Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Tuesday News Post: What a way to come back...

What a sad way to come back from a wedding... RIP dear Jiah... I'm glad I wrote something before the media started vomiting up "news" coverage consisting mostly of lurid speculation and pictures of Jiah modeling in hot pants.

The best piece so far is this one, which more eloquently picks up on the themes I wrote about last night.

She was 16 when she was cast in Mahesh Bhatt’s production, Tumsa Nahin Dekha. While shooting a song sequence set at a swimming pool, Khan had to wear a swimsuit. The way the crew reacted to her appearance unsettled young Khan enough to make her abandon the project. However, the fact that she was ready to wear a swimsuit was enough for many to label her “sexy”. This would be fine if “sexy” didn’t preclude being intelligent and talented.

Apparently, the police are questioning her boyfriend Aditya Pancholi's son.

Meanwhile, back in the filmi world where bright, talented 25-year old women don't kill themselves...


... ridiculously sugary rom-com Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani is a hit.

I enjoyed Raja Sen's review, which probably would line up closest with my take:

When the songs aren’t playing, however, this is a daftly childish film, one where most actors act half their age and the narrative stumbles forward inanely and gracelessly. What should have been a breeze turns into a pained plod, and while things still look all glossy, the songless part of the movie — the story, we dare say? — remains dismally predictable and awfully contrived, eventually becoming quite a bore. (Throw back the towel, say I; here is indeed need for a fix.)

But it's worth pointing to Get Filmy's review for the alternate view... and specifically to the comments section where she and Beth get into a discussion of what "filmi" actually means. My reversed letter nicknamed friend GF is very attached to a (as she puts it) the 90s kind of filminess, or maybe the love story/romantic filmyness which I’m particularly close to because I grew up on it… whereas my kind of filminess is the Manoj Kumar/OP Ralhan. Socially aware with good songs, overwrought emotions, and bright colors. I never really connected with the 1990s-early 2000s love story films. I enjoyed a few here and there but for the most part they left me cold. That vision of life, that fantasy, was never mine.

(As an aside, not everybody is thrilled. Omar Abdullah, the CM of Jammu and Kashmir wants us to know that Dharma Productions "Manali" is really Gulmarg. And there is also the Vigil Idiot review which points out how wonderful it is that the college topper is "smart" enough to wear a miniskirt while mountain climbing.)


Karan Johar made the most of Bombay Talkies networking and is acting in Anurag Kashyap's Bombay Velvet.


Sly Stallone compliments John Abraham's physique.


GOVINDA IS BACK!!!!!! (In a film that will be worth watching... Raj and DK's next!


Honey Singh is still trying to escape accusations of misogyny.

Honey reveals his very rigid plans to break away from the image of the misogynist musician. "The public notices in the three leading newspapers in Punjab are a signal to people in Punjab that I won't take the smearing campaign lying down. I know the mischief originates in my home Punjab. That's where the jealousy and the rivalry started. And now it has spread like a cancer. We're taking legal action against all those sections which attribute the 'Balaatkari' song to me."


I have to give a lot of props to Jackie Fernandez for sticking around as long as she has. Girl isn't the best actress out there but I find her very likable and here's hoping she has learned enough to make it without douchey Sajid Khan.

The same goes for Kangana, who we all know I cut massive amounts of slack for... it's not easy what she does. That she hasn't gone full Lohan yet says a lot. KEEP FIGHTING, KANGS! I'll always love you, anyways.


Five ladies who work behind-the-scenes...


Posted for Atif Aslam... because, man oh man, Girish looks like a dud.



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