Monday, June 24, 2013

Monday Post: She's just my style!

Good morning, friends!! Do forgive me if I'm a bit out of it this morning. Last night I went (with my parents) to the HAPPY TOGETHER TOUR and it ran kind of late. It was really, really fun! There is something satisfying about seeing these showmen from another era getting up and... putting on a show. Gary Lewis, Mark Lindsay, Howard Kaylan and Mark Volman... these are men from a time before the music business became all self-importantly "serious" and a guy could wear a lace dickey place some fucking solid blues on afternoon music television without anybody accusing him of "selling out."

Anyways, I highly recommend checking it out if they stop by you. Of course, this makes the second time I've seen Gary Lewis perform live so take how you will...

I mean, come on! AN ACCORDION?! I LOVE IT! Gary Lewis just seems so affable... sort of like the Abhishek Bachchan of 1960s pop music. Although that makes Jerry the Amitabh and I don't know how I feel about that.

In other news, maybe other people have an opinion on my Singham/Singam piece. I've gotten exactly two comments - one that was for the comparing of the two versions and one against. I did just watch Bodyguard and was thinking of trying to find the Malayalam version but if people aren't interested, then I won't try. Although, in the case of Singham, I did think it was important to bring up the original because they changed so much from it that one has to wonder why they picked it to adapt in the first place. Why not just make a new film? But I also don't think that any Hindi version has to be inferior to the original - with Ghajini being the prime example but I think even Wanted was better than the original. And there is a case to be made for Rowdy Rathore, too.

So, let me know what you think.


Moving on to this weekend's box office... unfortunately circumstances beyond my control (AKA A GODDAMN BOUGIE "ARTS" FESTIVAL THAT SHUT DOWN TRAFFIC IN MY TOWN) prevented me from catching Raanjhanaa but it seems to have done okay at the box office, which is nice to see. I do like Dhanush and Sonam. More thrilling is a newly minted SUPER FLOP with occupancy starting at 10% and then dropping. My typing fingers are anxious to get started on writing it up, if only I could watch it. I'm sure it will find it's way to an online platform soon enough so I'll bide my time.

But, seriously, they really needed to shut down half of downtown so upper middle class people wearing Toms and yoga pants could buy $60 baskets outside?


Interview with Aanand L Rai: (From TOI but...)

What is Kangana like?

For me, she is much older than her age. She is a big brother. She is vulnerable and sensitive. She never feels that I can look after her. She will always feel that she can look after you and can get you out of any problem. She is extremely strong and I can actually call her and say, 'You solve my problem.'


Film City is looking to emulate Nashville's Opryland and I have mixed feelings about it. On the one hand, I love Opryland and something like the proposed Film City could potentially be a lot of fun but on the other, there is something really distasteful about building up an Opryland-like pleasure palace when the wealth gap means that only the rich and foreign tourists will be able to go visit it.


Krrish 3 trailer to release with Chennai Express.

FINALLY! A reason for me to see the film.


Ranveer Singh mentions superhero films and sets all our minds buzzing with possibilities...

(Also, Ram-Leela on November 15th!!!)


There is a new book out on Tiger Pataudi, which looks pretty good.


Was the leak of PC's Exotic DONE ON PURPOSE?! A) who cares and B) that tattoo is really embarrassing also C) there is still something REALLY off about Priyanka singing about being "exotic" because the only way the tag makes sense is if she's fetishizing her own Asianness for a Western audience which is just gross.


Ghanchakkar gets hit with what is probably a nuisance suit.


More legal mess in the Shahrukh and Gauri sex-selection faux-scandal but it reminds me that Aamir and Kiran used a surrogate for their child and I don't recall a big fuss getting kicked up over it. I wonder what the difference was here... maybe because Shahrukh announced it to the press so early? Either way, I think the whole "scandal" is overblown.


John, John, John... WTF kind of title is Banana for a film about a teenage boy? Does your production company just have penises on the brain?


There had better be a good reason for demanding Anushka Shetty lose weight for a period film. The woman has a GORGEOUS figure! Maybe her character is supposed to be quite poor and can't afford food.


Trailer for Pattathu Yaanai but... wow, some of the comments underneath are pretty awful. Tell me, is Vishal that hated or is there a Tamil-contingent of Passion for Cinema that has to trash anything that doesn't look World Cinema-esqe.

And seeing Santhanam brought something else to mind - I wonder why he wasn't tapped for Chennai Express. Wouldn't it make sense to cast one of the most popular comedians right now in the film? Except that Shahrukh probably wants to be his own comic side-kick...


Moimeme said...

On comparing Hindi remake versions with their originals, my comment about the Hindi versions being worse was derived from watching remakes over a span of 40 year, not just the last five years.

But the main point is, each film industry *is* different, and caters to a different audience, and the film changes accordingly. So that's why I don't think there's any point in doing a one-to-one comparison. I think comparisons of the different language versions are interesting to gain insight into how each of the different language industries operate, but are not really useful for judging how "good" the film is. I personally think Pokiri (Telugu version) was better than Wanted (Hindi), for a number of reasons, one of which was that it was really a remake of the Tamil Pokkiri, with some of the subtleties of the Telugu version lost.

I couldn't find the Malayalam version of Bodyguard, but I did watch the Tamil version, and let me tell you, the characters are *very* different. The title character's claim to fame is his intellect, which he is not willing to submit to the discipline of an institute of higher learning, and his chief duties to his boss's daughter is to tutor her on Shakespearean drama. :)

I just read a comment on a different blog that Gabbar Singh, the Telugu remake of Dabangg has the same basic plot, but "60%" of the scenes are different. Was this to cater to a more localized audience, or to cater to the existing screen image of a different actor in the title role? Could be either or both. I haven't seen the film myself.

So, like book adaptations, I think there's little point to comparing a Hindi film to its original source, whether that's a film of another language, or a book (e.g., 3 Idiots, Kai Po Che, Parineeta, Devdas). You should only evaluate it on whether it works on its own. From my observation, the main problem in either remakes or adaptations, is that, when they change some aspects of the story, plot, or characters, they don't go all the way to see how that impacts the rest of the story, plot of characters, and so many times the parts of the new version don't fit together the way they did in the older version.

I look forward to your thoughts on revisiting Bodyguard.

anishok said...

Ok... Shah Rukh NEVER announced anything about the surrogate child to the press. He did not say a word. And it is STILL not confirmed. It was a freaking blind item turned into a Mumbai mirror report, that created all this brouhaha. /fangirl out

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xoxo Filmi Girl
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