Sunday, May 26, 2013

CANNES! We're reaching the end...

What in the name of Helen is this outfit?! I want to love it for being solid gold funky but somehow I just can't.

Well, let's get to the last bits of filmi news dribbling out of Cannes.

HUMAN INTEREST STORY! That chubby kid from Kal Ho Naa Ho made his Cannes debut as a director!

Anupama Chopra talks to Amitabh Bachchan, Vidya Balan, and Aishwarya Rai.

Vidya on whether she gives a fuck about gossip blogs ripping apart her fashion:

Ms. Balan: No, (laughs). I’m not on any social networking site and I don’t even have e-mail access here, but I choose to be like that. I have no idea what they’re saying about me. I just make sure now that if I look into the mirror and if I’m happy, then go with it.

The India Pavilion was promoting India as a shooting location to foreign projects. Interesting... more Exotic Marigold Hotels in the works?

Irrfan (no last name, please, he's universal) talks Lunch Box.

Q: What is the general view of Indian filmmakers?

A: Indian cinema has to come of age. They are still waiting. There are elements in Indian commercial cinema which are excellent, which are original, but we need to find a story telling language which is relatable to anybody, everybody. That's the language "The Lunchbox" could strike.

Pushing all my trigger points, I see there, Irrfan. There's nothing wrong with making films that appeal to a Western art house palate but just bear in mind that those films are NOT a universal language, despite what it may seem like at film festivals in Sundance and France. Don't abandon mass cinema as inane or worse, leave it in the hands of Hollywood schlock-meisters pushing their own corporate agenda.

Ameesha Patel agrees with me!! I'm not sure if that's a good or bad sign. I think I'm officially on Team Hot Mess right now. You have to have pretty big lady balls to go to Cannes with a film like Shortcut Romeo, walk the red carpet, and then give an interview trashing the guy who is the toast of the film festival. I like it.

Related: Lunch Box won a prize at Cannes and the film has been picked up by Sony Pictures Classics for distribution.

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