Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Tuesday Post: Kid Krrish... how many signs are we at?

Here she is, ladies and gents, India's most beautiful... according to some dude at People Magazine who was encouraged to tie this up with the promotions for Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani and dragged Dippy in her orange coverup straight from the pool.


Krrish 3 has been signed to a merchandising contract. Which means... trinkets? Action figures? Soft drink tie-ins? Children's movies called "Kid Krrish"? (The last one is real.)

Is it me, or is there something supremely odious about American-influenced children's entertainment these days? The idea that "kids know best" and the idiot adults that populate shows on Disney and Nick... No, excuse me, tiny 10 year old. I am an adult with life experience and education and your smirking childhood ignorance does not know better than me.

Kid Krrish is only the first step... just wait until all the Kid Krrishes out there don't want to study because they already know everything anyways. (And if not, there's wikipedia, right?)


A look at the man, the myth, the Mithun-da...

That’s the thing about Mithun. He is not ‘cool’ like the English-speaking Amitabh. His son is Mimoh, not Abhishek. And therefore, he is not our man. He is seen as catering to rural aspirations, what urbanites might call ‘other people’s hero.’ Much like Rajinikanth or Govinda, the urban elite look at him with a slightly raised eyebrow and a look that says ‘Ugh.’ When Pal announced his book on Disco Dancer, the common reaction was—‘Why Mithun?’ “The whole perception is that he is downmarket,” says Pal. “But it’s only a perception. It’s like Shashi Tharoor is not downmarket. But Lalu Prasad Yadav is.”


Forget Sunny Leone. Savita Bhabhi, the nubile pixilated housewife, is back in a film. Tehelka talks to her creator.

“When we were banned, I was shocked,” says Deshmukh, “If you’ve created something banworthy, then you know you’ve made a statement.” Given the wilder frontiers of the Internet, banning the comic did seem shockingly arbitrary. Back in 2008, Savita was a nubile, newly married bahu, who taught us how “make love like a pornstar”. India had its first adult entertainer who wasn’t a softcore Silk Smitha or starring in a Kanti Shah dirty picture. Instead, she was an amusing subvers ion of the model Indian hou sewife. More playful than titillating. More lighthearted than erotic.


Sonakshi x Ajay Devgn in a Prabhudeva film.


A sleazy twist in the spot fixing scandal... where Sreesanth received "hundreds" of photos of models from a casting director.

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