Friday, May 3, 2013

Friday Post: Will no one rid me of this meddlesome priest?

My dears! Apologies for missing yesterday. See, my brother is getting married in about a month and big wedding countdown has started. Events; functions; events. Things will be patchy until the beginning of June. Please bear with me!


Review round-up for Bombay Talkies. Reactions range from over-the-moon to meh. I have no idea what I'll think about it. None.

Meanwhile, Shootout at Wadala seems exactly as advertised - a gore fest peppered with bits glamourizing organized crime. And terrible dialogues, terribly delivered.

Also - have some chucklehead on FB offering to take my hand and "pull [me] out of the Rabbit Hole of Fantasy away from Bollywood and show [me] the real World of Indian & World Cinema."

Helen save me from condescending dudes with a hard-on for "real" cinema.


It's a centennialsplosion all over the Internet these days and there have been top 10 lists, intro posts, and all sorts of things falling out of every nook and cranny. As well as people questioning whether it's really 100 years.


Indian Express has 100 years of on set photos.

IBN has the top 50 hand painted posters.

Mid-day has character actors they miss - essentially a run down of everybody I love. TUN TUN! Manorama!

And ITV has Irna Quereshi listing her top five films.


The relationship between Indian films and technology?

There have also been low-budget films in Hindi that have clicked at the box office.

Director Zoya Akhtar says that multiplexes are responsible for this new-found taste for a different type of cinema.

"Since multiplexes came in, there are many screens and they need films. And you have 10 saleable actors. Now how many films can those actors be in? So what happens is you start competing [for] big stars," she says.

The article isn't a bad read but no mention at the quality of the screens or the effects of dividing an audience into such small segments. Is it better to have ten smaller screens or one giant screen? Is more selection always better? Can't a glut of product also produce ennui and make people less likely to chose anything at all? (That's what my man Barry Schwartz says anyways. And judging from personal experience, I think he's right.)


Saif Ali Khan is such an enigma. Sometimes talking about meeting Hollywood with films like Agent Vinod and sometimes opposing Hollywood by keeping an Eastern identity.

All I can say to this latest Saif is... RIGHT ON!

"I think we should not try to cross over," Saif told IANS over phone from Mumbai.


A run down of celebs with tax problems...

Trade expert Vinod Mirani says, “Back in the day, IT raids were common. There was a time when Kishore Kumar made officers climb up a tree by telling them he had hidden the money there.”

For her part, Ekta is alleged to owe 30 crores. Wow.


The BBC takes on British desis going to Bollywood. And Katrina Kaif.

The author even digs up Upen Patel - whatever happened to that guy?

But no Jiah Khan?


A photo essay on some Bollywood dreamers. Definitely worth clicking through!


Salman Khan opens a Being Human store; chaos ensues.

For two hours, adjoining showrooms of Lifestyle, Hush Puppies and Clarks too downed shutters. A visibly miffed Khan, while leaving, was heard telling his bodyguard Shera, "What is this, no control!"

And a less sympathetic report.


Has anybody else been enjoying Meera Chopra and her attempts to get press using Priyanka's name?


The Big B was in New York for the Great Gatsby premiere. I'm debating going to see this, actually. There have been some interesting posts on the novel and it seems like there is some good food for thought there.


And a late tribute to the great Shamshad Begum from PRI's the World.


Sushant Singh Rajput. Yes.

Contains caffeine. Contains epic hotness.


And... the Maryan trailer has been... BLOCKED? What? A quick search turned up the trailer blocked in the USA on a number of channels. If anybody finds one I can see, do pass it on.

As it is I'm running late. ;)


eliza bennet said...

The Great Gatsby is a masterpiece of a novel and so far the film adaptions were not on par.

I hope this one would do it justice. Baz Luhrman's filmography is one that I love, and Leo is one of my favorite caucasian actors so let's hope that it will not suck.

The novel though is a must read for everyone.

odadune said...

Trouble with Meera is that she hired Priyanka's old manager/secretary, the one from the early 00s who got dismissed by Priyanka for financial improprieties or something, and then publicly humiliated her by releasing some of her more embarrassing cell phone records. I like the look of Meera visually-sort of a girl-next-door version of Priyanka before she did all the stuff to her face. But with that guy handling her affairs it's liable to get ugly.

aditi s said...

The mariyaan trailer!

Note from Filmi Girl:

I love Bollywood - and all the ridiculous things that happen in Bollywood - but it doesn't mean that I can't occasionally make fun of various celebrities and films.

If you don't like my sense of humor, please just move on by - Trolls are not appreciated and nasty comments will be deleted.

xoxo Filmi Girl
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