Monday, May 13, 2013

Monday Post: There's a Hamm-aconda loose in India...

It's interesting, isn't it, how our expectations can color a viewing of a film. I know I've written before about that odd feeling of waiting for an interval that never appears and of the tension that comes if the first song is held off too long. But I was struck by a line in this review of Go Goa Gone [minor spoiler alert]: "...Nidimoru and DK’s screenplay fizzles out halfway through, failing to flesh out a budding love story between Luv and a pretty young partygoer (Pooja Gupta)."

Um... what budding love story? The "love story" where Vir Das is a semi-creepy "nice guy" and Pooja has to say she's not interested about a billion times?

I wonder how much the expectation of a love story between those two characters colored the reviewer's impression of the second half of the film. When it didn't go as expected, did she get frustrated? Personally, I was glad there was no romance - especially between those two characters. It was a nice negation of the usual trope where the hottie falls for the pushy, whiny writer/audience stand-in dude as soon as danger strikes.

I haven't done a broad look at Go Goa Gone reviews but I wonder if this so-called "love story" is mentioned anywhere else.

Neither Go Goa Gone nor Gippi is breaking any box office records but I wish the best for both films! They are both targeting niche audiences, after all, so a large response is probably out of the question.


Sad news: photographer Jagdish Mali has passed away. My thoughts and prayers with his family. He had been in poor health for some time, I think. Remember when he was found wandering the streets? I hope he found some peace.

You can visit an online portfolio with some great pictures of Rekha.


On the appeal of Nawazuddin Siddiqui:

He has the small town’s edginess which the metro hasn’t yet smoothened out. He is the proverbial outsider. So even in a film like Kahaani, in which he plays the role of an Intelligence Bureau officer, his abusive language, his style of smoking, and the sheer ordinariness of his dress hark to the non-metro man who isn’t urbane but is still comfortable in his skin, perhaps because of the post he holds.


Interested in getting a celebrity appearance at your wedding? Here's the inside scoop:

The source continued: “Salman Khan and Hirthik Roshan charge approximately Rs10m [Dh670,178] for their appearances, but of the two, most event organisers prefer the latter star for his lack of tantrums and his genuine efforts in getting to know the couple before going on stage to greet the newlyweds.

“We’ve had incidences where celebrities have wished the wrong people due to their lack of interest in caring for anything but the cash they pocket.”

Oh my GOD! How humiliating would that be?!


Let's just say "Sikander Kher" isn't exactly bold face name material but then what other connection would Tara Alisha Berry have to filmi world? Kirron Kher's first husband's daughter with his second wife... to make her film debut.


Aamir Khan and his family go to see the new Star Trek. I wonder what he thinks of the controversy at a white actor playing Khan, a character originally written as a Sikh from Northern India.


I am interested in this Jon Hamm film if it is as described but, seriously, PC? Did we need a story about you "partying" with him in EVERY news outlet this morning? Check yo'self before you wreck yo'self. (And OMG what is that hair?)


First sign of the apocalypse?


Another underwhelming song preview from Aurangzeb... I'm still looking forward to the movie but couldn't they have brought in somebody better to edit the songs? Music is important!

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