Saturday, May 4, 2013

Saturday Post: Good for certain things...

The Denver Post has fun, if scattered, slide show up celebrating 100 years of Indian film!

Look it's Chitrashi Rawat in a barrel! What does it have to do with 100 years of Indian cinema? Who cares! Hi, Chitrashi! I missed you!

I've had to sift through a pile of crappy articles aimed at the kind of person who reads Yahoo! News in America, that all seem culled from the same set of talking points about how Bollywood is turning 100 and, wow, they make romantic song and dance movies but, gee, now the industry is "evolving" and isn't that something.

What a load of tripe.

Sometimes I wonder... do people not care about not getting things right? Do outlets just assume people don't read these things anyways so why not throw up a lazy set of talking points and a picture or two of Aishwarya Rai just to get page clicks? There is so much garbage out there masquerading as information...

Lucky for you, you have me to sift through it with the trained eye of a librarian.


India Today has a great slide show up of the National Awards! Parineeti is looking very cute! (But somebody tell me, what is that on Irrfan's head? Does he need to have a talk with Amitabh's person?)


In all the fuss over Bombay Talkies, I missed The Celluloid Man, a documentary about Paramesh Krishnan Nair, who founded the National Film Archive of India.

“In our country, film isn’t treated as art. It is considered as a commodity. And for a very long time, the film-industry was looked down upon in the same bracket as prostitution and gambling,” Mr. Nair told India Real Time. “Even today, we don’t have respect for film heritage. It is only a product that is sold to illiterate masses without being given the respect that it deserves,” he said.


This is an interesting little bit of news - James Ivory of Ivory-Merchant has filed an FIR against Wahid Chowhan for allegedly, illegally taking control of Ismail Merchant's assets.


Ruh-roh, Ranbir Kapoor caught with undeclared goods.


Sridevi on size zero.

"Zero figure is good for certain things like fashion, catwalk and all but in real life it is very difficult to maintain zero figure," Sridevi said here Friday at the launch of Dr Sarita Davara's book "Live Well Diet".

Because in real life, we need food to provide energy for things like... going to work. Walking. You know, real life stuff. Models are fueled by different substances. And hunger.


Karan Johar quotes about stars are still being cycled. I wish he would stop conflating all the Indian cinemas under one umbrella. Maybe the stardom of a Ranbir or Ranveer is different from the Three Khans, but go down South and you'll find a lot of very loyal fans supporting their young heroes.

Those heroes just don't have the last name Khan or Kapoor.


OP RALHAN! A name forever on my A-list. And Sanjay Dutt's, who will be helping launch OP Ralhan's grandson.


Is Parveen Babi's life getting put on film again?


Kalki Koechlin singled out as the French face of the week by The Local.

What does she have to say for herself?

"Growing up as a white-skinned woman in India, I was always the odd one out - there was a certain alienation that came with that, and you end up alienating yourself because everyone comes to you like the white girl, the easy 'Baywatch', loose-moraled white girl,” she said at the New York premiere of ‘That Girl in Yellow Boots’.

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