Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Wednesday Post: I built it.

Let's start today with Techdirt's take on a US Chamber of Commerce memo:

The US Chamber of Commerce, the giant lobbying organization who led the fight for SOPA/PIPA, is apparently so invested in "must have stronger copyright laws" that it doesn't even bother making sense any more. It's released a bizarre statement claiming that India needs stronger copyright laws, because Bollywood is so successful.

Hat tip to this piece in Firstpost which argues... I'm not sure what for pointing it out.

This issue of copyright and "originality" comes up time and time again when discussing "Bollywood." On the one hand, we can probably all agree that copyright law should be strong enough that copying a scene directly from a VHS tape of Pretty Woman (we all know exactly what film I'm talking about) should be prohibited without some form of credit but beyond that, I'm actually quite fond of the way stories and plots slosh around massy Indian films. What's wrong with taking inspiration from a previously existing story? It's like... I was listening to the This American Life episode on patent trolls and sometimes I get the feeling Hollywood wants copyright to work the same way. "Ah, well, we own the rights to an old film about two brothers from two different fathers who start off hating each other but become best friends so you can't make Dabangg without paying us."

Of course, there are other issues involved, too. The way the American system works now, copyright mostly just protects big corporations with the actual content creators getting little or no monetary compensation. I suggest checking out this piece on the original creators of Superman... and then maybe take another look at Javed Akhtar's Zanjeer cash grab.


Hands up who loves Kanye West? (*raises hand sky high*)

I've been really looking forward to his new album but haven't had a chance to listen yet. And then I saw this on The Aerogram and got even more curious!

The third track on the album, one humbly titled “I Am a God,” is credited as being written by Kanye West, the duo better known as Daft Punk, and — here’s where it gets interesting — Anand Bakshi and Rahul Burman, among others. This is because a sample of “Are Zindagi Hai Khel” is used in the song.

Here’s the thing: people can’t seem to figure out where, exactly.

Are zindagi hai khel koi pass koi fail...

What a great song! Anybody investigated this to see if they can hear the sample? I bet it's just some percussion from the beginning of the song but still!


More cross cultural antics with Jackie Chan in New Delhi for the Chinese Film Festival.

When asked about how India and China could work together, Chan said: “We are here for collaborations. I like cooperation but the script is very important. We need good Indian writers to write about China and Chinese writers to write about India. We need a good producer to make a good Indo-Chinese film. [If both countries can work on a joint project] we will make one version for India and the other for the rest of the world.”


Fact: I love Akshay Kumar.

Asked about the box office prospects of the film, he said: "I have worked hard in the film. I don't know whether I will achieve it or not, but I am very confident that people will like it and that is more important. I have been very honest with my work."

Oh, Akshay! He loves when audiences love his movies. No wonder the critics hate him so much.

In other Akki related news, It's Entertainment appears to be the direction debut of Rohit Shetty team members Sajid and Farhad.


Anushka Sharma is rumored to appear with Salman, so of course that means KHAN VS KHAN: ANUSHKA DITCHES SRK FOR SALMAN stories.

And Sana Khan has been granted bail and will join Mental.

O ho! TOI is reporting on KHAN VS SLB regarding the Kanchana remake rights. So, I was remembering correctly about Salman being interested in the film.


Bhaag Milkha Bhaag has been banned in Pakistan. Well, the silver lining is not having to see Farhan act.

BMB's Prasoon Joshi talks writing songs and scripts.

In Hollywood, script writing has evolved as an art form as is visible in their movies. What are your thoughts on the Indian script writing scenario?

That is because they (Hollywood) respect their script writers. Here it is a bad scenario. They can’t make it here, the script writers. Neither do they get credit, nor the money. See the history of script writing in India. No one has ever been only a script writer. It was mostly the writer-director who wrote films. There was no writer only for films. In fact, if you see the ground reality, the last person to receive money on a project is a writer and, if the film is a hit, the last to get any credit!

I should direct them to that post on Superman's creators to see how much "respect" scriptwriters get here... Hollywood ain't all that.


A leak of Dippy's look in Ram Leela?




Lastly, have some lovely Aishwarya at the Royal Ascot races to sweeten your day!


Moimeme said...

On Kanchana, it wasn't Salman was interested in buying the remake rights, but Lawrence who kept pushing for a buyer by floating Salman's name in the media. During that time frame, after Wanted and Ready and before Bodyguard, every producer of a successful Tamil or Telugu film kept issuing statements that Salman wanted to buy its remake rights. But with Kanchana, the remake story was actually officially denied by Salman's spokesman.

On Aishwarya, OK, I agree that she looks beautiful -- or at least I would, if I could get past that *thing* on her head so I could actually look at her face. It looks exactly like a bird sitting on her head contemplating whether to "do it" there or find a better statue. Are all Ascot hats required to look ridiculous? :)

odadune said...

Moimeme: re: Ascot. Yes they are. It's traditional. Check out the song from My Fair Lady. :)

FG: dittoing your thoughts on copyright issues.

odadune said...

Re: Khiladi, my favorite recent comment of his along those lines was an interview from April, where he said apropos of OMG something like "just because a film has a message doesn't mean it should be boring."

Note from Filmi Girl:

I love Bollywood - and all the ridiculous things that happen in Bollywood - but it doesn't mean that I can't occasionally make fun of various celebrities and films.

If you don't like my sense of humor, please just move on by - Trolls are not appreciated and nasty comments will be deleted.

xoxo Filmi Girl
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