Thursday, May 9, 2013

Thursday post: HAIL TO THE KING.

With Shootout at Wadala still doing okay at the box office, on it's heels come the two medium-ish sized competitors: Gippi and Go Goa Gone. (Though I'm assuming Shootout is doing better business at single screens and the two this weekend will be more multiplex fare.)

To start, GO GOA GONE! It's playing at my theater and believe you me, after the horrible weekend I had last weekend, I am NOT MISSING THIS for the world. Kunal Khemu. Raj & DK. Zombies. SAIF PLAYING A RUSSIAN HIT MAN! I am already queuing for tickets. In spirit.

Saifu talks about his role:

...[T]here was a moment where we really did all stop and ask, 'Look, do we really want to do this?' and there was a bit of a shrug of the shoulders and we thought, 'Well let's just go for it', because we were driven by the idea of doing something fun. But it does get a tiny bit frightening because it could not have been received like it has been received so far. The trailer made a big difference, because it was funny."

I think Saif is really nervous about this but he has my vote of confidence! Besides, Saif also dropped this gem: There's this video game called Duke Nukem.



Riya Vij and Siddharth Malhotra at the premiere.

Divya Dutta on playing Gippi's mom!

"Pappi is a single mother but she has brought up her daughter in the best possible manner, she is more than a typical mother. They fight, do pillow fights, dance together. Every family should have such bonding because we are taking ourselves very seriously and in the process losing the moments of happiness."

Actually, I was thinking about Gippi, relating to this comment from Odadune yesterday:

The NRIs and westernized, affluent RIs that those two catered to have increasingly turned to Hollywood for entertainment, leaving the mass audiences, the "pure" cinephiles and some ignored demographics like young women, as the best bet for a film producer today.

It's an interesting point and I wonder if the targeting of young, multiplex-going women possibly explains the glut of rom-coms. But if Gippi does well, that audience of young women could find themselves with better films to go see.


Ah! Speak of the devil... Bhaag Milkha Bhaag to compete with the Lone Ranger. But for which audience? An article in the Financial Times a few days ago that I can't link to because it's behind a paywall had a chart that showed Hollywood penetration of the entire Indian market at about 8%. (Maybe I'll try to copy and scan the pie chart for you.) But for all these industry analysts and producers and directors to feel Hollywood breathing down their necks, the money from 8% must be coming from exactly the same Hindi-speaking "NRIs and westernized, affluent RIs" market that Bollywood has been catering to in recent years.


I'd be curious to see a pie chart with the relative sizes of the regional industries in there, too, but the Financial Times didn't know enough (or care) to break out the 92% by language.


Father-daughter film... I mean Aamir-Anushka starrer PeeKay has sold the distribution rights for 118 crores. That is confidence.


Does Tigmanshu Dhulia know what he's getting into by casting Hrithik Roshan? Of course, this means there is finally a Tigmanshu Dhulia film I want to see (because Hrithik doesn't waste his time) but... it will be an interesting process.


Speaking of Hrithik, he and Aamir and Shahrukh came out to support Dharmendra at the music launch of Those Lazy Boys, Why Aren't They Working Harder. Do I Have To Everything? Get Off The Couch, Bobby. And Sunny, Lose Some Weight If You Want To Do Those Modern Films. I Mean Look At Aamir Here. He's Just A Few Years Younger But... I mean, Yamla Pagla Deewana 2.

Seriously, though, check out the picture. Are Bobby and Sunny even there? And if they were, would anybody care?


Here's something that could be interesting - Kavita Barjatya is going to produce a detective film called Samrat and Co., to be directed by Ek Vivaah... director Kaushik Ghatak.


And a piece of interesting gossip buried in this piece that Sasha is thinking of starting his own production company... because all the cool kids have one. OH REALLY?

I kind of want to see what kind of films Shahid would make because I have no idea about his tastes. (Pssstt... get Daddy to help you out with the artistic stuff, boy.)


Mads is doing a mujra in Dedh Ishqiya.


And... Aanand L. Rai wants to capture some old fashioned romantic charm in Raanjhanaa. I'm on board. I don't much care for rom-coms but I love a good, old-fashioned romance. (See also: Mausam.)


Stuart Martin said...

"get Daddy to help you out with the artistic stuff, boy" - Mausam's BO suggests that I'm not the only one who would consider that to be ,very, very very bad advice for Shahid.

Yunus Perveez said...

I think you should give Tigmanshu's movies a chance...probably Jimmy Shergill's best work...even if we both hated paan singh tomar.

Filmi Girl said...

@Stuart LOL!!! But I liked it!! XD

@Yunus - I just think he's a "meh" director. Much like Milan Luthria, you just get the sense that they are statically filming stage plays. No cinematic sense at all... (And I wouldn't call SBAG Jimmy's best work. It was an okay film, though. I just wished somebody with more "vision" had been directing.)

odadune said...

/blush/ Gippi was actually the reason I put that "overlooked demographics" bit in. When Kjo is producing the cinematic equivalent of a Judy Blume book, you KNOW Bollywood is changing, and the other three horsemen of the apocalypse are gonna come riding by any minute from now.

Tigmanshu and Milan both get good performances out of their actors, and are good at atmosphere. Sometimes that's good enough for me-they can't all be Hitchcocks (or Prabhudevas or Murgadosses).

Note from Filmi Girl:

I love Bollywood - and all the ridiculous things that happen in Bollywood - but it doesn't mean that I can't occasionally make fun of various celebrities and films.

If you don't like my sense of humor, please just move on by - Trolls are not appreciated and nasty comments will be deleted.

xoxo Filmi Girl
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