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Wednesday Post: Too much shit for one sandwich...

Shall we get this out of the way? The Salman Khan-Suraj Pancholi clusterfuck of bad news and sloppy reporting.

The Telegraph looks at the statue Suraj is accused under and it doesn't look like this is going away as his bail plea was rejected and now Salman is (apparently?) being given final say over whether or not Suraj will be launched in Hero.

As for Salman, his team has put up a website that will post information on 2002 incident as things unfold.


Farhan Akhtar really shouldn't be giving interviews because he sounds like he lives inside a bubble.

What can Bollywood filmmakers learn from their counterparts in Hollywood?

We need to learn how to market ourselves. Our industry churns out hundreds of films each year, yet only a fraction make it overseas. Hollywood films leave an impression in every corner of the world, even in countries where English is not widely spoken.

What is this obsession with overseas (read "white") markets? Hollywood films get exported, sure, but they are also stripped of all local meaning in the process. Does the world really need more than one industry "churning out" films made generically and broadly enough to kind of appeal to people from Texas to Turkmenistan to... Taipei? Or are you talking about film festival films? Those are a separate beast.

Meanwhile, Mr. Thing is simultaneously airing his outrage about the brutal crimes against (and sexualization of) women while insisting that his liplock with the pretty white lady in the film is totally justified, man. "Yup, I kissed for the first time but not for just the heck of it," he explains as we chat at his plush Juhu bungalow. "When you look at it carefully, you will realise how important these scenes are in Milkha's ascent."

I don't understand Bollywood's new obsession with SHOWING kissing and sex on screen. Do they think we're all so stupid that we can't figure out what's happening through context? I know what happened in that kamre in Bobby and I don't need to see Dimple and Rishi uncomfortably humping on each other to hammer it home. So to speak.

Sure, sometimes the kiss IS necessary to make a point - in a film like The Crying Game for example - but those times are much rarer than these guys would have you believe.


My other favorite blowhard apparently said Indian audiences just don't appreciate film festival films because they think those films are "boring."

You said it, not me...

AND AMERICAN AUDIENCES FIND THEM BORING, TOO! There is a reason Fast and Furious 6 (great film, btw) makes a billion dollars while Oscar-nominated Reader doesn't. One of these films is boring and one connects with people. Guess which is which.

These guys act like every other country in the world has audiences who queue up for ponderous black & white films in the millions when really, we're all going to see the equivalent of Dhoom 2 and Golmaal 3 every weekend. People are people across the globe and only a small segment of people actually enjoy those film festival films.



Friend of the blog Abbas Tyrewala, the man we have to blame for Imran Khan's "acting" career, is back with Mango.

Based in the calm atmosphere of modern Goa in the monsoons, this frenzied film traces one night in the life of 5 manic individuals, whose stories intertwine in a completely unlikely manner.

So, basically Human Traffic set in Goa?

Mango got in the news for another reason - private security guards on set allegedly roughed up a social activist during shooting.


Let's get back to heart-warming things... like Amitabh Bachchan SAVING AN ELEPHANT! I was following this as it happened and got very emotional seeing Bijlee the elephant standing on her own feet again.

Thank you for using your celebrity for a good cause, Amitabh-sir!


Ra.One is not a superhero? So says Shaktimaan.

In the last few years Bollywood too churned out superhero films like Ra.One, Krrish and the forthcoming Krrish 3, but for Mukesh, they are not superheroes.

"Krrish is not a superhero. He has just saved his father, now he can become a superhero when he is saving the whole world (in Krrish 3). Ra. One is definitely not a superhero," Khanna said and added: "I am sorry, maybe Shah Rukh might feel bad, but Ra. One is not a superhero."

He added: "You can call Ra.One, Terminator, a good film on special effects. But sorry to say Ra.One is not a superhero.

I am REALLY looking forward to writing about Ra.One. That's all I have to say.


It's Javed Jaffery! And he's doing stuff!


Priyanka and Ranveer to play siblings in Zoya's film?


More on the Zanjeer copyright mess...


Sona has backed out of Welcome 2. Good girl. I had a dream Sona and I were romping around New York together... maybe she had the same dream and my advice to not do crappy films opposite John Abraham had an effect!


Mads to do an item for Ram-Leela?


Huma Qureshi continues to amuse with her quotes:

You have a pretty face but a fuller, unconventional figure. Are you scared the typical ‘heroine’ type glamorous roles won’t come your way?

Is that the only way you can become a heroine? I don’t understand. In GOW, in that small town, I was the prettiest girl. I was the most glamorous thing over there. In Ek Thi Daayan out of all the other women in the film, I was the heroine. So, I was the pretty girl. Yes, we may have certain ideas or notions about size zero and all. But today there are so many actresses who are curvier and they all are doing very well for themselves. And I believe that it’s high time we started looking at individual beautiful people rather than fit them into the same box. You can’t all look the same. And you shouldn’t look the same. If I look like any other actress then you can go ahead and cast any other actress. Why would you cast me? The idea is that if you’re casting me then I can do something that nobody else can do. There is certain uniqueness about me. So either you can think of it as a problem, or as an added advantage. And I don’t want to take names, but there are so many actresses today who are not size zero but they are very fine actresses, and they have huge followings. They have a personality. So I would rather be an actress with a personality than a hollow size zero. I don’t want to be a clothes hanger. I am an actress.

*stands and applauds*

And that interview has some balls insinuating that not being stamped from the size zero beauty queen mold is somehow "unconventional"...


Adorable Varun ad...



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Heh, sounds like a fun dream...wish I had one like that. On the fun w/ Sonakshi front, the "behind the scenes" video for Yeh Tune Kiya Kya is rather cute, even if Milan comes off as a total grumpy-pants and Akki as usual comes off as ponderous and vaguely defensive when required to speak angrezi. I guess I need to see something with Huma soon, she seems like a cool character.

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I'd much rather see the kiss than the awkward, movie-ending "hug" between the love interests.

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