Sunday, May 26, 2013

Sunday Post: Caught at the airport edition!

My dear friends, I'm sorry to say that posting will be sporadic at best until next week... probably Tuesday. You see, my brother's wedding is on Saturday and there are a lot of family and friends coming to town and my services are required.

I'll see if I can get permission to post a few pictures!

In the meantime...


A Bollywood spot boy has been arrested in the continuing cricket betting scandal... and Ho shit! It looks like there was a dramatic airport arrest!!

How long before this gets turned into a film!?


A piece on the India-China relationship in film.

After the border war of 1962, the rhetoric was driven up a notch. Haqeeqat, or Reality, opened in 1964 with a dedication to Nehru and paid homage to the soldiers who gave their lives in Ladakh, defending India's national borders against Chinese intrusions in 1962. Panoramic shots capture the beauty of the Ladakh landscape, showing the majesty of India’s northeast.

The film contrasts the force of the Chinese military, its immensity and purpose, with that of the unprepared Indian army, ill-equipped and outnumbered, lacking in strategy. The Ladakhi people are shown befriending the soldiers and assisting them against the Chinese. As Indian soldiers reach their mountain posts in the treacherous high reaches of the Himalayas, they are subjected to nonstop blaring on loudspeakers by the Chinese soldiers, repeatedly invoking the old slogan: Hindi-Chini Bhai-Bhai, Indians and Chinese are brothers


It looks like we were all right about the mysterious "Isabel" making her debut in Dr. Cabbie is indeed Katrina's sister.

And then there's this:

Isabel’s full fledged Bollywood break will occur in 2014 in a film Salman and Katrina shall be jointly producing.


Kanika Tiwari, who won my heart in Agneepath is making her Telugu debut. She has a really nice screen presence; I wish her the best of luck!!


Ritesh Deshmukh is working on producing a biopic of wrestler Khashaba Jadhav. Did anybody see his first production? I'm curious about it! It looks like it was screened at a film festival here in America so there must be English subtitles.


Sonakshi has been cast opposite John Abraham in Welcome 2. I hope she's getting bank for this because it seems like a real step down.


It seems one of the Special Effects guys from Ra.1 had a special screening of the film in his native Massachusetts.


Our Pitobash has a nice role in Jon Hamm's Million Dollar Arm! I'm really having to sit on my fingers not to make a filthy pun out of that title...


I fully disagree with this reading of Go Goa Gone but I'll link to it anyways.

There's too much to extract but a) the sexual tension is NOT between Pooja and the boys but the boys with each other, in the finest tradition of the bromantic film. (Something a lot of reviewers seem to have willfully misread, which is why they were all confused when Pooja *spoiler alert* didn't get with ANY of the guys. *end spoiler*) And b) the ending was perfectly suited to the film because if one reads the narrative as the boys waking up to the fact that everybody else is mindlessly following the dictates of society - work, marriage, work, kids, buy things - then OF COURSE you can't escape. Even to the Western hippie-dippie hedonism of Goa, which has it's own selfish, mindless dictates.


Hey everybody! It's Karthi and he's being charming!

KARTHI!!!!!!!! I have no idea why he pleases me so much. He just does! What a charmer!

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odadune said...

If it makes you feel any better, the last rumors I'd heard was that Sonakshi had definitively committed to the Ajay/Prabhudeva project, and the dates for that were going to conflict with Welcome 2. Given her ability to juggle the shoots for OUATIMA, Bullet Raja, Bahadur/Thupakki Remake, and Rambo Rajkumar concurrently...well, citing date issues on Welcome 2 sounds like maybe she doesn't want to do it that badly.

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I love Bollywood - and all the ridiculous things that happen in Bollywood - but it doesn't mean that I can't occasionally make fun of various celebrities and films.

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