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Friday Post: We're about to have a hurricane up in this coast.

I got a few comments on MY comment about Saif jokingly telling his daughter she will have to lose weight to become an actress and I just wanted to clarify what I meant. I think it's really damaging to a girl's sense of self to have her parents telling her she is fat when she is not.

Here is Sara Ali Khan with her mother. She's a beautiful, young girl.

Now, I don't know what relationship Sara and her father have and maybe Sara is extremely self-confident about her body and doesn't mind getting teased but - having been one myself - most 16 year old girls have a lot of body issues and it can be dangerous to poke at them like that. Saif may think he's just making a joke but for a 16 year old girl who is already feeling insecure for putting on weight in unexpected places because she is going through puberty, comments like this can be dangerous. "Maybe I am fat," she starts to think.

The comparison I wanted to draw between Sonam and Sonakshi is of a healthy body image. For all her other good points, the first thing I see when I look at Sonam Kapoor is her emaciated face. Speaking very frankly, I'm convinced she has (at the very least) a disordered relationship with food. She's always talking about food but appears as if she never eats any - which makes me think that she's probably starving herself to stay slim. Sonam also appears to be unhappy... probably because she is starving herself.

Sonakshi, on the other hand, seems like she is maintaining a healthy weight and appears happy with herself and her body - to the point of actually turning down a clothing brand that wanted her to lose weight.

If I had a daughter, I would want her to be confident enough in herself to say to some fashion executives: FUCK YOU! I'm not dropping 30 pounds from my healthy weight to fit into your clothes. Make your clothes fit ME.

Whatever their other merits, Sonakshi seems like the better adjusted, healthier, and happier girl. Isn't that what you should want for your daughters? Healthy and happy? Instead of emaciated and talking about ice cream that she never eats?

But maybe this is the kind of thing only an older sister would notice... Saif clearly hasn't.


A thinky piece from Baradwaj Rangan in Caravan about Bollywood's domination of Indian cinema culture.

[T]he Hindi film industry has aggressively sought to reach out to an audience that may not speak the language—through subtitles, through worldwide release patterns, through widely covered and ultra-glamorous red-carpet events, through participation in prestigious film festivals like Cannes, and through cleverly timed event movies, like the release of the heavily hyped Bombay Talkies to coincide with the centenary of Indian cinema. Even a major Tamil film rarely gets a release outside the South, and even if it does, it isn’t very accessible. A screening in a single-screen theatre in a distant Mumbai suburb—without subtitles—is hardly going to further the cause of a Tamil movie that doesn’t feature Rajinikanth.


Ranveer Singh is BACK, BABY!

The time we went, Dalhousie (in the northern Indian state of Himachal Pradesh) had the strongest snowfall in 20 years. We just couldn't shoot; the equipment couldn't reach there. Vikram had picked up an injury trying to get to the location, and the set that we had created there caved in under the snow. The second time we went, I had a niggling injury that I had carried with me from Mumbai. We had to walk in four feet of snow uphill, for six kilometres and then come back. We had to do a bit of action on top of the hill and my injury got worse … that injury put me out of action for three months. At one point during that time, I was doing six hours of physiotherapy a day, because I had to get back. I told myself that not only will I recover from this, but I'll become so fit that it'll never ever happen again. Three months later, my doctors told me that I had made a 120 percent recovery. I made sure I bounced back from it.

This man is DETERMINED to act. I really respect that.


Superstar Vidyut Jamwal has his action scenes extended for Bullett Raja.

And Siddharth Malhotra is doing an "action-oriented" film based on The Fast and Furious series? Really? The first thing I think of with Sid isn't exactly "action," though he does do a nice slow-motion walk.


Abhishek smartly says NO to Abbas-Mustan, who did him no favors in Players.


This initially caught my eye because I believe there is flooding going on in Hungary at the moment but then I read a little further and, um, really?

The film portrays Aamir as an Indian student studying in Belgium...

REALLY? A returning late-in-life student, I hope.


A final farewell to Jiah Khan from Ram Gopal Varma...

The last time she came to meet me was about a month ago and she said she keeps looking into the mirror, trying to understand what's so wrong with her face that nobody wants to cast her. I started explaining to her that's not how things work and she should have patience. But I myself realised how foolish I must be sounding to a girl who has been waiting and waiting and doing nothing for six long years.


Have some KPOP, in lieu of any new songs I want to hear... ----


odadune said...

Well, that's what I get for not clicking through and finding out what exactly The Saif said. Sorry for the boneheadedness. :/


Sal said...

I think Sonam's issues with food might be due to the fact that she has diabetes? Maybe I'm projecting, but I have Crohn's, and I talk about and think about food way more than I eat it, because I have a number of dietary restrictions. Also, I don't see emaciated when I see Sonam, but those perceptions are subjective and have a lot to do with socio-cultural background and personal aesthetic and so on. At any rate, I do think Saif's comment was dumb. It's the sort of thing scores of South Asian parents feel perfectly fine joking about, but it is stupid and damaging.

Sal said...
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Thelondongirl said...

totally fangirling and making saranghae hearts at the kpop. i think this lead singer is the actor in monstar , which is very filmy, so yeaaah kpop; ok fangirling over

Moimeme said...

@FG -- I agree in general with your comments on weight and parental opinions. However, I think it's important to evaluate each situation and person on a case by case basis. That cover photo you have of Sara Ali Khan and her mother is from three years ago, when she was 16. She's 19 now and will be 20 in a few months, and here's what seems like a more recent photo of her with Saif:

I think you will agree that, whether or not she intends to pursue an acting career, this is not a healthy weight for her.

(I'm not sure what exactly happened with her. she looked fine at Saif and Kareena's wedding. Some comments at Pinkvilla attribute the weight gain to being away at college. Could be.)

Similarly, I don't find Sonam at all "emaciated", either in face or form. I find her looking healthy and beautiful. She is not as slim as, say, Priyanka or Deepika, who are both naturally thin, nor is she scarily thin like Kareena was during her Tashan days. But she has a good figure, though it is not "hourglass perfect" like Katrina's. See, just among the names I mentioned here, we have quite a variety of shapes among the women, all of them in a healthy weight range.

Filmi Girl said...

@moimeme The voice of reason as always. :)

Wow!! Yes, I agree with your comments. I hadn't seen a recent picture of her and she does look like she's put on the "freshman 15." I hope she does find a healthy lifestyle that works for her.

Re Sonam, I actually have come to enjoy her screen presence but I always get the sense from her that she's starving. Her face just looks pinched and wan to me. The photos from Cannes really did. Maybe she's not getting enough sleep, which doesn't help things...

But thanks for keeping me on the straight and narrow. You know I love a good fact check. :)

Note from Filmi Girl:

I love Bollywood - and all the ridiculous things that happen in Bollywood - but it doesn't mean that I can't occasionally make fun of various celebrities and films.

If you don't like my sense of humor, please just move on by - Trolls are not appreciated and nasty comments will be deleted.

xoxo Filmi Girl
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