Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Cannes Day 6!

Here's the toast of France, one Mr. Anurag Kashyap, receiving his Order of Arts and Letters. Four films he's associated with are being screened. FOUR. France loves them some Anurag.

But one question has been niggling... where on Earth is Kalki?! Come on, now! How come we haven't seen her in fabulous frocks all up and down the red carpet?! Don't tell me there is something to those rumors of D.I.V.O.R.C.E.? I mean, with KJo also in Cannes and Kalki in Dharma's upcoming Another Film In Which A Young-Ish Guy Doesn't Know What Love Is And Has A Girl Helpfully Teach Him At The Expense Of Her Own Autonomy, I would have thought she'd have made an appearance or two.

And Reema.

I'm disappointed that Zoya didn't give Reema a chance to wear a flash tux and strut down the red carpet exactly like the boss she is.

Meanwhile Vaiju Naravane at the Hindu gives a round up of happenings at the Indian Pavilion... including a VEGETARIAN DISASTER. (I empathize. Seriously, I do.)

But this quote was telling:

Thierry Fremeaux, the Festival’s co-director said: “There have always been two traditions in Indian cinema, that of Bollywood and that of the cinema d’auteur of which Satyajit Ray is the best-known exponent. Today we can clearly see the emergence of a third stream, that of independent film-makers who are going international through co-productions, breaking away from the old mould to give us a new vibrant cinema that portrays the fast-paced reality of a changing India.”

Read: "breaking away from the old mould" and "portrays the fast-paced reality" to mean "making movies that Europeans and Americans can understand instead of that Communist Song and Dance Crap."

Well, AK seems to have gotten one thing out of this besides a trip to the sea side... Fox Star Studios is producing Bombay Velvet. Which is now apparently the first part of a trilogy. Get ready for Cannes 2015-2018!

But we always have Our Lady of Glamour!

Looking lovely in white...

... and sexy in black!

Go, hot mama! You smoke those starlets!

I refuse to give Sherlyn Chopra more press but here's the link to the dress.

And Vidya, Vidya dressed in red!

Finally, the cast of Shield of Straw again!!

MATSUSHIMA NANAKO!! The film seems to have been booed but that only makes me MORE anxious to see it... because I'm a rebel like that.

Basically, this entire post can be summed up with: I WISH I WAS IN CANNES WEARING A FANCY FROCK!

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