enjoyed getting laid."

And Shootjit is working on a documentary about the Big B? Hmm...


Ayushmann has signed on to a period love story where he plays a British boy who falls for a Maharashtrian girl. Say sources. Mithun is also involved.

See, I don't like Ayushmann as a tabloid personality but I'm willing to give him a chance as an actor. Much like Sonam, actually. He was alright in Vicky Donor. The one I was really unimpressed with in that film was the heroine - Yami Gautam.


There is only one reason a gym rat/aspiring actor would be staying away from girls and that reason is NOT because his mummy said so.

Welcome to the club, Tiger!


My eyes literally skimmed this article like, "Blah blah blah..." CREATURE 3D STARRING BIPASHA BASU?!


The trailer for Mickey Virus which appears to have a nice mixture of everybody's least favorite things: Movie hackers doing nonsense computer stuff; a gang of "wacky" friends with stupid names; an annoying television VJs who thinks he can act; a white actress former beauty queen prominently featured in an awkward pose on the poster; and a "spunky" Dilli setting.

Did I miss anything?


odadune said...

Yup, Bipasha's making another horror movie. Only other cast member I'd heard about was a Pakistani model named Imran Abbas, who would be making his film debut.

You know, I'd pay good money to see Bips do the Bollywood equivalent of Alien. Or Aliens. so long as they retained the kick-butt parts.

Not sure what the deal is w/ the Tiger Shroff story. They may just be downplaying any non-industry girlfriend he may happen to have in favor of "ladies, he's single!" and "This kid is a straight-shooting nice guy, not like that Pancholi twerp!" I do know that "Tiger Shroff" is the most awesome stage name ever. If he tanks in Bollywood, he can always become a professional wrestler of the same name.

Filmi Girl said...

They may just be downplaying any non-industry girlfriend he may happen to have in favor of "ladies, he's single!" and "This kid is a straight-shooting nice guy, not like that Pancholi twerp!"

I'm pretty sure that was the intention but that story totally read like he was a closet case. XD Obviously, none of us know one way or the other (nor do I particularly care) but I thought it was funny.

Speaking of 3D, though, it looks like we're getting D-Day in 3D AND we're getting Dhanush's new movie!! I didn't see it on the schedule yesterday but I just checked and it's there today! I am excite!!

odadune said...
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Note from Filmi Girl:

I love Bollywood - and all the ridiculous things that happen in Bollywood - but it doesn't mean that I can't occasionally make fun of various celebrities and films.

If you don't like my sense of humor, please just move on by - Trolls are not appreciated and nasty comments will be deleted.

xoxo Filmi Girl
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