Friday, May 10, 2013


My filmi plate is full this weekend! GO GOA GONE! Although the glowing reviews have me nervous, since I so rarely agree with critics. We'll see, I guess! (Check out pictures of a filmi screening to include a bitchy looking Saif and a gorgeous no-make up Bebo AND Lolo giving some sweet side-eye to the photographer.

New Yorkers! I'm considering coming up to see Bunty Berman Presents... Has anybody gone? What did you think? The New York Times is less than complimentary but then some of the complaints seem to be that the parodies aren't funny but I wonder if that has something to do with the reviewer not knowing what the parodies are parodying in the first place. (If you know what I mean.)


Congratulations to Pran, who received his Dadasaheb Phalke award in his home today. Click on the link for a picture and video of Pran getting his award... all the best, sir!



And, as a present to me, she is going to be in a couple of films this year!! Although one of which is just in a all-star song in Machan but still! Namitha! I'm totally serious when I say that if ever in need of cheering up over the ever-restricting standards of acceptable body size and shape, a quick google image search of "Namitha Hot" will cheer you up immensely.

Here's the lady herself at New Year's a few months ago! Go, Namitha go!


Swooping in from down South to provide us with gossips... Cherry! The privledged young actor was caught on camera standing and watching while his bodyguards beat up a couple of guys in the street.

Cherry, for his part, says that they rode up beside his car and were clicking pictures, which made him uncomfortable, so he asked his guards to stop them and then the guards accidentally... punched them in the face? Adding:

"Those pictures (that appeared in newspapers) are morphed," he alleged.

Ah... the old "morphed" defense.

Seriously, though. Douchebag move, Cherry. And even worse PR move. Better to pay for those mens' medical expenses and apologize than try to bluff your way out of this... even if they were clicking pictures, you're the one with the power. Don't act like a spoiled brat.


I have a lot of respect for Kiran Rao. She seems like one smart cookie.

"I don't believe in women-centric films, but I certainly believe that we should create films where women have challenging roles. And I will definitely create that in my films. I would like to present women in all their diversity and colours in my films. I will have more interesting women characters in my films.”

Rejecting the ghettoization of women characters into "women-centric films"? Game. Point. Match. to Kiran Rao.

How did she know I just spent the last two weeks complaining about regressive gender divides and arbitrarily gendered activities...


This is probably a baseless rumor but I'm excited all the same! RANBIR AND AISHWARYA!


Sushant Singh Rajput and Abhishek Kapoor are teaming up again for an adaptation of Great Expectations! Fantastic! Here's one to look forward to!


Akshay hires the guy who is doing the action for FAST AND FURIOUS SIX for the Thuppaki remake Pistol. Nice.

The only thing I'm worried about in this film - and it's a big one - is the anti-Muslim fear mongering stuff. I mean, literally the film insinuates that any Muslim could be part of a sleeper cell... but if this is going out to places like Pakistan and the global diaspora, that won't fly. (I HOPE THAT SHIT WON'T FLY!) I wonder if they'll change the terrorists into something else? Like just generic Hollywood style terrorists? Or Maoists? I don't know... we'll just have to wait and see.


Russia's favorite Bollywood films!!

[Seeta aur Geeta] was so popular – 55.2 million Soviet citizens paid to see it – that a pair of Siamese twins born in Kyrgyzstan (or the Kyrgyz Republic as it is now known) was given the names Seeta and Geeta by their parents.


Promo for new Tigerstyle single!!


And just because it's MY blog... my fave girl group PERFUME! They have a new single out and here is the making of!

I'm still waiting for some director to realize that s/he should set a sequence of a masala film in Japan and get Perfume to do an item. I mean... check out HURLY BURLY PARTY!

These girls pop and lock so hard!


odadune said...

I've seen claims that stick figure Muslim terrorists are kind of A Thing in Vijay's movies, so it's possible that aspect of the film was pandering to his fanbase. One of the known cast members playing a terrorist in the remake is desi-American Dipendra Sharma, which made me wonder if maybe they are riffing on that one Pakistani American terrorist with ties to the DEA.

The reason Vidyut is mostly likely not in the remake is because producer Vipul Shah really really really wants to direct him and Akki together in one of his own movies.

I don't recall Greg Powell's work on Skyfall being that interesting, but he oversaw some great parkour work on Prince of Persia. And, it's nice that someone like that got to see desi filmmaking at its most professional, with a Tamil film crew and one of the most disciplined stars in Bollywood. Someone like that going back and telling his mates that the Indians know what they're doing is just as important in gaining desi films some respect as well-dressed Bollywhat people swanning around at Cannes.

odadune said...

Er, Bollywood, not bollywhat. Sorry.

Moimeme said...

Re Thupakki -- I've been mulling over your comments on the anti-Muslim bias you allege in this film ever since you first reviewed it. By coincidence, just last night I read a review of it at the Cinemachaat blog, where there was not a single mention of this aspect, so I'm wondering if it was really all that egregious.

If you have an anti-terrorist cop looking for terrorists in Mumbai, the overwhelming probability is that they will be Muslim. It makes no sense to make them Maoists (or Naxals), since that's not the part of the country in which they are active. India has a nice selection of terrorist groups of all types, but they do have identifiable objectives and areas of operation. You have watched enough films from all languages to have been exposed to different groups in different films. So I don't think you can claim that there is an anti-Muslim bias in films in terms of portraying them as terrorists. But also, just because there are so many such groups, it makes no sense to make the villains "generic" terrorists, because that will seem unrealistic and unbelievable. Was there not, btw, a Muslim cop in Thupakki also fighting terrorists? There usually is -- a "balance" that no other terrorist group gets.

While I don't think any group should be stereotyped, I also wonder if the threshold for being "offensive" has been lowered to unrealistic levels, such as in the case of Viswaroopam. If a film is about Al Qaeda operatives in Afghanistan, well, you know, they're going to be Muslim. Incidentally, the same Muslim groups that were protesting Viswaroopam had also expressed concerns about Thupakki *before* its release, so the producers met with them and made changes in the film and then released it with their blessings. So at least the Tamil Muslim groups, at least, had no problem with the portrayals of Muslims in Thupakki.

Filmi Girl said...

@moimeme My main issue with the depiction is not the Muslim terrorists per se - I loved Vishwaroopam - but the fact that it's "sleeper cells." There was something really nasty in seeing normal Muslim people suddenly get "switched on" and turn into terrorists.

That idea that EVERY Muslim is a potential terrorist is really, really ugly. And we see it a lot here in the USA, so maybe I'm oversensitive but that's how I see it.

Moimeme said...

@FG - OK, I think I get it. I think it may also be true that you are reacting to the situation in the U.S. rather than in India.

If the "sleeper cell" idea is what offends you, by the same token, you must have found Kurbaan also objectionable, right? (I mean the version with Saif and Kareena)

Filmi Girl said...

@moimeme VERY!!!! I loathed that movie - not only was the message horrible ("sleeper" cells implying any Muslim could be a terrorist) but it was poorly made, too.

OG said...

hey FG,

Watch the new Tamil film "Soodhu Kavvum" which released this week... It is awesome but it does not have subs :)

Note from Filmi Girl:

I love Bollywood - and all the ridiculous things that happen in Bollywood - but it doesn't mean that I can't occasionally make fun of various celebrities and films.

If you don't like my sense of humor, please just move on by - Trolls are not appreciated and nasty comments will be deleted.

xoxo Filmi Girl
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