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Sunday Post: It's romance! No, it's not! Fine, I'm booking you for assault! It's like your last name is Pancholi or something!

First of all, Raanjhanaa is a hit! People really like it, which I can testify to. There was a far bigger crowd than I usually see at the Saturday afternoon matinee and people seemed to be enjoying themselves... especially the guys sitting behind me, who were simply loving the dialogues.

(Pic from Sonam's Instagram, I just liked it. Who says he's ugly!? Sheesh.)

Now that I can read Raanjhanaa reviews without fear of spoilers, let's take a look at what everybody is saying!

Just for kicks, about the Hollywood Reporter:

The fact that the film marks the Hindi-language debut of South Indian star and YouTube superstar Dhanush is bound to draw interest at the box office, though Rai’s firm refusal to play by the rules of the typical Bollywood love story may make it hard to sustain momentum.

I can't believe she got paid to write this review, which is less review and more "cobbled together from bits of wikipedia articles because she had no idea what was happening." I'm dying to know what she thinks these "rules" are. Did she learn them a couple weeks ago at Yeh Jawaani? Well, at least Saltz didn't tackle this one. Small mercies.

The big divide I've come across in reviews are is over the love story aspect. Some reviewers really didn't appreciate the political angle of the film - Anupama Chopra calls it half-baked - but REALLY loved the romantic track, aka Kundan's pursuit/stalking of Zoya.

While other are upset that people think Kundan's stalking/pursuit of Zoya is romantic and that it will encourage boys to follow in his footsteps.

AND at least one person is mad that Dhanush allowed himself to play the dark-skinned Tamil clown (and totally throwing shade at Anupama Chopra for saying Kundan draws attention to his non-good looks when what he does is say that he's dark) in front of middling actors like Sonam Kapoor and Abhay Deol.

There was only one reviewer that saw anything close to what I did.

What I think all these critics missed was that Zoya wasn't some untouchable, perfect princess being pursued by Kundan. The entire second act of the film is Zoya's single-minded focus on Kundan, leading her do something in anger that is very similar to what he does at the end of the first act... and the final scenes show her finally understand and empathizing with him. The girl who thought people were inherently unequal is proven wrong. Zoya and Kundan are just the same.

Some blame, I'm sure, lies with simple human nature to see the film we were expecting to see - in this case, a straight up romance - rather than the film in front of us. While I could appreciate Sonam's ice queen act as Zoya because I feel like I "got" her, a more expressive actress might have helped to convey Zoya's nuances more to the audience. Like, I wonder how many people fell for Zoya's little romantic deception at the end. I didn't.


Pancholi updates - Aditya arrested for assault and Suraj refuses a drug test.


And some bonus LULZ from two clueless hangers on:

I'd love to get into production but right now I'm focusing on acting, says Mahakshay, a guy whose "acting" has probably been seen by at least tens of paying customers across the globe.

Press-release writing and award buying director Madhur Bhandarkar, oh sorry, I meant "National Award-winning filmmaker Madhur Bhandarkar, who has proved his mettle in the film industry", says if he wasn't an award winning director, he'd probably be journalist because he's good a research. Considering the standards most journalists are held to... okay, then.

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