Tuesday, June 18, 2013


Priyanka Chopra's look for the Mary Kom biopic has been leaked... and it's really tacky looking. I cannot believe this film is actually taking place. WHY DIDN'T THEY JUST GET AN ACTRESS FROM THE NORTHEAST?!


Ranbir Kapoor has joined with Disney for Jagga Jasoos, which is not a film but a franchise. Or at least they hope it will be.

Jagga Jasoos will be a full-on Disney detective franchise and the long-term plan would be to take it into multiple sequels, merchandising, consumer products, graphic comics, television, gaming and much more.

Nothing like those pre-planned corporate franchises launched before any audience has expressed any desire to see more of the story or characters. Paging The Rocketeer...

Ranbir and Anurag might also want to take some lessons on franchising from Lucas and Spielberg (if Bandar-car will let them get a word in)...

Just as we're propping up our flatlining economy via quantitative easing and manipulated interest rates, so the film industry now has an artillery of techniques to ensure big movies don't fail. Take product placement. It's been around for decades, but it reached surreal extremes last week when it was revealed that the Superman reboot, Man Of Steel, had already recouped $170m (£108m) before it was even released – three-quarters of the movie's budget. This was thanks to a record 100 "global promotional partners", including Gillette, Lego, Walmart, Converse, Carl's Jr burgers and Hershey's Twizzlers. Even the US National Guard has chipped in with its "Soldier of Steel" recruitment campaign. Clearly, we're headed for some dystopian sci-fi future where blockbusters will make a profit even if nobody goes to see them at all.


The rights to Kanchana have been picked up by Sanjay Leela Bhansali.

Supposedly Lawrence is still attached but I swear Salman's name was batted around for this at one point...

I'd like to see Ranveer but then I want to see Ranveer in everything.


A profile of Raj and DK.

It was in the US that, driven partly by boredom and loneliness and partly by their inherent creativity, they started on their journey to be filmmakers. “Everything is fine initially. The problem starts once your life settles down and you aren’t using the right side of your brain at all,” says Nidimoru.

“And then you find out that a friend of yours has bought a camcorder, and at first, you are just using it to shoot footage of the road while travelling in the most cinematic manner possible,” laughs DK. “But then you think, ‘How difficult could it be to shoot a proper scene?’”



I've been seeing this rumor about Shahrukh working with Abhinav Kashyap but who knows how much truth there is to it.


Emraan Hashmi is really moving up the hero ranks if he's getting cast opposite Bebo.


I'd trust Rohan Sippy's woman centric film more if he had cast an actual actress and not former beauty queen Rhea Chakraborty in the lead. Dude, I saw Mere Dad Ki Maruti. She's barely passable. All these men want credit for making "feminist" or "woman-centric" films and yet the films themselves rarely have anything to offer women... either in terms of roles or role models.


The Times Group has threatened to get back into movie making.


I kind of really want to see Dolly Ahluwalia as an woman in search of revenge.

This looks TOO fun! ALSO RANVIR SHOREY! RANVIR SHOREY! I missed you, buddy!

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odadune said...

Lawrence is directing the Hindi version, according to other sources, but no one's announced for the cast. Dunno about Salman, but at one point the South Indian media was rumoring Sanjay Dutt for the ghost of the hijra and Akshay for the man possessed by same.

The reports that SLB's signed Akki for another production after Gabbar, possibly with Sonakshi in tow, plus the rumors that he's committed to some unspecified role way, way outside his normal operating zone, have led some of his fanboys to conclude that he is in fact going to be in Kanchana. I kind of hope not, cuz it's not really my thing, but if you want someone who can do surprisingly "feminine" mannerisms without looking *at all* androgynous, he's not a bad choice.

And the Rocketeer was a cute little movie that Disney badly mismarketed. IMO, anyway.

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