Wednesday, May 22, 2013

CANNES Day 7-8! (It's day 8 now, right?)

LOOK! It's Kylie!! I'm suddenly feeling the need to fall in love at first sight!

Before gorgeous Aishwarya pictures, please to be having some interviews!

* Amit Kumar with The Hollywood Reporter:

THR: So for your next project perhaps you can be more edgy?

Kumar: I don't know about being edgy, but I have a dream project, which is set in WW II called Give Me Blood. It is based on real incidents mixed with some of my ideas. It is going to be big-scale - fighting Rommel in North Africa, then coming back to India and Burma. I would still like to do it in my way, which means it is not going to be easy to get it off the ground. I am glad Monsoon Shootout has given me a launching pad - at least people will listen to me, whether or not they give me the money. At Cannes I hope to attract interest for this project.

* Anurag Kashyap with The Hollywood Reporter:

THR: You also have co-produced Ritesh Batra’s directorial debut The Lunchbox, which screens in the Cannes Critics’ Week sidebar.

Kashyap: For me it’s always the script and the director. Lunchbox is a very unique love story — one lunchbox gets mis-delivered and then a relationship starts between a housewife [Nimrat Kaur] and an old widower [Irrfan Khan] who is about to retire. It is a relationship of letters and they don’t meet for most of the movie. You have to wait until the end to see how the story unfolds. Lunchbox is a pet project of Guneet and Ritesh and it went to various co-production markets and script workshops. The casting choices are all done by the directors though they do bounce ideas off me.

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