Monday, May 20, 2013

Monday Gossip: Rocking a sweet Ghostbusters hat.

Good morning! So, who actually went out to see Aurangzeb? Not too many, apparently, since box office wasn't too good. By all accounts, the blame doesn't lie with Arjun Kapoor but with Aditya Chopra and Yash Raj - the reason I didn't go.


Riz Ahmed talks stardom and other things:

Your other major feature film Trishna was not so well-received by critics abroad and is yet to be released in India. Any regrets about that coming before Reluctant Fundamentalist?

Actually, that's not true. Trishna was well received by some critics and not well-received by others. It was very mixed. And in fact so was almost everything I have done, which I think is good. When you do something different it will ruffle some feathers. You won't please everyone. Trishna is an Indian-set, totally unscripted adaptation of an English literary classic. And that's pretty innovative and cool, and it's to be expected that not everyone will like that, but some people will.

First of all, nice question! Second of all, I don't recall Riz Ahmed coming up in many of the review of Trishna at all. (Did I even mention him?) I think Mahnola Dargis said it best:

The wild overediting only becomes more frenetic as the drama thickens — as if to imply depths of feeling not visible in the acting or mise-en-scène — which suggests he was trying to cut around [Freida Pinto's] performance.


Danny Denzongpa, playing yet another baddie?


How much room for adult films stars is there in Bollywood?


Only worth clicking on for baby Ranbir in a Ghostbusters hat.


Not strictly Bollywood related but there is a new memoir out from Rajneeshee Ma Anand Sheela, OSHO's right hand woman. And who is OSHO? The man who is given credit for tanking Vinod Khanna's career.

I might try to find a copy of this book, since it seems like it really dishes the dirt. Looking back through older interviews she is bitter about a lot of things.

"I am labeled a criminal. It is stamped on my forehead," she said. "I have been punished. Leave me alone."

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odadune said...

I want to see Aurangzeb on dvd-got a great supporting cast.

I'd love to see Danny with Hrithik, but he can't possibly be *that* fastidious about projects if he's showing up in Boss as either one of the villains or one of the hero's father-figures.

Danny is reputed to avoid shooting in the hot months for health-related reasons, so I think that's the main reason he turns projects down.

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